Best Series to Binge-watch on Apple TV+

Best Series to Binge-watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is rapidly climbing towards success and all thanks to its exceptional original content.

Yes, the competition is still tough with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and MAX on the list – however, Apple TV+ is still making it and getting acclaimed for some great titles available on the platform. If you are a new subscriber, you have a lot to unfold here! Some exceptional original content that you’ve been missing on until now is ready for streaming.

Now, we have been enjoying our subscription since 2020, therefore, we know exactly what’s on there that it to love. So, take our lead and find out what you need to be streaming now.

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1.     Lessons in Chemistry (8.3/10 IMDb)

This miniseries is set in the 1950s when having a child out of wedlock could cost you your entire life, especially a career. That is what happened to Elizabeth Zott who wanted to pursue her career as a chemist. But life took a turn for her and she got fired from her job and ended up alone.

Brie Larson gives a compelling performance making the show a treat to watch.

2.     The Crowded Room (7.7 /10 IMDb)

Danny, played by the oh-so-brilliant Tom Holland gets arrested for his involvement in a shooting case that he completely denies. However, a series of investigations led to several revelations about him, and how he became who he is.

Will he really end up having a connection, or is he innocent?

3.     Severance (8.7/10 IMDb)

Imagine working in an office where once the shift ends, you never remember anything about it. Or when you’re at work, you have no idea about your personal life. It’s your mind divided like that.

What is the job exactly? This thriller is a psychological drama and you need to watch it to find out all the answers.

4.     Truth be Told (7.1/10 IMDb)

The plot revolves around a true-crime podcaster, and an investigator, Poppy.

She begins to unearth the truth behind the death of a father of identical twins. The man she had convicted for the murder years ago? Just confessed to being framed. What’s the reality? Who’s lying, and who’s innocent? She needs to find out and fix any mistake she made along the way.

5.     WeCrashed (7.3/10 IMDb)

Two narcissists dive to create one of the world’s best startups, WeWork, but what does the future hold for it? Extreme success can come with greed, and so it did.

With Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto in the lead roles, you end the show with quite an impression of the performances. They leave the mark, for sure.

6.     Black Bird (8.1/10 IMDb)

When Jimmy Keene gets his prison sentence of 10 years, but in a mere security prison, he gets his lawyer to have him moved to the one for criminally insane. He plans to befriend a serial killer, Larry Hill, and get the location of all eighteen dead women’s bodies.

Will his mission be successful? Why does he need the locations? That is for you to find out! Stream it on Apple TV+ now!

7.     Hijack (7.4/10 IMDb)

A plane began its journey from Dubai to London, a seven-hour flight only to get hijacked right at the start. The lives of all passengers are at stake, while the authorities on the ground are seeking the answers.

It is now up to a business negotiator to step up and save lives. Will he be able to do so with his strategy with a lot on the line?

8.     SEE (7.6/10 IMDb)

In a dystopian future, it’s the time when humans have lost their sight, hence resorting to their other senses to survive. However, all this is changed when a set of twins are born with sight. All is about to change, but would it be for the better?

The show has some excellent scenes that you might even be thinking about later. Truly a representation of something high-quality now, isn’t it?

Wrapping Up!

So, we had our picks for the best series to binge on Apple TV+. These are all perfect for you to start dipping your toes into this all-new streaming library without any further delays! There is a lot more to come. Stay tuned here!

Also, what is your favorite title on Apple TV+? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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