Quarterback Showdown: Mahomes vs. Jackson and the NFL Elite

Quarterback Showdown: Mahomes vs. Jackson and the NFL Elite

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In the NFL, the quarterback is often seen as the pivotal figure in a team’s success. Two of the most electrifying QBs in recent years are Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. Their unique styles and achievements have sparked numerous comparisons, not just between each other but also with other elite quarterbacks like Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady.

Mahomes vs. Jackson: A Dynamic Duo

Mahomes and Jackson have redefined quarterback play with their distinctive approaches. Mahomes, known for his arm strength and playmaking ability, has set records with his passing prowess. On the other hand, Jackson’s mobility and rushing capabilities have made him a dual-threat quarterback, challenging defenses in multiple ways.

Comparing their stats reveals some interesting contrasts. Mahomes, over 96 career games, has completed 2,386 of his 3,590 attempts for 28,424 yards, averaging 296.1 yards per game with a 108.7 quarterback rating. He has thrown 219 touchdowns with 63 interceptions. Jackson, in his 86 career games, has completed 1,362 of 2,112 attempts for 15,887 yards, averaging 184.7 yards per game with a 102.6 QB rating. His touchdown count stands at 125, with 45 interceptions.

In head-to-head matchups, Mahomes has generally had the upper hand over Jackson. The Chiefs, led by Mahomes, hold a record of 3-0 over the Ravens and Jackson since 2018. These games have showcased Mahomes’ higher passing yards and touchdowns compared to Jackson’s rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

Comparison with Other Elite QBs

When comparing Mahomes and Jackson with other top quarterbacks like Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Joe Burrow, each brings a unique element to the field. Burrow’s precision, Hurts’ improving passing and rushing blend, and Allen’s strong arm and physicality make them stand out.

Joe Burrow has made a significant impact in the NFL with his precision passing and ability to orchestrate the offense effectively. His performance in the 2022 season, in particular, highlighted his consistency and efficiency, marking him as a quarterback to watch.

Jalen Hurts showcases a commendable blend of passing and rushing abilities, offering a dual threat that makes him a versatile and unpredictable opponent on the field. His capability to balance a strong arm with effective mobility has become a significant part of his playing identity.

Josh Allen stands out with his exceptional arm strength and physicality. His ability to make big-time throws, especially under pressure, and his overall athleticism have transformed him into one of the league’s top quarterbacks. Allen’s dynamic play style contributes greatly to his team’s offensive strategies.

Aaron Rodgers, despite no longer being a new face in the league, continues to demonstrate why he’s among the elite. His experience, leadership, and skill set make him a formidable quarterback, consistently keeping him at the top of his game.

While Tom Brady has retired, his legacy continues to influence the quarterback discussion. Known as the GOAT, Brady’s career was marked by unprecedented success and a depth of knowledge and skill that set high benchmarks in quarterback excellence.

Patrick Mahomes, in comparison, impresses with his remarkable passing yards, touchdowns, and overall quarterback rating. His ability to create explosive plays and perform consistently under pressure has often placed him at the forefront of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

These quarterbacks, each with their unique strengths, contribute to the rich and diverse talent pool in the NFL. While Mahomes is often viewed as a top contender in the league due to his sustained excellence, the continued growth and achievements of Burrow, Hurts, Allen, and Rodgers showcase the depth and variety of skills among the NFL’s leading quarterbacks​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. 

The Quarterback Power Dynamics

As the 2024 NFL season unfolds, the quarterback hierarchy has seen significant shifts, crucially impacting NFL betting odds and influencing betting picks. Lamar Jackson continues to strengthen his case at the top of the QB power rankings, proving his elite status in the league. Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott has been making a strong statement, demonstrating that he firmly belongs among the top quarterbacks.

Interestingly, Brock Purdy, after a brief dip, has managed to get back on track, showcasing the fluid nature of quarterback rankings in the NFL. The clarity in ranking the upper echelon of NFL QBs has been a defining feature this season, separating the true contenders from the rest and playing a vital role in shaping betting strategies and predictions in the NFL betting landscape.

The New Generation Stepping Up

The 2024 season has also been marked by the emergence of new talents and the stepping up of young quarterbacks. Players like Aidan O’Connell and Bailey Zappe have shown potential despite their respective teams’ performances, hinting at a promising future. On the other hand, veterans like Gardner Minshew continue to display grit and resilience, keeping their teams competitive. This mix of young potential and seasoned perseverance underlines the diverse quarterback talent pool in the NFL.

 The Coaching Impact on Quarterback Success

The success of quarterbacks is also heavily influenced by coaching strategies and team dynamics. For instance, the Green Bay Packers, under Matt LaFleur’s leadership, have successfully navigated the post-Aaron Rodgers era, with Jordan Love stepping up admirably. Love’s performance, backed by effective coaching and team strategy, highlights how crucial the right environment is for a quarterback’s success. This aspect of coaching impact is evident across the league, where different coaching approaches have significantly influenced the performances of these quarterbacks and their teams.


In conclusion, the NFL’s quarterback landscape is a dynamic and ever-evolving theater of athletic prowess and strategic mastery. Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, with their distinct styles, epitomize the quarterback’s critical role in shaping team fortunes. Alongside their peers like Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Joe Burrow, they represent the diverse skill sets that define modern NFL play. As the league continues to evolve, these quarterbacks not only redefine their roles but also inspire future generations, marking this era as a golden age of quarterback talent in the NFL.

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