How Do Review Platforms Shape Market Perceptions

How Do Review Platforms Shape Market Perceptions

Shopping industry has drastically changed since the surge on the use of online platforms due to COVID-19. E-commerce has been widely patronized by consumers as it has become a competition of physical stores and an extended avenue for them at the same time. One primary reason for this phenomenon is the birth of online reviews.

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In a report by Global Newswire, it is said that nine out of ten (95%) of customers rely on online reviews before buying a product and that 58% of these shoppers are inclined to pay more for products with good reviews. It shows that online reviews strongly affect how consumers find, evaluate and consume products online. You may read more exciting and trending news on

These online reviews are the guides in markets for informing consumers and showing businesses what their target consumers want. These are also a vital factor that influences consumer behaviors, brand image and even the market trends. These online reviews extend to affect consumer trust, brand perception and purchasing decisions. Let’s dive more on how online reviews shape the market perceptions.

Shaping Consumer Behavior Through Online Reviews

E-commerce is still thriving up to this day where the world is already getting back and the following are the factors online reviews help this phenomenon.

1. There is Credibility in Customer Feedback

Online reviews make up for the lack of physical examination when shopping online which is a huge factor for most consumers. It is reported that 93% of online patrons believe that online reviews help them make accurate decisions.

2. The Social Validation of Online Reviews

Reviews of a product are social proof and validate your uncertain feeling when deciding whether to buy it or not. When you see that multiple consumers have made the same decision you are contemplating, it will definitely influence and justify your purchase afterwards. This eliminated the feeling of risks when buying online through positive experiences.

3. The Power of Customer Voices

Publicly sharing experiences and opinions on a product greatly impacts a brand’s image regardless of the business’ scale. Positive reviews can help boost the market’s success as it encourages more consumers to buy the product while negative reviews can easily damage their reputation. Since online reviews are accessible it helps in amplifying customer voices.

4. The Evolving Consumer Behavior

As internet users become more careful in this digital age to avoid baits and frauds, consumers have grown more skeptical of marketing ads of products. Consumers now prefer opinions from consumers as well and are now more inclined to conduct their personal research. Even the products with high ratings are being critically analyzed, consumers also browse through the 1-star reviews to evaluate the likelihood that the product they are buying online will not meet their expectations.

Benefits for the Online Market

Online reviews may directly affect consumer behavior and eventually benefits them with the safety and assurance of the product they are about to purchase however, let’s see how these online reviews benefit the e-commerce businesses as well:

1. Sales and Revenue Growth

It is said earlier that positive online reviews can definitely boost the market’s success. Online positive reviews serve as a security blanket not only for customers but for the business as well as these accessible and readable reviews are free marketing for their products. It is reported that about 20% of the sales are fueled by online reviews as it increases customer spending by 30%.

2. Development of Brand Image

Aside from the sales benefit, online reviews also help a business how they are presented to potential buyers, again free marketing! There is a promising increase in trust in the company according to 74% of consumers when they are presented positive reviews of the product and 40% are driven away by negative reviews. Understand more about brand image here

3. Improvement on Product Quality

Users’ reviews act as an external factor for quality control. Reviews are not only affecting individual purchasing decisions but also extends to the companies. Companies are aware of the impacts of the reviews made online and they pay close attention to these. Feedback loops encourage the companies to make improvements and provide more offerings.

What’s Up Next for User Reviews and Ratings

As technology advances and as internet users become more and more digitally aware and wise, online reviews and ratings are expected to grow. More businesses will develop feedback mechanisms and try to incorporate user feedback into their products.

However, with the increase of artificial intelligence, it now concerns the genuineness of online reviews and is a new challenge. This is why more businesses and consumers are expected to develop and rely on reputable and credible websites composed of experts that review products and services through in-depth research. This move is already done by most of the casino sites, to understand more see

Online reviews are undeniably a great force in the marketplace and we do not see it going away despite new challenges. Their influences in the consumers’ perceptions and purchasing decisions are now factors considered by markets and brands, hence, we are expecting more businesses that are review-centered in the future.

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