How does the image to text tool works? 3 Working Tools of 2024

How does the image to text tool works? 3 Working Tools of 2024

Have you ever encountered a situation where you needed to pull out information from an image? For writers, there is often a hurdle of extracting the usable text from images. Good news: you don’t have to drain your pocket to purchase high-end tools, as countless websites offer these services, bordering on the edge of absolutely free.

OCR Tools

OCR tools, an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition tools, are crucial in multiple domains. Paving ways for writers to extract text, they also provide profound ease to individuals grappling with dyslexia. As dyslexic individuals encounter reading difficulties, OCR tools turn out to be a boon. Digital texts provided by OCR tools are reinforced by various software features, which brings ease of readability.

This technology, introduced initially in the 1900s, has now spread out manifold. Several software, websites, and applications can conveniently extract text from images. Moreover, these application tools easily run on mobiles and windows. Before we delve deeper into OCR tools, let’s cast a glance over the benefits of digital text.

Advantages of Digital Text

Undoubtedly, digital text is easily accessible. The dominance of the tech-era has transformed digital text into the most sought-after form. The majority of individuals prefer accessing content on their devices. The extensive internet accessibility on mobile phones has comfortably replaced the need for carrying hefty paperbacks.

Digital text captivates a larger crowd due to the conversion flexibility it offers. Readers who opt for an audible reading can easily convert text into audios. To understand the bond between digital text, printed text, and OCR tools, consider this— printed text, to convert into the digital form, has to first pass through a scanner. The scanner translates the printed text into images, which subsequently undergo image-to-text conversion using OCR tools.

The Process of Optical Character Recognition Tools

An OCR tool quickly scans the image to recognize the text. It reads the characters’ shapes to identify various numbers and letters. The tool then transcribes these acknowledgments into a text file. The tool’s effectiveness determines the authenticity retained by the final text. Some OCR tools also feature adjustments in the final text. Digital text treatment offers options like:

  1. Text color and size alterations
  2. Sentences and paragraph highlighting
  3. Text-to-speech conversion
  4. Digital bookmarks to navigate through the text

In a nutshell, OCR tools empower you to make modifications in scanned documents similar to PC generated text. The software recognizes two patterns: Pattern Recognition and Feature Recognition.

Pattern Recognition is where the software recognizes characters based on the wide array of formats and fonts it has been fed. Feature Recognition, on the other hand, is grounded in the curves and lines in each character. For instance, the character ‘D’ constitutes one straight and one curved line.


The image to text tool, OnlineOCR, provides services at no cost to users. If manual text typing irks you, this tool serves as your savior. It also features a conversion of PDF to text file and PDF to Word.

It offers

  1. Support for popular images format
  2. Export to MS Word
  3. Data confidentiality
  4. Retains text layout and format
  5. Free of cost
  6. Web-based and desktop variants, plus smartphone application.


This free software extracts desired text from scanned images into digital text.

How to Operate it? You have to upload the image; drag or paste the URL. Submitting it gives you the extracted text, which you can either save or copy to your clipboard.

Attributes of Imagetotext

  1. Accepts all image formats
  2. Extracts multi-language text
  3. Allows document download post-extraction
  4. Free usage


Prepostseo offers a plethora of services beneficial for SEO writers. One of its numerous services, the Image-to-text converter, allows trouble-free text conversions from images.

Steps to Use Prepostseo The user needs to upload an image from any device or paste its link. The submitted file gives the text that can be copied or saved afterward.

Prepostseo Features

  1. Reliable and accurate for a free tool
  2. Supports all image formats
  3. Extracts even low-resolution images
  4. Secure data handling
  5. Final text can be converted into an image file
  6. Web-based application, so no installation needed

Now that we understand the usefulness of Optical Character Recognition tools to writers, it’s time to pick the most suitable among the top ones. Here, we discussed the features of Imagetotext, Prepostseo image to text, and free onlineOCR tools. Based on our testing, these three stood out with sleek, user-friendly websites, offering a delightful user experience.

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