Johnny is 1 year old: Hip Hip Hooray

Let’s have a party

When I was checking some statistics a week ago I realized Johnny was reaching a special day: his first birthday. Since it is our child, we would love to have a small party for him. So let’s start of with the speech and see what goals we reached in the past year.

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Let's party (image by k bost)

Exactly a year ago we launched Johnny Holland. It was to become an open collective around interaction design, a place where everybody could talk, learn and share around this topic. And I think we reached this goal… now we have a huge group of rock stars sharing their knowledge and ideas with the audience. Within this group are people from all over the world and from different disciplines. We have well known people from our field, inventors, new talents, students and loads of other great Johnnies. The constant energy that they put into their articles is magical. And it is really important for our team of kahunas and dudes to support this energy and make it as easy as possible for the rock stars to publish their articles.

We started really small, basically me editing all the articles. Fortunately there were a lot of enthusiastic people who loved to help out make it a great place. So I would like to give a lot of credit to my fellow kahunas Steve Baty and Will Evans and the dudes Dennis Koks, Vicky Teinaki, Niklas Wolkert and Martin Polley to help make this a fun project, as well as all the rock stars that wrote articles.

Some statistics (because they rock)

Now we are 365 days further and when looking at the statistics we can say we reached some superb goals. So let’s show off a little bit:

  • We have 66 registered Johnnies, and most actually wrote an article;
  • A total of 209 articles was published, which is an average of four articles a week;
  • About 2.000 people registered to our feed;
  • We had +61.000 unique visitors that stayed for an average of 2:38 minutes;
  • We allowed +850 comments;
  • Fortunately we also blocked +14,500 spam messages;
  • In Australia, Denmark and Sweden we were official media partner for UX events;
  • We helped out with several Mozilla Labs Design Challenges;
  • Saying that the iPhone isn’t easy gets you +12,400 visitors.

Most popular articles

We had some great articles, which started with Adrian Chan’s ‘A Social Interaction Primer‘. But the top 10 articles of the past year are:

  1. The iPhone Is Not Easy to Use‘ by Fred Beecher
  2. Deconstructing Analysis Techniques‘ by Steve Baty
  3. What is an Experience Stategy‘ by Steve Baty
  4. Good IxDers Borrow, Great Ones Steal‘ by Vicky Teinaki
  5. User Stories: A Strategic Design‘ Tool by Penny Hagen & Michelle Gilmore
  6. Introduction to Interaction Design: An Interview with Dave Malouf‘ by Will Evans
  7. Learning from Games: A Language for Designing Emotion‘ by Joe Lamantia
  8. Design for Interaction: Ideation and Design Principles‘ by Dan Saffer
  9. Selling What We Do‘ by Daniel Szuc
  10. Metaphor on the Brain‘ by Dave Malouf

Johnny is growing up

From day one we stated that Johnny Holland Magazine would just be the first step. After that we worked on new initiatives. In the past year this resulted in two new things. The first was UX calendar: an online calendar with all the important UX events around the globe. The second project we launched was Johnny TV (run by Martin Polley): your online source for inspiring video’s.

For the coming year we have a lot of new ideas and goals. We want to set up new initiatives, publish even higher quality articles and get a bigger audience. Your ideas, help and energy are always welcome, both for new initiatives as well as writing articles for Johnny Holland Magazine. So let us know how you want to contribute.

Looking for sponsors

We want to grow. We want to support the community. And in order to do that we need sponsors to help us pay for servers and tools. It would be super if you’d be interested in helping out.

Let’s go and have some fun for another 365 days

Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen van Geel is founder/chief kahuna of Johnny Holland and the interaction director at Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], a Dutch multidisciplinary design agency. You can follow him on Twitter via @jeroenvangeel.

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  1. Happy birthday! I am really happy for you. When I grow up I want be like Johnny Holland.

  2. Ron on

    Congratulations to you all! Keep writing those great articles, hopefully I’ll be able to join in the near future!

  3. Congrats to all at Johnny Holland 😀 Love your work!