Interaction Design and Architecture: A Video Primer

The disciplines of interaction design and architecture share a number of common traits—such as a focus on solving problems for people and encouraging people to interact with products and environments in new and exciting ways—and each discipline can learn much from the other.

These eight videos highlight the work of people who see and celebrate the connections between interaction design and architecture.

The SENSEable City

Carlo Ratti, director of the SENSEable City Lab at MIT, presented this talk at Lift Conference 2009.
Original video

Stewart Brand on the Long Now

Stewart Brand, who is working with computer scientist Danny Hillis to build a 10,000-year timepiece called the Clock of the Long Now, presented this TED talk in 2004.

New Soft City

Dan Hill, a senior consultant at Arup in Sydney, presented this keynote at Interaction ’10. Hill’s presentation was too beautifully described to paraphrase it.

Muti-sensory interaction design now merges with architecture, planning and an urbanism informed by a gentle ambient drizzle of everyday data – and so a new soft city is being created, alive once again to the touch of its citizens.

Changing Things: The Internet of Things is not what you think it is!

Usman Haque, director Haque Design + Research Ltd, founder of and CEO of Connected Environments Ltd., presented this talk at Lift Conference 2009.

The City as an Interaction Platform

In this panel discussion from PICNIC ’09, Ben Cerveny, Greg Skibiski, Adam Greenfield, Beth Coleman and Atau Tanaka discuss how the technology of today and the near future will transform the experience of living in cities.

The Long Here, the Big Now, and Other Tales of the Networked City

Adam Greenfield, head of design direction for Nokia and author of Everyware, presented this talk at PICNIC ’08.

Future urban life will thrive on new modes of perception and experience, based on real-time data and feedback. What will the networked city feel like to its users? How will it transform our sense of the metropolitan?
-Adam Greenfield

Cameron Sinclair on open-source architecture

Accepting his 2006 TED Prize, Cameron Sinclair demonstrates how passionate designers and architects can respond to world housing crises. He unveils his TED Prize wish for a network to improve global living standards through collaborative design.

Architecture that repairs itself?

In this 2009 TEDGlobal, Rachel Armstrong says we need to outgrow architecture made of inert materials; instead, she proposes a not-quite-alive material that repairs itself.

For more videos on UX, don’t forget to check out Johnny TV

Header image taken from Dan Hill talk

Rahul Sen

When not immersed in comics or pondering future Worlds, Rahul is an Senior Interaction Designer at R/GA in New York City. His cross-disciplinary work involves the design of compelling user experiences for a variety of projects. He has worked for the past ten years in theatre, architecture and interaction design. Having worked and wandered in Sweden, India, USA, France and Germany, he's still eager to learn more! Rahul is tweeting @rahulsen79.

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  6. This touches on something I’ve been thinking about recently, whether interaction/user experience design can be elevated to the same level as architecture.

    As mentioned here, their are there are significant similarities between the two and considering the increasing amount of time people are spending digitally interacting with systems and each other, I think the importance of this field is not to be underestimated.

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