How To Control F On iPhone: The Ultimate Guide

How To Control F On iPhone: The Ultimate Guide

The Control-Find, commonly known as Control-F, is one of the most valuable functions on any computer. 

I guess you are wondering what Control F is. Well, you are not alone; shockingly, about 90% of humans do not know the function of Control-F. 

Let’s explore the sassy and beguiling tool that will soon be your favorite. Control-F is a shortcut that lets you find specific words and phrases quickly in your operating system and browser.

It’s commonly known as Command-F by Mac users; however, the latest Mac models have the control button.

Its functionality applies to various parts of your phone or computer. For example, you can use it on the browser, PDF, Google, and word documents. 

The Control-Find is also available on the edit menu of the apps and the browser. You might be aware of this; the Control-F also works on the iPhone. 

However, its handling is quite different. Here is a detailed guide on the question.

How To Control F On iPhone?

The Control-F on iPhone is a pretty simple trick that most aren’t aware of. Apple included this feature on their webpage but did not introduce it to all users.

It saves lots of your time by helping you to get to the content you want quickly. Plus, it makes searching a lot easier. Here is how to perform the simple trick on an iPhone.

  • Firstly, open Safari, which is the iPhones default web browser. Then, please tap on the search field at the top of your browser (it’s the address bar location).
  • Enter the word you want to search and click on the search icon. After a successful search, there will be a new view with “suggested website,” “Google search,” and “on this page.” 
  • “On this page,” click on the “find “word or the phrase you are searching for.” Then, type the word you wish to find.
  • You’ll be automatically be redirected back to the website page you were previously on. The specific words or phrases you wanted will be highlighted in yellow.
  • When you feel you are done with the information, you can click on the done button. It is situated at the bottom right corner.

It’s as simple as highlighted above. However, there is another alternative, also simple and straightforward. 

After searching and opening the web page that contains the wall of text you needed, you can prompt the Control-F function through the share menu button at the center bottom of the browser. The share menu is a box-shaped icon with an arrow pointing at the top. 

  • Click on the on share menu, a share sheet with several functions and shortcuts will pop. 
  • On the share sheet, tap on the “find on page” icon and enter the specific words or phrases you want to find. It will immediately highlight the words with a yellow marker.

Other Tremendous And Valuable iPhone Tricks

The iPhones do have advantageous and powerful features that most do not know about. Unfortunately, even though you use your iPhone daily, I’m pretty confident you haven’t mastered all of them. 

They are pretty convenient and exciting to use. These hidden features will also help you save much of your time. 

1. Make your iPhone to self-erase personal data

It sounds ridiculous, and yes, it ridiculous. However, this feature is hidden somewhere in your iPhone. If enabled, it gives your iPhone the power to erase all your data after failed ten passcode attempts. 

The thought of having all your phone data erased is scary. But, unfortunately, it’s also likely that your closest pal, like your child, can erase your information if it’s enabled. 

On the contrary, it can be a great way to protect your data. It’s because after the fifth passcode attempt fails, iPhone requires a one-minute timeout before trying again. So an increase in failed attempts means an increase in time. 

After the seventh attempt, it’s fifteen minutes, and it continues adding up. So for one to reach the 10th failed attempt, it would have taken more than three hours. 

Therefore, a person who’s not you that spends that much time on the phone probably has bad intentions. This feature will trigger your iPhone to erase all your data to protect your privacy. 

To turn this setting on, Tap on the setting, then scroll to “touch ID and passcode,” then enter your passcode and push the “erase data” button to the on position. 

2. Automatically close browser tabs

Open and unused browser tabs are frustrating sometimes; they can turn your browser into a system-hogging beast. 

However, closing the tabs can be a little browser maintenance trick. This trick will keep your browser running do efficiently. 

However, it’s only applicable to Safari, the default iPhone browser. To enable this setting, open your setting app.

Next, you click on Safari and then tap on “close tabs.” From here, you can select it to close the accounts daily, weekly, or monthly.

3. Set timer for music

So interesting, this can be so useful for those who constantly fall asleep before turning on music or video. The timer automatically turns off the music or video on your iPhone.

Start the clock app and tap on the timer tab, usually located at the bottom of the screen. Choose the time of length that’s best for you and click on it when the timer ends. 

Scroll down to stop playing pad and type, and then click on settings. The set button is in the upper right corner.

4. Take object measurements using your iPhone

You may want to capture your floor length to buy a perfect mat that fits. But you might not be having a tape measure to do it. With an IOS 12, you can take the measurements. 

The IOS 12 has an in build measuring app. All you have to do is to move your device over the object you want to measure. 

Although it is not that accurate, the App will help you save time. Here is how you can use the measure App. 

Firstly you open the devices measure App.  Then slowly move your device to analyze the whole surrounding. 

You then point your camera at the object you want to measure. Scan the thing by moving your device around it until a white dotted circle appears.

The white dot is aligned to the object’s edge, then tap on the white circle and the + sign simultaneously.

The aligning procedure is repeated at the objects opposite side. Simultaneously click on the “white circle” and the + sign. 

The device measurement app will display the estimated object measurement.

5. Add several faces to face ID

It’s a great feature that most are not aware of. The latest iPhone models except the iPhone SE have been enabled with the face ID to unlock the device. 

However, in the previous versions of IOS 11, only one face could be recognized as an unlock ID.  

So any other person who uses your iPhone was required to enter a passcode. With the advances in the current model, one can register multiple faces to unlock one iPhone device.  

To enable this setting, click on settings and then tap face ID and passcode. Next, click on “set up alternate appearance,” then carry out a scan of your face and follow the given instructions. Finally, enter your passcode to gain further access. 

What iPhones Should I Avoid?

Apple has produced a variety of iPhone models, and now you have more options than before. However, choosing the right phone has become more complex. 

You are constantly wondering which the best iPhone to go for is and which to avoid. The best advice is to avoid any older iPhone version like the iPhone X, 6S, 7, 8 (2016). 

These older versions have low processing powers, hence cannot support the latest software. However, some do support the newest hardware.

This should not make you go for the models since they might stop getting updates soon. There are other better and cheap options like the XS Max and the XS, which retail at less than $400. 

How Many iPhones Does Apple Make In A Day?

The answer is mind-blowing. FOXCONN, a Chinese company, manufactures around 500,000 iPhones a day. This equates to 350 iPhones per minute which is pretty crazy. 

It’s crazy because the iPhone is a very complex device; the components are sourced from more than 200 individual suppliers for one phone. 

After sourcing, the parts are physically assembled while following the 400 steps required to make a complete iPhone. 

As a result, FOXCONN relies on both humans and machines to successfully build the apple iPhones.


The article has given a detailed guide on how to use the Control-F feature on an iPhone. The same command can be applied to documents. 

The good thing is it’s so straightforward when it comes to documents, be it PDF or word. The mastery of the steps will help you find the most critical phrases quickly.

In addition, the iPhone device has several other cool features. Highlighted in the article are the best few. 

These features are time savers and make your experience as a user interesting. It would be best if you took the time to study your iPhone device to know more about the hidden features. 

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