How Much To Charge For A Training Workshop; Creating The Best Workshop

How Much To Charge For A Training Workshop; Creating The Best Workshop

Training workshops are a type of interactive training where learners perform certain training activities instead of learning them passively in a class or presentation. 

The fields that use this kind of learning are numerous, including medicine, aviation, computer science, and Information science. Training workshops have been embraced both in the US and around the globe.

This is a way of learning that is more effective than conventional teaching methods, so it is bound to be more expensive. Let us explore this topic further and understand how much you should charge for a training workshop.

How Much To Charge For A Training Workshop

There is no standard price for a training workshop since it all depends on the field, trainer, location, and so many factors that are different from one person to another. 

It would be hard to state an exact figure of what you should charge for your workshop due to the diversity.

For a good training workshop, you should charge between $900 and $2000 per trainee. This price could differ from the given limit depending on the following factors; 

1. The Initial capital you put into the project

You need to consider the amount of money you are putting into the project to know how much you ought to be given for your services.

Some workshops will not require any expensive equipment or resources, and this makes their pricing lenient. 

However, some fields like medicine or aviation will need you to spend thousands, if not millions of dollars, to get everything set up and working.

For a project like this, the price would reflect since you need more money to replace what you used and keep everything running smoothly.

2. How useful the training is in market

Skills have different levels of importance and demand out in the field. You should consider the knowledge you are offering is wanted to get the right price and more learners. Providing skills that are in demand will be an advantage to your trainees.

The more useful or demanded a skill is, the more you can charge for it. A trainee will be willing to pay for skills that will truly help in his or her field. 

If you are training a team for a client, ask yourself, how different will the team be after its training? 

How will the knowledge or skills you provide benefit the organization or individual? Knowing the magnitude of this improvement gives you a scale of your price.

3. The trainer’s experience and credibility

In some fields, there is nothing more important than experience and a good reputation. Being experienced in a field will put you in a better position to guide a beginner into getting the best possible results. 

If you have 2 or 3 decades of experience, you could ask for a much higher price than a trainer with five years of experience. The credibility you build from your previous students also helps when it comes to naming a price. 

Having a good track record will assure the trainee that they are in safe hands; thus, they will be open to higher prices.

Why Start A Training Workshop?

You would want to start a training camp; this reason will have a lot to do with the pricing. 

Understanding the real reason behind you starting a training workshop will be a good way to get the right price. Here are some reasons why people start training workshops;

To help others in the field

You could be passionate in the field, so you start the program to help others without making a big profit. This would mean that the pricing will be just enough to keep the program going but not too high. 

It could be nonprofit, and the only money you would get from the learners is the money you need to keep the program running. 

To make money

If you started the program to make money, you would have a higher price to get a sizeable profit. The workshop would be an investment for you, so you have to treat it as such. 

Get the lowest price you could want and the highest possible price you could get. To make a profit, you would have to charge more money to run the workshop with high standards and still keep a profit for yourself.

To gain experience as a trainer

If you plan to go deeper in the field as a trainer, you could start a workshop to gain more experience as you earn. A training workshop will also help you gain more experience as a trainer for your future needs. 

After several years as a trainer, you will handle larger teams, giving you more opportunities with major clients.

To build your credibility

Numbers don’t lie, so most clients and employers believe in patterns. You could start a training workshop to make a name for yourself in your field of work. 

As you take in more trainees and help them, you will become more recognized, and your input will be more valued. This will make you more expensive to clients, and it will give your trainees a better chance of getting employment.

How To Create The Best Training Workshop 

Many people are interested in making great contributions in their field of work through training workshops, but they are uncertain about how they go about starting it. Some key aspects will make your program stand out.

You could have the passion and resources, but that is not all; here is a guide on how you can start a working training workshop;

1. The Location and time

The location is dependent on the field of study. You could have a fixed location or train teams or people on their work sites. Get a location that is relevant to the field of study and convenient in terms of rent and transportation.

When picking a location, put the needs of your trainees ahead of your own. Ideally, all the parties involved should be comfortable with the location. But if you have to compromise, make them more comfortable at your expense.

A convenient location will be more appealing since the trainee could keep working as they take the lessons. This flexibility will also allow more trainees to come in since you would have the correct time for training.

2. Franchise or your workshop

You could start your workshop as an independent organization, or you could create a branch of a bigger project. 

This is an important choice since it will affect all the other aspects of the program, from initial investment to regulation and pricing.

Should you choose to join a franchise, you will get a lot of help when setting up the school and the programs. You will also get a brand that people are already aware of, so growth will be easier.

On the other hand, if it is an independent institution, you would have to do everything yourself. For this, you would need consultants to help in some sectors during the preparations. 

The franchise will partly handle the licenses required. Some experts could guide you on planning the workshop and developing a curriculum. 

They will help with covering the feasibility studies and even pricing, which will take a load off your mind.

3. Management and trainers

After picking out the location and type of workshop you want to run, you need to get the management. 

Get experienced members and a competent support staff that can make a lot of contributions to the school.

 Any organization is as effective as its management, so you can’t afford to hold back when it comes to picking out the management. 

You need to have a clear organization to ensure all departments work smoothly and efficiently. An important part of the system is the trainer. 

You could be the trainer if you have a good enough background in the field.  If not, get a trainer with a lot of experience or a good reputation to assure your clients of good services.

All of the above factors are compulsory for you to get legal documentation to run your workshop.

Fields like medicine and aviation require a lot of documentation since they support many human lives.  


A training workshop is a great way to make a difference in your field of work since practical learning is much better than conventional teaching methods. 

The price you set on your program will depend on the field and resources you put into the project.

When starting a training workshop, make sure you get good management and support staff to run the program. 

You can’t fail on the quality when it comes to the selection of a trainer. Ensure you get all licenses and documentation to avoid lawsuits and possible jail time.

There is the option to join a franchise that would save you a lot of time when it comes to the initial preparation. It would help if you got experts to help you with setting up the training workshop.

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