Is Information Technology Hard? : All You Need To Know About IT

Is Information Technology Hard? : All You Need To Know About IT

Today, the world is completely reliant on technology. The latest computer innovations have radically reshaped the world markets. 

Every industry from healthcare to manufacturing is now dependent on Information technology. They are making a major shift from paper to digital record keeping. 

The use of computers in keeping and tracking records is quick and so convenient. Increased adoption of computer technology has increased the need for Information technology professionals. 

This has made many students opt to take information technology courses, which are assessable physically and virtually. 

Many wish to study information technology but are still undecided because of its level of challenge. Here is a detailed answer to the commonly asked question.

Is information technology hard?

No, Information Technology is not hard. All is dependent on your willingness to learn new topics and gain skills in the lucrative field. For real, the IT course can be hard or trouble-free as you make it out to be. 

However, even the most gifted IT majors do have a rough patch at some point, it’s because IT is a very broad field. 

You will find information technology easy if you begin with prior experience and specialize in your best field. The fields include information security, web development, and network architecture. 

For example, if you have a great understanding of programming, you can specialize in web development. Then learn new HTML and JavaScript. This will make it much more fun and easier. 

What Is Information Technology?

Information Technology (IT) course entails the study and application of computers and other types of technologies. That transmit, store, manipulate and retrieve data. 

It involves mastering computer hardware and software, which perform various activities in our day-to-day life. 

Information Technology Programs

Information technology programs do vary according to institutions. It’s offered in traditional colleges, universities, and accredited online institutions. 

Different institutions require different qualifications. This means available learning opportunities can suit all budgets and schedules. Here are some of the IT programs. 

1. Certificate program

A certificate program will equip you with the basics of Information Technology. Students learn about databases, networking, programming, and many more. The program takes between six and twelve months.

This program is suitable for those who want to enter the IT field. Information learned in the certificate is useful for those who want to further their career in IT. 

A certificate course will help you gain skills in programming, information systems, and databases.

2. Associate degree

It’s broader and more detailed compared to the certificate. To enroll in an associate degree, you must have a high school diploma or GED. 

The program takes two years to complete. After successful completion, you work at an entry-level job like software engineer associate, associate security consultant, etc. 

Skills acquired from this program are solving software and hardware problems, design web pages, etc. 

3. Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degrees typically take four academic years. The first two years are introductory and less intense. In contrast, the last two years focus on the advanced aspects of the field.

A bachelor’s degree prepares you for better career options. Its curriculum is more detailed.  You can join the bachelor’s degree program directly. 

Alternatively, the credits earned in associate degree are transferred to the bachelor’s program.  This degree’s curriculum helps you develop critical thinking skills and fundamentals of IT operations. 

4. Master’s Degree

To be accepted into this program, you must have done a bachelor’s degree. One is required to avail your transcripts and other requirements. Masters is broader than a bachelor’s degree.  

In masters, you major in one specific area, such as software engineering or cybersecurity.

Students That Succeed In An IT Program

Generally, IT entails the programing and study of computer systems. Success in an IT program is dependent on one’s aptitude for the discipline. 

Students who mostly excel in IT have long cultivated interests in the technical aspects of computers.

Students who have a knack for fixing software problems and love programming turn out to be faster learners. 

Suppose you have been assembling your computer by fixing things like fans, screens, etc. Then you are likely a more natural fit for this course. IT demands a combination of software and hardware knowledge. 

Jobs For IT Graduates

Information Technology is a very broad field. Given that there are numerous IT and computer science career paths, it’s no surprise you’ll find several different specializations. Listed are some of the popular jobs you could find yourself in.

1.Database administrator

Database administration is a very critical job. As a database administrator, you hold enormous amounts of data. 

To land a well-paying job, you must be great with databases, SQL, regular maintenance, and storage method.  

Like other IT jobs, it emphasizes security. Even a small leakage of database information to the public can have catastrophic effects on the organization. 

In this position, you might be expected to all database activities. The activities will include installing or setting up new databases and changing providers. 

2. Network administrator

An interesting but very challenging job, networking is so complicated. If an organization’s network suffers a breakdown, the workers won’t be able to do much. As a network administrator, you must have a great understanding of networking. 

This makes this job extremely important. As an admin, you will be expected to set up networks, maintain the existing ones, set up VPNs, test the networks to get weak points, etc. 

A network admin should be a quick learner because networking regularly changes. You should be able to grasp and adapt to new paradigms quickly. 

3. Information Technology Security

The dependence on computers by many sectors has increased the number of hackers. They constantly attack databases to acquire critical information that can be beneficial to them. 

Most sorted for information is credit card information of workers/individuals. However, as Kam at Dyrand Systems states even company-issued devices are at great risk for phishing and ransomware. IT security experts implement proper security software. They also educate the public on safety and how to scan for threats. 

However, the workload is dependent on the size of the organization. IT security requires very smart individuals who can always stay a step in front of hackers.

4. System Analyst

The work of a system analyst is to ensure the maximum efficiency of the system. You will be tasked with researching and planning for new system upgrades. 

System analysts work closely with developers in creating better software. You will also have to interact with the workers to learn about areas with issues and need improvements. 

5.Computer support

It’s much more like customer care; computer support will take calls and emails from employees. 

Computer support offers troubleshooting advice. For example, a client experiencing poor connections can call for advice on how to fix it. 

As a computer support expert, you give a detailed guide on how to work through the issues. These experts are required to have high levels of patience, good communication, and a great understanding of the systems.

Some Fields That Rely On Information Technology

Information Technology is an important major, which has an impact on the different sectors of society. Today computers are widely used to store, transmit and process data. 

The success of various fields is dependent on the existence of information technology experts. Below are some of the most notable fields that rely on IT. 

1. Health care

Health care is the most important field in our society. It includes carrying out dialysis, processing and storing data. Most activities in the hospital are reliant on computer technology. 

Technology has improved the services being offered in the health sector. The doctors can now send information, check patients and even discuss with other experts. 

2. Education 

Many schools, universities store students, teachers, and workers’ information on the computer. The information includes performance, fee payment records, and even disciplinary records. 

Students also access E-learning information, submit examinations and assignments through computers, phones, and tablets. This has improved the education quality. 

Information Technology experts are needed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the systems. They work with developers to create a system that is quick and safe.

3. Finance

Improvement in technology has led to better banking and lending such as car title loan portal. Today transactions can be done online over computers or phones. 

Before, it involved the transportation of money using a truck: trucks susceptible to hijack and robbery. Computers have made transactions safer, faster, and easier.

The finance sector is very critical. The information of the bank customers is stored in the computers. Therefore it does require high levels of computer security. 

The sector is targeted by many hackers who eye the money protected by them. Banks and Sacco tend to go for the best information technology experts to ensure their clients’ information and money.


Information technology is a very great major. This is because it has better-paying jobs scattered across the different organizations. However, the course content is quite broad. 

It would be best if you had an extra level of passion and discipline to succeed in the course. Information technology has various programs, from certificate to doctoral. 

The course is done physically or online from various universities. This gives you the chance to slowly but steadily learn the fundamental of IT.

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