Do You Have To Pay To Play Online On PS4?: The Gaming Industry

Do You Have To Pay To Play Online On PS4?: The Gaming Industry

This has been a terrific generation for gaming. The PS4, which is Sony’s all-time bestseller consoler, has done an outstanding job in the gaming industry.

Through the PlayStation 4, Sony pushed for the provision of excellent gaming experiences to its users. 

PlayStation 4 is used in two different modes: offline and online. The offline mode allows you to access and play your favorite games with no internet connection. 

However, games that can be accessed offline are quite limited, such as FIFA, COD, and Battlefield, etc. 

On the other hand, online gaming brings an outer world feel. It makes gaming more enjoyable and has several other benefits such as access to several games, play online with friends, and many others. Back to the question,

Do you have to pay to play online on PS4?

Yes, you are expected to pay to access online games on PlayStation 4. Subscription is known as PlayStation Plus, which has exclusive discounts. 

In addition, PlayStation Plus will improve your gaming experience by unlocking some key gaming elements. I can guarantee you that the additional extras you get from the service are worth the pay. 

What Is PlayStation Plus?

It is a subscription plan that adds up to your existing free PlayStation4 account. In addition, it gives access to some additional features which make gaming more interesting. 

Anyone in a country that has access to the PlayStation store can access PlayStation plus. You can choose between a one, three, or twelve-month payment plan. 

The subscription fees are quite affordable: 1 month costs $ 9.99, 3 months subscription costs $ 24.99; finally, the 12 months subscription costs $ 59.99. 


It’s the great benefits that make many choose the PlayStation plus over the free service. The benefits do outmatch the subscription costs. 

With the PlayStation Plus, you can access online multiplayer gaming. Meaning you can play with your friends and family online without having to meet in person. 

It has exclusive discounts on games, and you’ll have the freedom to download games monthly at no extra cost.

The plus subscription gives an extra 100 GB of cloud space. So you’ll have enough space to store the monthly downloaded games and upload game progress.

Another great benefit of PlayStation plus is it can be accessed from any Playstation4 system. All you need to do is sign in to your account.

How To Buy The PlayStation Plus Membership

The PlayStation Plus membership can be purchased from several platforms. The first and most basic requirement is a PlayStation account. In addition, you must have a valid payment method such as a credit card or a PayPal account.

The membership can be purchased from the PlayStation store web, PlayStation Store on the PS4 system, or a physical store using the PlayStation Plus gift card. In case of price changes, you will be notified through email.

How To Check If The Subscription Has Been Successful

After the creation of a PlayStation account, your account details are emailed to you. A subscription confirmation will be sent to the same email you used as the signing ID if the purchase is successful.

How To Cancel A Subscription

People do cancel the PlayStation subscription due to several reasons such as financial strains etc. 

It’s an easy process that can be done through your PS4 system, PlayStation store on PC, over the phone, or by email. 

There are steps to be followed but vary depending on the device being used to make the cancellation.

You can cancel the subscription plan while still having an active membership up to 24 hours before the recurring payment date. 

Furthermore, with a canceled plan, you can still access the PlayStation plus services until the expiry of the previous subscription.

Cancellation stops future payments. However, you won’t access the games you previously downloaded, plus no refunds will be given for the previous pays. But this is largely dependent on store policy and local law. 

Is There An Age Restriction When Purchasing PlayStation Plus?

Gaming is fun and enjoyable. However, some games are educative and can have a positive effect on a child’s growth. The creators were considerate about this and therefore grafted great PlayStation plus policies. 

Those between ages seven to eighteen can purchase the PlayStation plus service. However, the policies are quite restrictive in Germany; only those over 18 can access the plus services.

However, those between seven to eighteen years are required to have parental consent before making the purchase. 

The access to PlayStation content will vary according to one’s age. Games with graphic contents cannot be availed to the underage.

Best Multiplayer PlayStation4 Online Video Games

The most common and widely played PS4 game is FIFA. It’s a football game that gained a lot of popularity because of its great graphics and interface. 

However, other several games are equally interesting and of great quality. Here are the five best PlayStation 4 games.

1. Rocket League

This game has been around for so long. So many find the game hard to learn, but it’s so satisfying. 

Playing it with friends will offer you much fun. I vouch for the rocket league for those who love gaming. The game is high-powered and employs its style from arcade soccer. 

You can customize your car, and hit the field, and compete with other players. In addition, the rocket league has in-game events; you earn items from completing the events. Rocket League is available on Amazon at $24.99.

2. Fortnite

Developed and launched in 2017 by Epic games. The game can be accessed in three distinct game modes: 

  • Fortnite Battle Royale: there are more than 100 players. One faces his opponent in a battle; to win, you must be the last man standing. 
  • Fortnite Save the world:  it’s for up to four players. The players are tasked with shooting zombie-like creatures to protect the object.
  • Fortnite Creative: players have the freedom to use their imaginations to create worlds and battlegrounds. 

It’s cartoonish and free to play on the PlayStation 4. 

3. Call of duty: Modern warfare (Warzone)

It’s the latest addition to the series of call of duty and is action-packed, just like the others. It’s got great graphics and an additional Warzone Battle Royale mode. In addition, call of duty is multiplayer, meaning you can enjoy it with your friends.  

4. Dead by daylight

It’s one interesting game; just like the name suggests, “dead by daylight,” one has to see him/herself survive to see the morning. As a player, you’ll be required to team up with 14 other people. 

You are expected to work together in avoiding killers to survive past the night. Dead by daylight game has several killers, such as a pig that uses supernatural powers to hunt down its prey.

5. Grand theft auto (GTA)

Grand theft auto is known to be so realistic. However, it took rock star long to launch the Grand theft auto in online mode. Grand theft auto online has a massive multiplayer mode and has several missions. 

You can team up with friends and help each other in tackling the different missions. Generally, Grand theft auto is fun and involves various activities such as driving, diving.

Common Features Of The Best Online Games

From the features, you’ll learn that online games are the best alternatives in the gaming world. Here are some of the best features:

1. Cognitive response

Research suggests that online games have positive effects on cognitive growth. It can make one be more creative and develop dependable problem-solving skills. These skills are valuable in day-to-day real life. 

2. Accessibility and cost

Online games are easily accessible from different devices and regions. In addition, you only need to login into your account to have access to your saved games.

Another great benefit of online games is they are not as costly, and sometimes you can get a gaming experience without charges.

3. Positive emotional effects

Most online games help gamers develop confidence in real life too. Ensure the game you get can nurse positive psychology in you. 

It should help you identify your skills. Do not let the game be an option only when you feel bored; online games allow you to unleash your creativity and personal development.

4. Role-playing opportunities

Online games always have several roles to be played. The roles help improve someone’s character, intelligence, and creativity. 

You are expected to think critically on how to tackle various challenges commonly referred to as missions. They strengthen your character in real life.


To play online with PlayStation 4, you are required to pay. However, you will then receive a lot of benefits that will make your gaming experience extraordinary. 

The service is known as PlayStation Plus, and its pricing is quite fair and has numerous discounts of up to 15% on games.

It helps save some dollars. If you pay for the 12 monthly subscriptions, you are granted at least 36 free PlayStation 4 games throughout the year. 

The games could be anything from God of war to the call of duty. Online gaming with friends and family in this lockdown period is invaluable. It also reduces your risks of contracting the viral disease.


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