Can You Study For An IQ Test? A Guide to Boosting Your IQ

Can You Study For An IQ Test? A Guide to Boosting Your IQ

Contrary to many beliefs, the IQ test is not used in testing your mastery of any skill. Still, it is essential to improve your IQ to think clearly and speedily to enhance your ability to resolve diverse problems. People with higher IQs often excel more than those with lower IQs, and such people are more trusted with resolving issues. It is common today to find people with higher IQs in positions of authority since they have better problem-resolving skills. 

Can You Study for an IQ Test? 

Yes, but increasing your actual intelligence is unconnected with passing an IQ test. You can improve your performance on IQ tests through the practice effect. However, practicing will only make you better at IQ tests; it wouldn’t necessarily make you smarter. 

How To Prepare For The IQ Test

Many individuals do believe that cheating is part of preparing for an IQ test. However, this popular notion is untrue because to cheat will mean you research during the test and not before. Furthermore, it is possible to cheat during an IQ test, which means the test itself is not an indicator of intelligence. 

Preparing for IQ tests works because you will probably pass an IQ test you have already encountered during practice. You can compare the IQ test to a snapshot, and the results you get will depend on the total time it takes to perform the assignments from practicing. Sometimes, passing an IQ test may depend on how nervous you were. Here you can try a TSA X-Ray Practice Test. 

When you practice overcoming factors like nervousness, you will likely end up passing your IQ tests. Also, l practicing will help you recognize the question types you will face in IQ tests, thus helping you complete the IQ tests faster. 

You may want to start your IQ test practice by performing the Number series. In the Number series, the examiner will show you a series of numbers, and you will be asked to discover the missing number. By training with different number series, you will be quicker in understanding the logic behind the IQ test. Several number series are often used. Hence you should train yourself how to handle such. The more you practice, the more you can discover missing numbers in a series.

There are lots of free numerical reason tests you can find even online for this IQ test practice. Numerical tests often comprise straightforward calculations plus estimations. You will have to train yourself using tables and data alongside graphs, diagrams, and visual representations of numerical data. 

The progressive matrices are another IQ test preparation you should consider. It looks so much like the numerical reasoning tests, but the main difference is that you need to enter the following correct matrix so that everything must follow a sequence. Constant practice with these IQ-enhancing tests will allow you to recognize the following matrices much faster, and the reason is that your brain has an idea of resolving each phase. 

The Culture fair IQ test is one of the best progressive matrices tests you can practice. This set of packages comes with the numerical reasoning prep package, diagrammatic reasoning prep, verbal reasoning prep, logical reasoning prep, spatial reasoning prep, Inductive reasoning prep, Deductive reasoning prep, mechanical reasoning prep, and critical reasoning and error checking prep. 

Many different components of IQ preparatory tests you may want to consider, but experts suggest that you begin with the numerical and logic-based tests and gradually move into more complex tests until you start noticing improved speed of completing tasks. 

You should aim not just to resolve problems when practicing, and you should also discover the reasoning behind the solutions- these discoveries might help you resolve other complex issues much faster. 

Three Ways You Can Boost Your IQ Significantly

There are ways you can boost your IQ and maintain it at the highest level. But, first, you must increase your mind’s performance, and next is to enhance your body’s performance, and you must take the test.

Studying a specific subject matter for between 20-30 minutes at least every day can boost your mind’s performance. The activities for this purpose could be improving your mental skills or playing a brain-tasking game. This is to be consistent over time because they will challenge your brain and mind in different ways. 

Extended breaks can make you lose knowledge, and this can lower your IQ. Concentrating on studying for at least 20-30 minutes every day will reduce the urge to cram or memorize things even before your school exams. 

There are lots of mental games you can also opt for. Choose games that will require speed and memory challenges. These games will help improve your cognitive skills, but you must avoid playing them for more than 30 minutes a day. Another way to improve your IQ by boosting your mind’s performance is to learn something new. For instance, you may want to learn a new language or music. Learning something new will force your mind to adapt to new things.

Learn to put away technology when you study or learn something new. For example, writing out mathematical problems will stimulate your mind quicker than using technology to resolve some issues. 

The next step to building your IQ is to boost your body’s performance. Having a goodnight’s sleep is one of the ways to revitalize your brain. Aim at taking a nap in the afternoon sometimes, in addition to 7-8 hours of uninterrupted night sleep. 

In addition to getting enough sleep, you should also aim at eating a well-balanced meal always. Whole grains, lean meat, fruits and veggies, and protein-rich foods are particularly great for enhancing brain function. In addition, you should consider walnuts and other nuts and seeds that provide Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that improve the brain. 

Diets with excess fat and sugars may reduce memory retention and slow your mental reaction to resolving issues. Herbal supplements like Ginseng and Sage can also boost your memory power, thus improving your IQ in the long run. 

Indulging in aerobic and non-aerobic exercises for at least 20-30 minutes 3-4 days a week will also boost your body’s performance and overall IQ. Exercise provides a wide range of benefits, including increased blood and oxygen, flow into your brain, promoting memory retention.

It would be best if you also learned to relax your body and mind by concentrating on slow inhalation practices like Yoga. You must wear comfortable clothing when practicing body and mind relaxation techniques. 

The third step you should take in boosting your IQ is to indulge in the actual IQ tests. A proctored test, for instance, is excellent, and you need to register for such because they are conducted at a testing center. You may also register for IQ tests online but make sure you know the things you need to complete such tests. 

There will be time constraints with practice tests for IQ; hence you should know how to divide these test segments within your time frame. You must also understand what your tests cover. For example, quantitative reasoning, verbal knowledge, and spatial reasoning are usually the essential components of IQ tests you should practice and write.

You need to know how the examiners will score your IQ test. At the end of the scoring, your test scores will be converted to your nearest IQ rank. Therefore, you must learn to choose the correct answers and don’t do guesswork when writing an IQ test. In some cases, deliberate guessing of solutions may lead to a deduction in final scores. 

 Learning to pay attention to patterns is a must if you want to resolve visual and listing questions. Any question that is disorganized and requires organization will require that you pay attention to the patterns in which the question follows to get a clue on how to resolve it. 

It would be best if you thought about every question in the IQ test as a puzzle, and every information you discover will lead to a potential answer. Start connecting pieces of questions together, and you will probably find a pointer to what you are looking for. 

Working backward sometimes may also provide a clue to the answers to a question. For example, spatial tests often involve the use of different symbols and images to test IQ. Therefore, it would be best to learn to visualize rotating images or turn paper around until you discover a solution.


Raising your IQ is essential considering the benefits that have been earlier mentioned. It is one sure way of performing excellently at interviews and landing great jobs. A great IQ will also give you the edge to excel in whatever situation you find yourself in. In addition, a high IQ will surely stand you out from the crowd, and it will earn you more respect among your colleagues and social circles. Everyone is attracted to people they can learn from, which is another reason you need to raise your IQ because it boosts self-confidence.

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