44 Perfect Words To Describe A Good Leader

44 Perfect Words To Describe A Good Leader

Every country, organization, community, group, or institution wishes to have a good leader at the helm of affairs. Why? Good leaders have attributes that make followers enjoy working with them. 

However, good leaders are hard to find. Thus, the good ones out there deserve some accolades for keeping their personality intact.   

How employees or followers describe a good boss is completely different from how they describe a good boss. They use great words to describe good bosses. You’ll even hear them call such bosses sweet and interesting names. 

In this post, you’ll discover words used to describe a good leader. Continue reading!

Words Used To Describe Good Leaders

1. Easy-going

A good leader doesn’t stress his or her subject about issues. He or she is calm and tolerant. Even when a subordinate errs, a good leader knows how to get the person back on track without heaping coal of fire on the person’s head. 

You can even have some fun and joke around with most good leaders. And this is because they’re so down to earth. That’s why most employees or followers who have personal issues confide in them.  

2. Compassionate 

Every employee enjoys working with a good boss. Why? They are compassionate. When you make a mistake, a good leader won’t make you feel bad. Instead, he or she may likely have compassion and lovingly correct you.

When you complain about something, a good leader would listen to you, sympathize or proffer a solution, if necessary.  

3. Caring

Good leaders are caring. They look after their subjects and could even put their happiness on the line for their subjects. It’s a normal thing for a good leader to always check up on people around them. They do so because they care about people’s happiness. 

A good leader derives joy in seeing his or her subjects happy and succeeding. He or she also wants to be there for everyone and help people to overcome the challenges they face in life. 

4. Self-less

Good leaders are selfless. They care more about their subject or follower’s needs than theirs. You can’t be a good leader and not be self-less. Not just sometimes, but all the time. 

5. Fair

Good leaders are fair. They don’t practice favoritism or give one employee or follower more advantage than the other.

A good leader assigns duties accordingly. And if there were a disagreement, he or she would listen to both parties before passing judgment.  

6. Patient

A good leader will not yell or get you fired for making mistakes. He or she is ready to give you more grace to make amends. 

A good leader can explain a concept to you repeatedly, and even if you take more time to understand, he or she won’t get offended. 

7. Competent

Good leaders are extremely good at what they do. They didn’t become leaders because they’re power-drunk. They did because they have what it takes to be leaders. They can do the job and deliver great results.

8. Reasonable

A good boss is reasonable. He or she understands the plight of employees and reasons things thoroughly before passing judgments.

A good boss might put his or herself in the employee’s shoes when things aren’t going well and seek ways to help.

9. Respectful

Every human deserves respect. It doesn’t matter their age, educational background, or position. Good bosses know this, and that’s why they’re always respectful. They respect their employees or followers. No good boss will talk down on an employee.   


Good leaders are very observant. They observe how their followers are doing, how the company is moving, and how customers respond before making decisions.  

A good boss, through observation, understands each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. He or she doesn’t have to be told to know this.   

Good bosses also make decisions based on what they see. They don’t conclude based on what someone in the company tells them.  

11. Appreciative

A good boss is always appreciative. He or she would appreciate even the tiniest of effort put in by an employee. 

Good leaders know that money isn’t the only way to motivate people. And they know the motivating power that appreciation has.

12. Accountable

When a good leader makes a mistake, he or she takes responsibility, apologizes to the followers or employees, and makes amends.

Good leaders are never arrogant. Instead, they’ll apologize to even the least employee if need be.  

13. Approachable

Good leaders are approachable. You can even approach them and discuss personal issues with them. 

A good leader is ready to listen to you, proffer a solution, and monitor your situation. He or she cares for you and knows that you can only be productive when everything surrounding you is going well. 

14. Dedicated

Good leaders are dedicated to whatever they’re doing. Most of them come into the office before other employees to set a good example.

You will hardly find a good leader skipping work, especially during office hours. But, even while on leave, they’re still going to communicate with people at the office to know how things are going. 

This dedication is what propels good leaders to success. Additionally, when their followers see how dedicated they are, they may start emulating them.

15. Inspiring

A good leader knows how to motivate his or her employees or followers to deliver better results. 

He or she knows what to do to get the best out of people. It’s also a breeze for good leaders to motivate their followers or employees because of their personality. 

16. Reliable

When a good leader says something, he or she always backs it up. You can count on a good leader to deliver on his or her promise 

17. Unique

Good leaders are unique. They exhibit traits that push them to success and make working with employees a breeze. 

18. Adaptive

A good boss won’t have any problem adapting to different situations or employees. It’s their personality. From observation, they can seize the individual capacity of each employee and devise means to work with each one.   

19. Eloquent

The ability to impart information and interact with the followers is something a good leader does very well.

20. Friendly

A good leader is a friend to everyone. He or she has no enemies or favorites.

21. Hardworking

Good leaders sometimes work harder than employees. Some don’t like to leave excess workload to employees. Instead, they prefer to do some or all to lessen the burden on their employees or followers.

22. World-class

Good leaders are world-class because of their unique leadership skills, bringing success to the organization.   

23. Gem

Good leaders are a rare gem. They are hard to find. Look around the world today, and you’ll understand how scarce good leaders are.

24. Persuasive

Good leaders know how to persuade employees or their followers with their charm. People like them for their great personalities. 

25. Kind

Good leaders can sacrifice a lot for the team or people under their leadership.  

26. Considerate

If you’re given a task but failed to deliver, a good leader won’t scold or fire you. Instead, he or she would prefer to give you another opportunity to finish the job.    

27. Listener

Most leaders don’t give their employees or subject a listening ear, which is wrong. A good leader always listens. It’s the right thing to do. 

28. Loyal

Loyalty is a crucial trait good leaders have. It helps the team to see the leader’s vision. 

29. Calm

It’s easy to spot a leader in a team because of how they behave. In difficult situations, leaders should be calm. 

30. Productive

If a good leader is productive, his or her subjects will follow suit. Good leaders lead by example. They understand that action speaks louder than mere words. 

31. Unbiased

A good leader loves equally and gives equal attention to all his or her subjects. Good leaders don’t discriminate.  

32. Genuine

Good leaders are genuine in all they do. They love, assist and care for the employees or followers genuinely,  

33. Influential

Any leader can be influential. These include the good and bad ones. But it’s easier for a good leader to influence people without any resistance. 

34. Cheerful

A good leader understands the importance of being cheerful. You can’t give what you don’t have. So, good leaders are always cheerful. And the reason why is because they want their cheerfulness or happiness to influence the people around them.  

35. Positive

A good leader radiates positive energy, but the reverse is the case for a bad leader. 

Every good leader knows that they can put their subjects in a good state of mind by sending out positive energy. Moreover, they know that such an act might cause increased productivity and create a peaceful work environment. 

36. Sensitive

Good leaders are highly sensitive. They understand when to give a follower a break and when not. It’s what makes them good leaders.

37. Open-minded

Some good leaders can scold or criticize you without getting you upset. They’ll tell you how they feel about the situation and proffer a solution on how you can make things a lot better.   

38. Receptive

A good leader is always open to new ideas and suggestions. He or she won’t talk you down but listen attentively to your contributions.  

39. Responsive

A good boss would always respond to their followers on time. Sometimes, most good leaders assume the position of other staff in the office. 

40. Humble

Humility is one trait you cannot take away from a good leader. It’s one reason people love and call them good leaders. 

41. Problem-solver

You cannot give something you don’t have. You cannot solve problems if you don’t have the skills. Good leaders enjoy solving problems. That’s because they have what it takes and love being around their subject. 

42. Role model

If you’re a good leader, people will consider you their role model. Why? People love associating with something good. However, it’s only someone who’s insane that would love sadness or anything bad. 

43. Supportive

If you have problems understanding a task or you didn’t show up for work for certain reasons beyond your control, a good leader will get someone to fill in the gap or do it themselves. 

44. Well-informed

Good leaders are always well-informed. They have first-hand information about their industry, company’s progress, and employee’s condition. 


A good leader is every follower’s wish. It’s always enjoyable being under such leaders. We have mentioned several words you can use to describe good leaders. They are kind words that sincerely describe a good leader’s personality. 

Good leaders are role models. They give their subjects hope and support to succeed. They also have a massive influence on the people and always exude positive energy that can change the narrative of an organization. 


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