Can You Microchip Your Child? What Every Parent Should Know 

Can You Microchip Your Child? What Every Parent Should Know 

When it comes to GPS tracking system technology, most concerned parents always ask about the availability of microchips that can be implanted in children. What they want is a microchip implant in a person that uses live GPS tracking.

This chip can give them access to where their young one is located. To them, the microchip is a solution that allows them to find their offspring quickly. Parents will be happy knowing that they can keep their children safe.

So, can you microchip your child? 

The answer is no. Child microchip trackers that can be kept under the skin do not exist now, so parents shouldn’t think about doing that or looking for one.

However, if you are a parent who is concerned about your young one’s safety, you should consider looking into the other real-time GPS tracking options that currently exist and is safe to use for your kid.

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Microchip Tracking Devices 

The basic concept of implanting a microchip into humans is simple: insert a GPS tracker under the child so that parents can track them in real-time. Of course, this type of technology is life-saving and it will give parents assurance that their kids are safe.

For instance, in a scenario where a divorced parent is worried about another scorned parent trying to take the child by force, this technology could be a lifesaver. Also, if a child wanders off at the park, parents can easily track that child.

If parents have a GPS implanted just under their young one’s skin, all they have to do is take out their mobile phone, access the GPS device app, and find where their child has gone. 

Concerned parents are always searching for the best ways to protect their young ones, so they lock up cupboards, cap electrical outlets with plastic tabs, and always keep a watchful eye over them. 

There is no doubt that their kids come first before anything for parents, so they would do anything to keep them safe. To keep their kids safe, they would spend any amount on different products and technologies that promise safety and protection for kids.

The above reason shows why more parents are now looking for tracking chips to give them real-time location data of their children 24/7. However, the answer to the question of whether you can use a microchip on your child is a big NO.

First, a microchip implant would not be helpful or practical. It won’t let you see the exact location of your young one because; it is simply a barcode, consisting of basic information about a pet.

The microchip has to be scanned to get the needed information, and that means implanting it in your child would only be helpful if that child is lost and checked at the police station.

Should You Make Use Of GPS Tracking For Your Young Ones? 

Whether or not parents should use a GPS Tracker for their kids is a trending topic. Whichever side you are on, know that children with special needs require extra measures for safety and protection.

50% of children with autism tend to wander off. If you think about this, you will understand why their parents are always searching for GPS Tracker for kids to protect their loved ones with special needs.

Parents with typical children don’t usually need to worry about their children wandering off, although there can be cases of sleepwalking. In this case, a GPS Tracking device for children can protect the child.

Parents might also worry about their kids who go to and from school on their own. It would be comforting to know that your child has made it to school safely. A GPS tracker comes in handy.

However, parents whose children have autism or any other special need are not lucky in this aspect because they constantly have to worry if the child is safe without them around. We know that parents also have to go about their daily activities.

The worry and anxiety these parents have when sending their particular kids to school are unthinkable. The children tend to escape, wander, run away, or elope. 

When young one cannot communicate, is a target of bullying, has meltdowns, or, doesn’t know anything about safety awareness, something that is as simple as boarding a bus to school can cause you to worry.

Parents who don’t have reasons to deal with these serious safety issues that parents with special kids have may not fully understand the importance of having a GPS Tracking device for kids.

Is It Illegal To Use A GPS Tracking Device On My Child?

GPS tracking for your children isn’t illegal. If your child is under the age of 18, you are allowed to use a GPS tracker to monitor their movement. However, you cannot use a GPS tracker on a person above 18 without their consent.

Will My Child’s School Allow The Use Of An AGPS Tracking Device? 

Thousands of schools across the United States allow the use of GPS Tracker for kids. Some schools even purchase these devices for families to comply with policies for the safety of students with special needs.

If your child attends a school that does not understand the benefits of using a tracking device and doesn’t allow you to wear it on your child, you can resolve the issue with a doctor’s note stating its importance for the child’s safety.

What Should I Look For In GPS Tracker For Children?

If you are looking for a GPS tracker for kids or want to buy a tracking device that you can keep in your pocket, you need to know certain things before making your purchase. 

It will help if you look for a tracking device that is comfortable and fun for your child. It should also be durable and have accurate readings. 

Below are a few things to consider when buying a tracking device for your child.


Make sure you buy a tracking device that’s easy for both you and your kid to use. The tracker should not interfere with your child’s range of motion.

Age range:

Before you invest in a device, check the recommended age range. Some trackers come with anti-tamper features.


Since children play rough, you should make sure that your kid’s tracking device could withstand hazards. Consider buying waterproof models in case your kid throws their device in water. 


Some GPS tracking devices are better than others. Tracking devices that use cellular 4G LTE tracking are designed to perfectly handle long-range connections, making them useful if your child is far from you. On the other hand, Bluetooth devices work in close ranges.

Alerts and notifications:

Consider buying a tracking device that has adjustable settings so that there won’t be false alarms. You should be able to customize the device. And this allows you to check your child anytime you want to and lets you know when something is wrong.

Panic button:

Some GPS devices for children feature a panic button that allows your child to alert you when they are in trouble or need help.

Two-way communication:

The two-way communication allows you to speak to your kid through their tracking device like an intercom. This feature will enable you to ask if your child needs help.


If a tracking device features games and step counters, your kid will have more motivation to wear it. After all, it isn’t helpful if the child doesn’t want it. However, you have to make sure the games on the device are not too distracting.

Real-time tracking:

Real-time tracking is the most crucial feature of your child’s tracking device because your reason for buying it is to know where your child is. The settings are adjustable from the tracker’s app. It can send your child’s location to you.

Are GPS Trackers Safe For kids?

Yes. The technology that GPS trackers use is the same as in our phones, such as GPS locating, Bluetooth, and Cellular signals.

Why Does My Kid Need A GPS Tracker?

While some people may think tracking your child’s move is rarely necessary, sometimes you may need to give your child a GPS tracking device. For example, a tracker can help parents whose children live in multiple households.

It can also help parents whose children have special needs to track their movement. Trackers will also benefit toddlers. Just put a tiny tracker on the toddler’s shoelace or clothes if you find yourself in a crowded place.

Bottom Line

GPS Trackers will benefits parents who are concerned about their kids’ safety. Also, it makes family outings a little safer and gives parents the confidence to let their kids explore the world.

While you cannot implant a microchip on your child, you can invest in a GPS tracking device for children to keep your child safe. When you have a GPS tracking device on your child, you will know if they have wandered off or need your help.

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