What Difference Between Economy Shipping And Standard Shipping Is

What Difference Between Economy Shipping And Standard Shipping Is

Communication has never been easier. Currently, we can send and receive messages all over the world from the comfort of our homes. This remarkable feat is because technology is a significant game-changer. 

This technological game change has also affected shipping and logistics positively. It is now possible to send and receive parcels/letters, shop online from anywhere in the world, and receive packages within days. Shipping has never been easier! 

This post is about economy shipping and standard shipping, their differences, including which shipping option would serve you more. 

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The Difference Between Economy Shipping And Standard Shipping 

There happens to be a small difference between the economy and standard domestic shipping. It takes about 3-5 days to track and deliver both services within the United States. 

The significant difference lies between the economy and standard international shipping. The Economy-international shipping takes a longer time to be tracked and delivered than standard shipping. 

Examples of economy deliveries are EMS parcel posts and EU parcels. They are either: tracked mail or parcel posts. In contrast, standard-priced services are usually Ground international or other related services. 

Standard International Shipping 

There are diverse factors one should consider when choosing the shipping options that work best for you. These factors range from selecting a suitable courier to knowing what your shipping priorities are now. 

So, what are your shipping priorities? Do you want to make a fast delivery? Or are you trying to save costs? Choosing the best option for you might be a bit daunting, so you must know what your priorities are. Knowing your preferences would help you make the best choices. 

The standard international shipping gives you a two-in-one experience. Your shipping is done speedily and at an affordable price. It is faster than economy-shipping. 

If you have been looking at shipping companies, you’re most likely familiar with standard international shipping. Because it is pretty common because of its tracking and delivery speed, it is also a popular choice for many businesses and individuals, compared to the economy-international shipping. 

How Long Does Standard International Shipping Take And Cost? 

Unlike economy international shipping, which takes a longer time, standard international shipping takes about 2-10 days. 

Typically, standard shipping is faster than economy shipping. Express shipping is faster than standard shipping. These different options are reliable but only differ in how long they take and how much they cost. 

How much your shipping cost is not exactly on how long the item takes to reach the recipient? The package’s volume, destination, and distance between the sender and the recipient play a crucial role. 

When Is It Best To Choose Standard International Shipping? 

It is best to choose the standard international shipping when you’re in a hurry to receive your package. If not, you can go ahead and pick any of the options that work for you—keeping in mind that they are all equally reliable. 

Many businesses don’t give their customers the option to choose what shipping option they want. Though, they should. Because doing so would be a way to show their customers that they value their choices. It would also be a way to give customers value for their money spent. 

What Are The Benefits Of Standard International Shipping? 

With the little differences between shipping options, you may wonder if spending time making a choice isn’t a waste of time. Here are some specific benefits of standard-international shipping:

Quick delivery:

This is the most talked-about benefit of using standard international shipping. It is highly beneficial to businesses because it is always good to get products to customers early enough. Many customers would appreciate the speed. 

Although the number of days between the two shipping options is not large, it is still good to save time. 


One would think that because of delivery speed, the standard-international shipping would be more expensive. But it isn’t. It is affordable, which makes it an incredibly great choice. 

Although most people who use standard-international shipping use it because of its speed and not its affordability, it is still good to save some cash. 

Real-time updates:

You can get updates about the status of delivery quickly. These include updates on the location of your package, including delays or issues that may arise during shipping. The standard international shipping option keeps you updated throughout your delivery process. 

Economy-International Shipping 

Can you remember the number of times you tried shopping for items online but were dissuaded by how expensive shipping was? People spend many hours online picking out things they want, only to get to the end to see discouraging shipping costs. 

Some people would choose to discontinue their shopping over paying high shipping fees. Many believed that the online shopping market would be getting more customers from across the world if shipping fees weren’t a huge deterrent for many. 

This point is where Economy-international shipping comes in. Its unique selling point is its affordability. People choose the standard international shipping for its speed, and people choose Economic-international shipping for its affordability. 

It ranks as the most affordable shipping option out there for sending packages internationally. Though it takes a long time, it is still as reliable as the other options for taking packages worldwide. 

International shipping would always be expensive. Thus, it is good, especially for business owners, to have an option less costly than the others. 

How Long Does Economy-International Shipping Take? 

It takes about 6-15 days to ship packages with Economy-international, which is a few days more than the standard and express. Please note that the time frame may differ from company to company. Also, another factor that affects delivery time is time zones. 

It is great that shipping companies are working tirelessly to improve and shorten their delivery time. They have learned to make the process easy to avoid delays. However, many delays are usually caused by situations beyond their control, like harsh weather conditions. 

It is possible to get a rough estimate of your shipping cost, including how long it would take using a shipping calculator. There are several options available online; you could use them to help you plan and budget. 

When Is It Best To Choose Economy-International Shipping? 

The best time to use Economy-international shipping is when you are not in a hurry to send or receive your package. You can also use it when you’re shipping large items. 

Let’s face it. Not everybody would choose speed over affordability. In addition, not every package needs to be shipped speedily. Most people are just concerned about their packages getting to them. If it costs cheaper, then they are happier. 

What Are The Benefits Of Economy-International Shipping? 

People have this mindset that cheaper automatically means low quality. Do you believe this? Economy-international shipping is as reliable as standard-international shipping and express shipping. Below are the benefits of using Economy-international shipping:

On-time delivery:

economic-international shipping is majorly for bulk shipping. It is not as fast as the standard or express shipping, but you would get your package within 15 days. They will only miss the 15 days mark if there is an unexpected delay. And delays can happen with any of the other faster shipping options too. 

So, you can get your delivery at an affordable price and at a good time as well. It sounds like a win-win! 

It’s Cheaper:

We have talked about the affordability of Economy-international shipping. If you need a cheaper option, then it is the option for you. The reason people get drawn to the shipping option is because of how affordable it is. 

It is the cheapest shipping option available. It is affordable and reliable to use for shipping bulk packages across the globe. Many businesses need to expand their reach, and Economy-international shipping makes it possible with their shipping rates. 

If you’re a business owner on a tight budget, this shipping option will help you reduce costs effectively, at least on shipping. 

Real-time updates:

Ordinarily, Economy-international shipping doesn’t give detailed updates as the standard-international shipping does. But, many shipping companies are changing this to ensure that their customers can keep up with their deliveries with ease. 

What Is Express Shipping? 

Express shipping, on the other hand, is the quickest method of shipping available. That means that your package will leave the pick-up location almost immediately after the shipping order gets placed. And will be on its way to you via the quickest shipping route. 

The route mainly used for international shipping is air. Express deliveries usually include a guaranteed delivery date because it includes an additional shipping cost to get it delivered faster. The delivery time is typically between 24-72 hours. It also provides the option of tracking your delivery. 


The difference between standard shipping and economy shipping is minimal. The two shipping options are reliable and cost-effective though one is more cost-effective. They would both give you the value you desire. Your shipping choices should be based on your shipping priorities. 

This post explains both standard and economy shipping, their differences, and what shipping options your priorities would point you to. 

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