Can I Use Google Voice Without A Phone? This Is What You Need To Know

Can I Use Google Voice Without A Phone? This Is What You Need To Know

Google voice is a free Google service. This service gives you the freedom to combine all your phone services and forward calls to all your cellular devices simultaneously. 

It is a useful tool for keeping communication simple and effective. If you have different cellular devices, you can have one phone number for all your devices. And it’s all thanks to Google voice from the tech giant, Google. 

So, back to the popular question many have been asking! 

Can I use Google voice without a phone? 

Yes, you can. You can use Google voice on a computer for calls, although you must have a US-based phone number. The Google voice is useful and effective in connecting all your mobile communication easily. 

It is highly beneficial to those who always change phone numbers, those who often travel, and individuals who need to record calls without paying a dime. 

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What Are The Uses Of Google Voices?

Asides from giving you a phone number for voicemail, calls, and texts, Google voices has other uses. You can use Google voice for: 

  • Screening voice calls before you pick up.
  • Your personalized voice messages.
  • Making International calls at reduced rates 
  • Blocking unwanted numbers from calling you
  • Getting protection from spam messages and calls 
  • Saving your call and messages information.

What Browsers Or Operating Systems Do You Need To Use Google Voice?

To experience the full functionality of Google voice, use any of the following:

  • Mozilla firefox 
  • Safari
  • Google chrome 
  • Chrome OS
  • Microsoft edge 
  • Microsoft windows 
  • Mac OS

How To Setup Google Voice On Your Computer 

Here is a step to step guide to setting up google voice on your computer:

  • If you’re yet to sign in to your Google account, please do so right away.
  • Type in your city or area code to search for available numbers. You can use a city or area code close to you if numbers are not available in your city. 
  • When you find a number you want, click select.
  • You’ll be required to confirm your phone number. Input your existing phone number or the number you want to receive your codes. 
  • Once you receive the code, input it in the box provided. Then verify.
  • Confirm the number you want your calls to be sent to, and then click claim 
  • You would need to click finish two times before the setup is complete.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Google Voice?

Almost all Google voice Calls within the United States and Canada are free. “Almost all” because some calls placed to specific numbers within the United States and Canada cost one cent for a minute. 

For calls outside the United States, the rates are listed.

How To Set Up Google Voice On Your Phone 

To set up Google voice on your android or apple device, here is what to do:

  • Download the Google voice app.
  • Select the Google account you want connecting to your google voice number.
  • Tap continue
  • After tapping continue, you would get transferred to the next page. On this page, tap search.
  • Type your zip code or city to find the numbers available in your region. 
  • When you have chosen the number you want, tap the select button next to the number.
  • To begin your verification process, tap next on your screen after Google confirms your chosen number.
  • To verify, enter the existing number you want to link to your google voice number.
  • Next, enter the code sent to your existing number, then verify.
  • Then tap claim and finish to complete the process.

How Do You Link More Than One Number To Your Google Voice Account? 

You can link more than one number to your google voice account. Here is how to do it on your computer: 

  • Go to your Google voice dashboard 
  • Look for the “new linked number” icon at the bottom of the menu. 
  • Type the number you wish to link and then click the send code icon. 
  • The verification process is the same as the first verification process. 
  • You can add more numbers through the same process. 

Can I Use Google Voice With Wi-Fi Only? 

Yes, you can. Google Voice allows you to make calls with Wi-Fi. You need to download the Android Google voice app for calls to go over Wi-Fi. Once you have the app, you are automatically able to receive calls over Wi-Fi. 

You can also configure the setting to suit your needs.

Is Google’s Voice App Secure? 

Texts sent and received on Google voice get stored in Google’s data center. The Google voice app takes security up a notch by saving your audio data. For example, when you leave voicemails for people, they automatically get saved. 

Your Google account also comes with world-class security that detects spam, malware, etc., and keeps them out. 

What Are The Advantages Of Google Voice? 

There are several reasons why Google voice is a good choice. Here are some of those reasons:

Digital integration:

Google voice uses a UI that resembles that of other Google services, like Gmail. Almost all the actions carried out sending and receiving messages, making or receiving calls, having access to voicemail- happens on a page that looks like your Gmail inbox. 

You can use your computer or mobile phone to access Google voice. With your Google voice phone number, you can text when your phone battery is flat.

Google voice can also make a transcript of your voicemails if you hate listening to voicemails. Google voice can play specific voicemail messages for specific callers. All these work together to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. 

Hardly miss a call:

This is one of the unique things about Google voice. You can link your entire device to a single phone number. 

You can connect the phone number to your mobile phone, office phone, landline, or any other mobile device you might have. Whenever you get a phone call, every device you have connected to the number gets notified. 

It is also possible to make calls from any of the connected devices, including your computer. The person you’re calling would see your Google voice number no matter the device you use to place the call. 


Google voice has many tools that work to give the user a top-notch experience. One of those tools is the caller ID feature. Google Voice uses your phone’s address book to help ID your callers. 

When a caller’s number isn’t in your address book, Google Voice would ask the caller to record their name. The caller would do the recording before you pick up the call. 

You can also switch your device for another during a call seamlessly. You can only do switching devices with devices linked to Google voice phone numbers. 

Porting your number:

To reprint business cards or contact information to include your new number could be tasking. But Google voice can make it simpler for you to port over your existing number. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Google Voice? 

No customer service support:

Unlike normal network providers who provide customer service support to their customers, Google voice doesn’t. 

They have a help page with frequently asked questions and answers. A help forum for questions that the FAQ doesn’t cover exists. 

Complex multimedia messaging:

one of the advantages of Google Voice is its easy digital integration. However, it might not be seamless for avant-garde messaging like sending group messages or sending videos. To send and receive MMS, you would need additional tools like Google hangout and other Google tools.

No emergency calls:

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of linking all your phone lines to one Google voice phone number. You can’t directly call 9-1-1 with your google voice phone number.

So, if you insist on using Google voice, you need to create an alternative for emergency calls.

Is using Google voice worth it?

Beyond other alternatives and standard phone lines, Google Voice offers an enticing collection of unique characteristics that empower users to take full control of their phone service. 

With the ability to ring all phones from a single number and comprehensive digital integration, you will never miss a call. Unless you experience a rare Google outage or other unexpected issues, Google may not resolve quickly due to a lack of direct customer support.

So, with a bunch of other apps, you can get the best from Google voice if you’re willing to deal with not having a customer service experience and not making emergency phone calls.


You can use Google voice on your phones and computer without hassle. The technological forward-thinkers of Google built this app to make it easy for you to use and adapt to.

This article answers the question “can you use Google voice without a phone.” and gives you more insight into how Google voice works

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