Is Emuparadise Safe? The Truth Revealed! 

Is Emuparadise Safe? The Truth Revealed! 

It’s no longer news that most avid gamers enjoy using emulators. And one of such emulators is the Emuparadise.

Emuparadise ranks high among the biggest retro gaming websites on the internet. It boasts lots of ROMs, ISOs, and games, available free. Additionally, you can access the website with your pc and phone.

However, there has been some misconception regarding the website. Many have questioned its genuineness. Some people can’t tell if the website is virus-free or not. 

Your PC or mobile phone device can contract viruses when you visit certain websites. And, this can cause serious damages to the device or make using the device an arduous task. Hence, there’s a need to be careful about the sites you visit. 

Now the question! 

Is Emuparadise Safe

Yes, Emuparadise, in itself, is safe. The platform follows strict measures to keep viruses and other threats at bay. And so, you don’t have to worry about the security or safety of files.

Although, they host user-uploaded files, and that could pose a risk. However, the site is a community-check trust system. And so, any file found to be faulty is reported and down voted.

So, you must read comments before you try downloading any file. Alternatively, you can use VirusTotal to check the file or any other antivirus software.

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Is Emuparadise Still in Use

The existence of the website has been questioned for some reasons. However, the fact remains that Emuparadise is still in use.

Sometime in 2018, Emuparadise was hit with copyright infringement by Nintendo, which caused them to shut down for a while.

 MasJ stated that Emuparadise would continue to operate. Though, as a repository for legal downloads of files. MasJ also mentioned that the site would be unavailable for downloading files.

Currently, though, you can still browse all of the games and information on the site. The only thing the site creator did was disable download links. So, it tells you the game is unavailable when you click the download button.

However, there’s good news. Files are still downloaded from the Emuparadise library. And this is achieved through a workable script. 

Can I Still Download Roms From Emuparadise  

Of course, you can still download ROMs from Emuparadise. And they are easily downloaded as well. Emuparadise is also one of the safest sites to download ROM.

Emuparadise has an open directory website. And it contains lots of options to download ROMs. The website maintainer added ROMs which are verified on the No-Intro website.

However, to download ROM on Emuparadise, you have to install a user script. The user script adds a workaround link. The link is usually above the download link.

There are different ways to access the workable script. And it depends on the type of browser you use. For example, if you use Chrome, you will have to install Tamper monkey. And, if you are a Firefox user, install Grease monkey.

How To Download From Emuparadise Using Workaround Script

Currently, you can access Emuparadise through a workaround Script. Although, this is quite different from how it was. And so, some people are yet to find their way around it. The truth is the process is easy. And, if you follow these descriptions, you would gain mastery in no time.

The first step is to install Tamper monkey if you’re a chrome user. However, you’ll have to download Grease monkey for the firefox browser.

After that, go back to the original page and then, the Emuparadise download button.

Now, go to Emuparadise and search for the game you want. When you find it, do not click on the original download link. Click instead on ‘Download using the workaround script.’ Your download will begin immediately.

However, two problems are associated with this process. First, the Dreamcast game download doesn’t work. Secondly, Before they shut down some ROMs. And so, certain games are no longer on the website.

Interestingly, there’s a way to bypass the second problem. Firstly, open your Google search. Write the name of the game you want. And then, add Emuparadise afterward. Here’s a quick example; mario84emuparadise.

So, this will lead you to the page of Emuparadise. And there, you’ll see the direct download link. Click on it and start your download.

Is Emuparadise Free

Emuparadise is free for everyone. Interestingly, it contains lots of ROMs, ISOs, and games. And, you can download and play them with an emulator. Alternatively, you can enjoy your games right inside your browser window.

Emuparadise also contains a huge community collection of gaming music. You will also find game-related videos, comics, and video game translations. They also have game guides and magazines. The list keeps going on.

However, they also have a premium plan. The premium plan is paid for. And, it’s loaded with lots of amazing features.  

What Premium Users Stand To Get 

Here are some of the features to enjoy as a premium user;

  • The premium plan comes without ads.
  • You enjoy a faster download pace.
  • You’re entitled to Up to 7 simultaneous download slots.
  • You get priority at peak times.
  • Interestingly, a portion of your subscription goes to Watsi. And it is to fund critical healthcare in the developing world. So, you’ll be saving the world somehow.

A premium user pays $2.49 a month. But, there’s another plan for six months. And, you’ll pay $12.49. For The 12 monthly plan, you get to pay $24.99.

Why Should I Use Emuparadise?

By now, you know that Emuparadise is 100% safe and free. However, the website has other amazing benefits. Let’s look at some of these benefits;

Download speed

Downloading files on Emuparadise is usually fast. Emuparadise has been tested to run on an average speed of WHOPPING 1MB/s. And, their speed rate is high compared with other websites.

The free users also enjoy speed. Their download speed will be much higher than the usual 250 or 150 kb/s limits. Also, off-peak can be several mb/s.

Emuparadise also allows you to choose a preferred download server. You can either choose HTTP or FTP.

Enough Content:

Emuparadise is filled with lots of content. They have over 40% more games than other sites. And with their rich content, you can find a lot on the site. They have more ROMs, ISOs, and games. And this content is provided in various languages.

Emuparadise doesn’t offer only games. They also offer a special section for music, videos and magazines. It also has Abandonware, ScummVM classic adventure game titles.

Responsible advertising and files

Emuparadise guarantees safe browsing. And so, their files are 100% safe. They upload virus-free files. Also, their ads are completely safe.

A Large Community

Emuparadise has an active forum known as EPForums. EPForums are available on Facebook and Twitter. 

The basic essence of the group is to solve problems. They help clarify any doubt you may have.

Emuparadise Alternative Site

Emuparadise is a reliable and trustworthy site. However, after its temporary closure in 2018, a wide range of similar platforms have been popping up. Now, some of those websites have become popular Emuparadise’s alternatives. 

So, you can dedicate some time to explore some of those similar websites as well. However, be sure to read the “Terms of use” carefully before downloading from any of these sites. Let’s look at six alternatives of this website;


Gamular is one of the best Emuparadise alternatives you can explore. You can find and download the most popular retro games. It’s known to have lots of console games. They also have the most downloaded and most popular ROMs. 

This Emuparadise alternative has lots of uniqueness. It has a user interface. Additionally, it is very easy to use. 

Glamour has a collection of the retro game you can search for. These download links are very reliable. Also, they are compatible with almost all devices. Amazingly, Gamular shows no spamming ads on its website. 


The Old Computer is one of the best Emuparadise alternatives. It also has one of the biggest libraries of retro games. This website has over 600,000 games. And so, you can download as much as you want. They also have MAME for both Android and iOS devices.

The old computer also has a lot of rare ROMs and emulators for different devices. Just like Emuparadise, it has a community of users, where you can ask questions for free. 


FreeRoms is also another unique Emuparadise alternative. It provides users with choices of emulators and ROMs for free downloading. It delivers the best and most recent ROMs and emulators, which fits a wide range of devices. These include Android, Mac operating system,  iOS and laptop computers.

Freeroms boasts a library that has over 400,000 ROMS and emulators.


The Emulator-Zone also makes searching easy. The website’s downloads are also trusted. 

It also provides a rating for every emulator. And this makes it unique. This rating tells if the emulator is good or not. 


RetrosGames is a popular Emuparadise alternative. They are also very reliable. And the site has a simple user interface

Again, its emulators are compatible with various devices. And, you can download games for free. It also provides an avenue to check for top games. So, it helps you find interesting and fun games.


LoveRoms also offers free download. It is one of the newest alternatives for Emuparadise. Here, you search for games according to the consoles. Their download link is also safe. And it offers no problem at all. 


With Emuparadise, you’re able to download emulators for different systems. And, you can enjoy games on your smartphone or PC. 

Also, Emuparadise is virus-free. That is, it is safe for your devices. They have well-organized data. And this makes it easy to find and download files.

However, one can’t access the website directly. But, there’s a way to maneuver the situation. And so, the website is accessible through a workaround script.

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