Why Do I Swallow So Loud? Check Out The Possible Reasons

Why Do I Swallow So Loud? Check Out The Possible Reasons

The human body is so unique that you can detect when something isn’t right in your system. But then, it would also depend on how attentive you are to your body. If you’re attentive enough, when the changes occur, you’ll be in the know.

Things like changes in how one swallow can indicate an underlying health condition. However, let’s not jump to a conclusion based on that. Other things could cause you to swallow so loud. 

Health is wealth. And the earlier you tackle a health problem, the better for you. And besides the possibility of a health problem, gulping so loud can be embarrassing. Imagine experiencing it while having a meal with a client. You surely can’t stand the embarrassment. 

Now, this leaves us with a very delicate question many people have been asking. 

Why do I swallow so loud?

Many factors could be the reason you swallow so loud. One is that you swallow the food or liquid together with air. Additionally, it could have happened because you were super tasty or hungry. In this case, when you drink water or eat something, the body would want to receive it at once.  

Most people also have a strong tongue, which explains why they swallow so loud. The tongue pushes the food down the digestive tract super fast, creating a loud and embarrassing noise. You may not be careful enough to hear it until someone calls your attention to it. 

But let’s be honest, slurping, which is another word for swallowing so loud, can be very embarrassing. If you have a child that slurps, you’ll know what this feels like. When they slurp while you’re on a call with a client or friend, the person you’re interacting with can hear the sound. 

Alright, that answers the question, but we have more in store for you. So, keep on reading!

What Can Make People Swallow So Loud?  

Chances are your partner has drawn your attention to this embarrassing act. And now, you’re seeking an answer as to why you’re slurping. It could also be that you’re interested in gaining more knowledge on the condition to help a friend. 

Either way, slurping isn’t something anyone should be proud of. So, it’s okay to seek more knowledge on the issue. 

However, these are the possible reasons you swallow so loud that someone next to you can hear the sound. 

You swallowed a large amount:

If you haven’t taken anything into your stomach for a while and feeling famished, then chances are you‘ll produce a loud sound when you swallow. Think about it; your stomach has been empty for quite a while. 

So, when you eat or drink, it’s possible to hear a loud noise. You might not necessarily notice or pay attention to this because you’re desperate to fill your empty stomach. But the person next to you can. 

A Handy Tip:  If you notice that you swallow so loud whenever you eat or drink fluid after staying hungry for a while, here’s what you need to do. Eat and swallow a smaller amount at a time. Don’t be in a rush. Besides, you won’t gain extra nutrients from the food you’re eating by rushing it. 

You swallow far too quickly:

If you’re someone that boasts a strong tongue, which pushes food down your stomach faster than the average speed, chances are you’re going to hear a loud noise as the food passes through your digestive tract. 

Some individuals may also have a small lung capacity. In such individuals, you may hear a loud sound whenever they swallow. What happens is that their bodies tend to hold and then go on to force the water down the digestive tract much faster. 

The reason the body does so is primarily to maximize the individual’s breathing time. If such a person dares to drink or eat slowly, you’ll notice them catching their breath. When people with this condition use a straw, you’ll almost think that they’re choking or drowning. 

A Handy Tip: The best advice to people suffering from this condition is to see their health specialist. A doctor will examine and determine the best line of action to help you get better. But for the time being, don’t swallow slowly. Even if you make a loud noise when you swallow, try to manage the situation. 

Remember that if you swallow slowly, you might feel choked or drowning. And that’s not something you want to put yourself in. 

You’re suffering nasal congestion:

The human nose is for breathing and smell, while the mouth is for chewing, swallowing, and talking. But if the nose isn’t functioning properly, probably due to a blockage, people tend to breathe with their mouth. 

So, nasal congestion is another factor that can cause people to swallow so loud. If your noise were congested, you would start breathing and eating with your mouth. That’s what literally happens. 

Funny enough, many people don’t know that they’re chewing or swallowing loud until someone draws their attention to it. That’s the shocking part. You would hear such people making loud noises while eating, like a goat that’s gnawing on a branch. 

A Handy Tip: If you’re suffering nasal congestion, consider visiting your doctor for professional advice. Nasal congestion isn’t something you can address by yourself. You need professional help.  

Tongue not working properly:

The mouth is the window to the rest of the body. That’s why health professionals always warn their patients to be cautious of whatever they eat or drink. The mouth is also the beginning of the human digestive system.

The digestive system comprises valves and tubes. And when the tongue stops working, as it should, aerophagia may set in. 

Now, what’s aerophagia? It refers to the swallowing of air. This condition can cause a range of upsets in the stomach, such as burping, food babies, hiccups, gas, and others. 

What can you do in this case? Your health practitioner would advise you on what to do in this condition. 

But the good thing is that you can fix this condition. So, seek help. In most cases, you may undergo orofacial myofunctional therapy and frenectomy. However, let your doctor decide on the best treatment for your condition. 

You eat too fast:

Are you always eating too fast? If yes, then that could be the obvious reason you swallow so loud. Throat gurgles are similar to a burp. They would cause you to get rid of excess air residing in your stomach. 

So, when you chew gum or consume your food quickly, you are swallowing air. And what you need to know is that the air swallowed can come back up, but this time, as gurgle or burp. That’s why you make a loud and sometimes annoying noise when eating. 

A Handy Tip:  The type of food you consume can also play a role in how your stomach would react after eating. When you consume the carbonated drink, keep in mind that you’re inviting excess air into your intestines. This act alone can cause you to experience noisy digestion or excess gas. 

Age of the individual:

Wrinkled skin is not the only changes your body undergoes as you age. Other areas of your body experience some massive changes too. 

When a person starts aging, chances are the throat muscle would become disoriented. Muscle control reduces drastically. And when such people swallow, there’s a chance that someone next to them might hear a loud sound. 

A Bad habit:

When you do something repeatedly for a certain period, it will become a habit. When it becomes a habit, stopping it would demand serious effort and readiness on the person’s part. 

So, when youngsters swallow loudly, they might not be sick. It could be a habit. In other words, that’s how they have been swallowing since they were little, and no one could correct them.

 A Handy Tip: If you notice a loud sound when you swallow saliva, please don’t panic. The reason you hear the noise is because your throat is close to your ear. Someone sitting next to you might not notice the sound. Take action when people start telling you that you swallow so loud. 


So, why do I swallow so loud? If you’re having this issue and need answers, you’re in the right place. Most people have this issue, but they never know they do until someone points it out. 

Several factors can cause you to swallow loudly. These include age, habit, naval congestion, and other things. But then, if you swallow loudly, it’s important to seek help. 

If you tried to swallow gently and it still didn’t change, visit a doctor. A CT scan would help medical professionals to know the cause of the problem.    

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