Unbelievable! 18 Most Humid Places In The World

Unbelievable! 18 Most Humid Places In The World

There are so many places in the world with extreme climates. Hundreds of thousands to millions of people live in these places and have no choice but to withstand every test that the environment puts in front of them.

Like we have the hottest places globally, the coldest areas, the driest places, and the largest places, we also have the most humid places globally. These places have lots of people living there and enduring the temperature.

Most people confuse humid weather with hot weather, but they are not the same even though. High-level humidity is one of the biggest enemies of a productivity day. 

Humidity is fundamentally referred to as water vapors in the air—the amount of water – excess and extremely low vapors in the atmosphere and disrupt the climate. 

The humidity level in the air determines the overall temperature and its impact on our bodies.

18 Most Humid Places In The World 

These are many humid places in the world, and the article consists of 17 moist areas. One or more of the cities mentioned may surprise you. 

1. Phoenix 

Phoenix is a humid country. It has an average percentage of 65 daily. Due to its high humidity level, Phoenix’s temperature tends to stay very hot during the summers.

Phoenix’s average temperature during summer can reach up to 40 centigrade because it is near the desert. Most people living in the country tend to stay indoors during summer time to avoid the severe heat.

Some people will recall news reports about the extreme heat wave in the country, which made its citizens do weird things. Some people fried eggs on the asphalt, baked cookies in their vehicles, dressed animals in boots, and drove their cars with gloves.

2. Athens

The city of Athens is not only famous for its immense humidity level, but people also know it for its extremely high level of pollution. Athens’s humidity level could reach 66%, and its temperature can move up to over 45 centigrade on an average basis.

3. Mexicali

Mexicali, a city in Mexico, is home to extreme temperatures. The city is a massive metropolis with over one million residents who have to get used to 40°C heat during the summertime.

The temperature getting higher than 40°C is not a rare case. These ultra-hot periods make going outside impossible for people. 

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, isn’t the hottest city globally, but its humidity level makes the temperature vulnerable for its citizens. The city’s average humidity level is more than 55% 

When the city is at its moist-wet season, the citizens find it difficult to perform their daily tasks. The weather does not favor them.

5. Kuala Lumpur

If Malaysia is on the list of the countries you are planning to visit anytime soon, get ready to experience the highest humidity level. The humidity level in this country during the summertime and mid-winters could reach up to over 85%.

Kuala Lumpur is always loaded with plenty of heat and heavy temperatures. That means if you plan on visiting, you need to prepare yourself before you embark on that journey.

6. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another most humid place globally, with a humidity level of more than 77% during extreme weather hours. Las Vegas’ temperature usually remains hottest all year round and can reach up to 40 centigrade in the day.

Even though it is not North America’s hottest city, Las Vegas is close to California’s Death Valley, the most desirable location in the Western Hemisphere. In 1911, the temperature one day was 134°F (56.7C) – just one degree less than the world record.

7. Melbourne

When talking about humid places, Australia has to be on the list. Melbourne, which has a 70% humidity level, is one of the most humid cities in the world. 

The city also falls among the hottest in the world. Its temperature reaches up to 46 centigrade during the day.

In February 2009, Melbourne’s temperature exceeded 46.4°C, which was an Australian state capital record. During most months, citizens don’t have to scramble for air conditioners with their year-round temperature at just 19.8°C – a mere 68°F.8.

8. Athens

Athens is known for its humidity level and also the highest level of pollution. The city’s humidity level could reach 66%, and the temperature could go up to more than 45 centigrade on an average basis.

Adding to Athens’ problem is its smog. Although it has from its 1970s peak, this Greek city still gets occasionally shrouded in grey mist, and it reduces its ability to moderate temperatures efficiently.

9. Florida

Like other cities of the United States of America, Florida also falls among the most humid cities, having an average percentage of 74.5%. During the summer times, the country’s overall due rate could reach rank 2.

Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Gulf of Mexico. South Florida is also a nearly tropical climate. Its location makes it one of the most humid places in the world.

10. Bangkok

When it comes to tourism, Bangkok is a center of attraction for travelers. However, this city is also referred to as the hottest place globally due to its high humidity level.

Also, in intense year-round heat, this city has the most extreme summer temperatures in the world. The temperatures of the city rise above 40º C during the day. During the nighttime, the temperature doesn’t get any better. 

Bangkok’s well-known air pollution traps hot air within the center. It causes daytime heat and humidity that may put tourists off. We definitely recommend wearing air pollution face masks when traveling round the busy streets of Bangkok.

11. California

We won’t be wrong if we say that America is the most humid country. The state of California is another American state that has the highest humid level all year round. 

The city’s average humidity rank is 61%, and the dew points every year can easily reach up to 18 when people are very active.

12. Indiana

Indiana falls into the category of hot-summer humid continental climate. The average annual humidity of the state is 58.8%. The average monthly humidity also ranges from 52% in September to 71% in January.

13. Alaska

Alaska has a unique geographical location and environmental factors that make it one of the most humid cities in the world. The city’s humidity level on an average basis is 77.1%.

14. Jazan

Jazan City is in Saudi Arabia, and it happens to be the most humid place in the region. It has the highest temperatures throughout the year. Japan’s population is less than 2 million people.

The Saudi Arabian city may not have a ridiculous temperature in the summertime, but it is consistently warm due to the year-round heat.

Most Saudi Arabians prefer not to live in Japan because of its extremely high temperatures and its very little warmth during winter. Japan’s humidity could be over 70% During extreme weather times.

15. Cairo

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is situated near the popular Nile River banks. One of the largest in Africa, the city is also home to the Great Pyramid of Giza. This Egyptian city is also known as the hottest city because it is near the African desert.

Cairo’s overall humidity level could reach up to over 50% on an average basis.

16. Georgia

When it comes to measuring a city’s humidity level, Georgia has the 17 rankings. The city’s overall humidity percentage is 71.1%. This American city is also one of the hottest in the country.

17. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Dhahran has to make a list of one of the places with high humidity. This Saudi Arabian city holds the world record for the highest humidity. Back in 2013, 42 degrees Celsius felt like 81 degrees. 

One can only imagine the number of cold showers and underwear changes required on the day Saudi Arabians can never forget.

18. Mississippi

As recorded by the National Climatic Data Center, on average, Mississippi has the highest humidity levels in the United States at 91 percent. 

Mississippi’s humidity level climbs from 91 percent to 93 percent during the summertime. During this time, multiple daily showers are needed to be comfortable.

How Do I Deal With Living In A Humid City?

If you live in any of these cities mentioned above, you might need our tips on coping with your state’s humidity level.

Keep windows open:

You may consider it weird to open your windows when the weather is hot, but you must allow the air to circulate through your house so as not to increase the humidity levels.

Humidity can feel worse when the air is stagnant. It would help if you also considered buying a portable or ceiling fan.

The flooring options:

Your home’s flooring is essential when it comes to humidity. Carpets can hold on to moisture, leading to an increase in the temperature and humidity in the room.

Consider flooring your home with stone tiles, especially in high humidity areas such as the bathrooms and kitchen. You can also consider ceramic tiles as it is waterproof and resists moisture.

Buy a Dehumidifier:

You will benefit from owning a humidifier if you live in a humid state. There are various units; including odor eliminator, dampness protector, and home value pack humidifiers.

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