Are Car Dealerships Open On Labor Day? Should I Buy A Car On That Weekend?

Are Car Dealerships Open On Labor Day? Should I Buy A Car On That Weekend?

So, you are planning to get yourself a new ride? Well, as you are here, we believe that labor day is just around the corner for you now. And like any other holidays, workplaces and most of the stores remain closed on this day.

Considering that, the card dealerships should also remain closed, right? Well, that is where most of the people get confused. And for that reason, the question of are car dealerships open on labor day is quite common.

But are they really closed on this holiday? That is what we are going to cover in this article. Along with that, we will provide a lot of information regarding how the dealerships operate during these holidays. So, read through the entire thing.

Are Car Dealerships Closed On Labor Day?

According to our research, 99.9 percent of the dealerships operate on most of the days of the year. 

The days that they remain closed are Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. However, some of the dealerships might also operate in those days. Those will remain open 24/7.

We spoke to a salesperson of a specific dealership to know about the operational procedure that they carry out during these holidays. His early days were pretty tough. He used to get in early in the morning and work all till 10 pm, even on the holidays.

When there is a possibility of new shipments, that person even had to stay up until midnight. And once, he had worked all day and night in a major holiday. However, that is the case for the salespersons that are not in a higher position. 

The ones that are in the higher position would leave early. Some did not even show up on the public holidays. 

Nonetheless, after getting promoted, that person started getting days off. And now, he does not have to show up in the major holidays. Instead, he spends them with his family.

So, in a nutshell, the car dealerships are going to remain open during labor day. Some will have a lot of salespeople hanging around, while the others will have a few. 

No matter what, you can get yourself a new can in this holiday and other major ones if you want to.

How Does The Car Dealerships Take Advantage Of The Holidays

You might have already noticed that most of the car dealerships are going to up their promotion game during the holidays. And this case is not only applicable for labor day but also the other major ones.

The reason behind ramping up the promotion is that most of the people are going to stay at home. 

And they will have a lot of time in terms of watching the television and going through the internet. When people are not busy, they might click on the ad and get hooked to it if they are looking for a new car.

Most of the major manufacturers will also provide special offers, rebates, and other things to help the dealers get through these days. 

And these special offers and promotions will bring in more customers. For that reason, most of the car dealerships have a motto, which is “We don’t close, but we doze.”

That motto is basically embedded into the mindset of the people working there. And even though they might not handle a lot of pressure in those holidays, they will have to show up and stay at their desk or position during these days.

In Which Days Car Dealerships Remain Closed?

As we have mentioned above, about 99.9 percent of the dealerships will remain open 24/7. That means you will be capable of getting a deal on most of the major holidays. 

However, there are a few red-letter holidays that are observed by the major dealerships. They are:

  • Easter
  • New Year Day
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving

In addition to that, all of the dealerships are going to have a customer hotline. So, even if you have a bit of confusion about whether the one you are planning to go to is closed or not, give them a call.

Why Is Labor Day Weekend Considered The Best Time To Buy A Car?

In case you were asking around for the best time to purchase a car, you might have heard most of the people recommending looking forward to the weekend of labor day. 

Well, what you have been hearing is absolutely true. That weekend is really the optimal time to get yourself a deal. But why?

First of all, like any of the other major holidays, there will be many promos. Vehicle manufacturers are going to provide special deals, promos, bundles, and discounts to the dealers. And the dealers are going to pass that right to the buyer.

Secondly, all dealers will usually struggle to meet the sale quota of the month before labor day. And because there is a promo going on, buyers will get attracted to the cars more. 

Also, as a new year is on the horizon, new vehicles will come in. So, the old ones got to go. That will make the dealers offer incredible discounts. 

And for these reasons, many of the deal hunters will wait for the labor day weekend to buy a car. You should do the same thing too.

Three Ways To Save More While Buying A Car

One thing is clear by now that the labor day is the prime time to get yourself a chunk of discount on cars. Whether it is an old model or a new one, you would get fantastic deals on all of them.

But there are some tips that can help you save more! Want to know about them? Well, then you need to go through this segment.

Compare the Financing Deals

It goes without saying that you need to compare the financing deals before buying a car. Go through the total amount, the interest, principal, and fees. 

Compare these with different dealers. If you do a good amount of digging, you are sure to stumble upon something that will let you save loads of cash.

Dig Around the Auto Loans

By now, you might know that applying for credit will generally make a slight reduction on the credit score. 

What does that mean? If you use it for multiple lenders, there will not be a massive hit on the credit score. You will also leave a good amount of time space in between the loans.

However, the interest fees are going to vary from one to another. One might offer loans at a significantly low-interest rate. And those are the ones that you would want to opt for. So, do a good amount of digging and try to find those dealers.

Do Not Opt for Prepayment Penalty Loans

Usually, a buyer needs to pay some extra fees to finish off the payment of the loan if they are ahead of schedule. 

To avoid paying this extra cash, opt for a plan that requires you to pay about 13 times in a whole year. Try to sort out the lowest payment plan, for example, $50 a month.

Should You Buy A Car On Labor Day? 

Absolutely! We have made it pretty clear that labor day weekend is the right time to get yourself a car. 

The deals, the promos, and the bundles are worth waiting for. So, even if labor day is pretty far from now, we would recommend holding onto your money and wait for that day to come.

Do All Of The Salesperson Show Up On A Labor Day?

As we said, we have spoken to a salesperson who has worked for years in a car dealership. And he said for most of the holidays, he had to show up. 

However, most of the time, there were not many customers around in the vicinity. So, the load or pressure was reasonably low.

Due to not having too many customers, many of the high position dealership workers did not show up during these holidays. But if they needed to be in the store, they would come right away.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you would not be able to find the right salesperson to help you on these holidays. 

The ones who will be working there should be friendly and well knowledged to help you throughout the process. Even the finance personnel are going to help you a lot on those days.

So, even if there are not that many salespeople in the store in these holidays, you should not miss the chance of getting an amazing deal. Go right into the store and grab yourself the car that you have been saving up for all this time!

Final Words

To recapitulate, the answer to: are car dealerships open on labor day is a yes. Most of them will remain open and will offer amazing deals. And it is considered to be the best time to get yourself a car. So, give them a call and hop right into the store!

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