Is Joe Rogan A Democrat Or Republican? 

Is Joe Rogan A Democrat Or Republican? 

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular comedians in America right now. Every household knows his name, and his fan base has grown to quite a substantial size as well in recent years. Especially after the start of his popular yet controversial podcast, “the Joe Rogan Experience,” he has seen a surge of new fans.

And indeed, there is great interest amongst his fans to know more about his personal life, including his political views. However, whether Joe Rogan is a democrat or a republic remains a mystery as his political allegiance is unknown to the general public.

Despite his not being vocal about this particular topic, we have tried to determine which party he is more inclined towards by reviewing his past activities and comments. Keep reading to find out!

Who Is Joe Rogan?

Otherwise known as Joe Rogan, Joseph James Rogan began his career as a comedian and a host on television. He also tried his luck at being an actor. Gradually, he began to explore new areas and found some success as the host of Fear Factor. However, what earned him the most significant victory was his stint at being a podcaster.

In 2009, Joe Rogan released the podcast titled “the Joe Rogan Experience,” which became a significant hit amongst fans. Although he was already famous, this show led him to ultimate stardom. He has been quite vocal on this show and has even discussed his views on several political topics.

However, what remains unknown is whether he is inclined towards a particular political party or not. He has even claimed that he does not have any ties with any political parties.

The Joe Rogan Experience

As mentioned earlier, what created a cult fandom of Joe Rogan was his podcast, titled “The Joe Rogan Experience.” 

According to Rolling Stone, his show can be described as a venture into the unknown despite being inside the known reality. What began as a frivolous idea with his buddy Brian Redban while smoking marijuana turned into something that would change his career. 

In the initial stages of the show, they mostly invited people within their known circles. But with time, the guest list began to expand and included diverse personalities, like Gerard Way, and activists who supported legalizing weed, former porn stars, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theory makers, and so on. Gerard Way and Joe Rogan are both very well-known figures in their respective fields, but these fields have very little overlap, and the Joe Rogan and Gerard Way connection is certainly something not to be missed.

Joe Rogan On Being A Democrat Or A Republican

The man himself has always tried to avoid being affiliated with any particular party. He has steered clear of this area and claimed that his views are an amalgamation of beliefs put together from the basic principles of both parties when it comes to politics. 

While he has borrowed and supported some liberal concepts and ideas from time to time, he has also taken a stand for a few conservative beliefs when he found those to be aligned with his principles. He is, in fact, famously known to say that he does not care what party one might support.

He firmly believes that one might not agree with every single action of another individual or group. Therefore, he calls himself a hybrid that takes the best of both worlds. He even called himself somewhat of an Independent.

Political Comments Made By Joe Rogan

Although he might avoid showing himself in the public eye as an avid supporter of any particular party, he has made some statements previously which can shed some light on what his political views might be.

For example, he stated to Jimmy Dore, another famous comedian, that he does not fall within the right-wing, but his beliefs are entirely liberal. The most conspicuous comment hinting towards his political inclination was how he has consistently voted for the Democrats or the Independents.

During another instance, he expressed his faith in the military and the second amendment. Despite this, he has also stated that certain principles are followed by the right-wing, which he appreciates. However, he strictly puts a break to supporting them in complex issues like women’s and LGBTQ rights.

His Controversial Stance On Vaccines

Despite Joe Rogan claiming himself to be a Liberal, he recently came under fire regarding his vaccination stance. He has always been a fan favorite but received a considerable deal of public outrage when he made a controversial comment regarding getting the Covid-19 vaccine shots. 

During his podcast, he stated that older people with weak immunity and co-morbidities should take the vaccine. And even his parents had taken the shot. However, things went downhill when he opined that if a 21-year-old asks him whether he should get vaccinated, his answer would be negative.

This led to social media backlash as, according to the CDC, it is entirely safe for Americans over the age of 16 to get vaccinated. And they have also encouraged people to get the shots to help the country achieve herd immunity. At a time like this, Rogan’s comment seemed to be untimely.

After this fiasco, many netizens demanded Spotify, who had signed a 100 million dollar deal with the man to air his podcast, to cancel the show. Despite such protests, Spotify declined their request and stated that his comment does not fall within their vaccine misinformation guideline.

His Opinion About Donald Trump

In the past, Joe Rogan seemed to definitely not be a fan or supporter of the Republican Politician Donald Trump. But things changed when he stated that he might choose to vote for this man in the November 2020 Presidential Elections. 

This became clear when he showed his dislike towards the Democrat candidate and the now President Joe Biden by indicating how he considers him to be incapable of handling things on his own. 

He felt that he lead with the support of his cabinet and not on his own merit. He also did not seem to be a big fan of Biden’s communication skills.

During his interview with his guest Eric Weinstein, he stated that most of the past presidents seemed to age as soon as they took on power due to the overwhelming pressure that comes with the responsibility. 

But Donald Trump seemed to have handled it exceptionally well, making him want to vote for this man.

His Support Towards Bernie Sanders

Despite wanting to vote for the Republican candidate in the 2020 elections, Joe Rogan has always been a clear fan of the senator having an Independent political affiliation, Bernie Sanders. On several past occasions, he expressed his liking towards Bernie Sanders.

He also felt that the man has always been consistent with his opinions and actions, making him a solid personality. Bernie Sanders, too, was aware of his admiration and thanked him for his support via Twitter.

Past Instances Indicating His Political Allegiance

Joe Rogan has always been a straightforward man who does not talk in circles. And his actions seem to match his claims of not being a blind supporter of any political party. As a matter of fact, he has held deep discussions on both the political parties discussing their areas of strength and weaknesses.

He seems to believe in giving a floor to speak to all sorts of people, even those whose opinions might be controversial or disliked by the public. For instance, he invited the controversial conservative personality Alex Jones, on his show, which clearly indicated how he wants to hear the opinion of people with diverse political backgrounds.


In summary, we can say that the man has, in fact, proven through his actions that he is not a strict follower of either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Although, at times, he might have shown support towards certain principles held by either of the parties, his own stance has mostly been hybrid.

He has in fact, proven himself to be an Independent by showing his support towards the noted Politian Bernie Sanders. His confidence to clearly state his views without the fear of judgment seems to have contributed to his huge popularity. 

Although he has faced a few hiccups and bumps on the way, he is a favorite with people of different political backgrounds due to his open-mindedness of exploring different kinds of political opinions.

So, in short, the answer to the question, “Is Joe Rogan a democrat or republic?” is “neither”, and his views are rather mixed instead of being inclined towards the right or the left-wing.

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