What Is The Difference Between Chidori And Lightning Blade?

What Is The Difference Between Chidori And Lightning Blade?

What makes the anime Naruto stand out the most is the attention to detail that the producers have put into it. 

We have been binge-watching it since we found out about the series. And ever since, we were nothing but amazed by the fighting scenes.

Talking of fighting scenes and attention to detail, we found out that Kakashi Hatake and Sasuke Uchiha use two types of blades. 

One is named Chidori, while the other is referred to as a lighting blade. And we were wondering if there is a difference between Chidori and Lighting blade.

That is where we decided to do a ton of research. We went through the words of the old fans and even some of the people that were connected to the producers. 

And after that, we finally knew the difference between the two, which is what we will discuss in this article. So, keep on reading!

The Difference Between Lightning Blade And Chidori

Before we get deeper into the topic, we would like to clarify one thing first: the lightning blade is also referred to as Raikiri or Lightning Cutter. So, if you see fans and us using these terms, they mean one thing: the lightning blade.

Lightning Blade

So, what exactly is a lightning blade? Well, you will see it being used by Kakashi Hatake in the show Naruto. It is an enhanced process of creating blades that usually have the same drawbacks and effects as others.

But what is it named after? According to our research, it achieves its name when Kakashi split a lightning bolt. 

However, it is not that easy to control. You might have already noticed that Kakashi uses different maneuvers to handle it properly. Well, that is imperative, considering the aggressive appearance it has.

Additionally, the color of the Raikiri is generally blue. In fact, the color is exceptionally bright. 

Also, while most of the other blades will have a blurry appearance, this one will be more focused, and you will be able to notice the lightning bolts that surround it.


The first and original technique of Hatake is the Chidori. While Hatake mostly uses it, you will notice many of the other characters using it as well. 

However, the creation process is going to be the same. The technique involves a tremendous amount of lightning chakra, and all of those flashes of lightning are pretty visible.

On that note, the amount of chakra will be exceptionally high. Also, in literal meaning, Chidori means a thousand birds. 

That is precisely why it produces a sound that will be reminiscent of numerous birds chirping simultaneously. Yes, the sound that you hear in the show are birds!

Once the entire process is complete, the user will generally charge forward, which is essential. Without the thrust and the process of charging right into the target, this blade will not be that powerful. 

And it has the capability of doing a fatal amount of damage to the target.

Because of the speed at which it is usually used, the technique belongs to the assassination category. 

Now, you might think that the loud noise goes against it, right? The sound that we hear in the show will not make any difference because the user is charging quickly. 


If you have paid close attention to the show, you might have noticed that to produce a Raikiri, three-hand signs are required. This requirement makes the creation process pretty simple.

On the other hand, the Chidori requires the user to perform nine different hand signs, while the Raikiri requires only three. So, it is not a process that a newbie would be able to carry out.

In contrast, the process of controlling Chidori is not that challenging either. Usually, the users can handle it relatively quickly. 

But the Raikiri will require a good amount of skills. It is not that easy to maneuver, and the user will need to use different maneuvering techniques to use it properly.

Additionally, Chidori has an ‘A’ rank in Jutsu. In comparison, the lightning blade is in tier S. 

The reason behind the Raikiri being a class up is the using process. The challenging maneuvering process makes the blade get a higher overall ranking in the blade classes.

Is Chidori More Powerful Than Lightning Blade?

As mentioned above, the Chidori is in the A tier, while the Raikiri is in the S tier. Even though the tier difference is basically for the handling difficulty, there is much more to it. 

The damage that the lightning blade deals with is comparatively more significant than the Chidori. 

That means Raikiri will win in a fight where the opponent is using Chidori, right? Not really! It will depend on the process of handling. As Raikiri is not that easy to handle, it will be challenging to achieve its full potential in terms of damage.

On the other hand, Chidori is comparatively easier to handle. And it is certainly possible to obliterate the target with it. So, a user using Raikiri will not always win against a fighter using Chidori.

You can notice the power of the blades if you take a closer look at them. The Chidori will have an appearance of a chakra having lightning around it. 

But the Raikiri will always have an intense amount of lightning. And that fierce amount of lightning is what makes it achieve so much power.

In a nutshell, the Raikiri is more potent than the Chidori. But it is not that easy to handle. 

So, a user will only do more significant damage if they can maneuver the blade properly. But the Chidori does not require that much challenging maneuvering, so it achieves an A tier in the classification.

Is Lightning Cutter And Chidori The Same Thing?

Fans will call the Chidori a Lightning cutter. The reason behind this naming is the process it requires for the creation. 

You will notice that the user will split a bolt of lightning to create this blade. And that splitting process is why it exactly achieved this naming.

The History Of Chidori And Lightning Blade

So, now that you know the difference between the Chidori and Raikiri, you must be interested in learning about the origin, right? Well, we got you covered in that regard as well.

The story of the blades is generally based on the story of a famous Japanese samurai. He is no one but Tachibana Dosetsu. In his childhood days, once, he was sitting under a tree. It was pouring rain, and there was too much lightning going around.

While taking shelter, a lightning bolt came right to him. But he was capable enough to handle the situation. 

But how did he do it? Well, he used the same technique we see in the show. He split the thunder in half, which made the lightning disperse around him.

Using the same process, he could maneuver the lightning and create powerful blades that can do a ton of damage. 

But while splitting the lightning, he used a Chidori blade. And after the incident, he gave the blade a new name. And that is precisely where the Raikiri term came from. 

Do Chidori And Raikiri Use The Same Hand Signs?

Yes, both the Chidori and Raikiri use the same hand signs. The signs start from OX to Rabbit and end right at Monkey. 

However, there is a noticeable difference between the process. The Chidori is going to use nine hand signs. That makes it a bit time-consuming process. But it is easier to control.

On the other hand, the Raikiri will require the user to maneuver a three-hand movement. 

That makes it easier to produce. But it is not that easy to control. To deal with more significant damage, the user has to handle it properly, and it can sometimes get quite challenging to drive it properly.

Which Blades Does Kakashi Use?

Throughout the entire series, Kakashi will use both the Raikiri and Chidori. It is not only prevalent in the anime series but in the manga as well. 

The first time he uses one of these two is during his training. And the great part is that he was able to produce a lightning blade just out of curiosity.

That being said, the first time that Naruto uses the Chidori is during his training as well. But it was seen that Naruto only has one of these blades during the exercise, but Kakashi manipulates the Chidori and converts it right into a lightning blade.

Final Words

To conclude, there is undoubtedly a difference between chidori and lightning blade. In fact, there are many. 

The Chidori is easier to control but not that easy to produce. And the lightning blade is capable of dealing tons of damage but not that easy to create.

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