Is Nick Fury Black Or White? – Fury’s Story

 Is Nick Fury Black Or White? – Fury’s Story

For the longest time, comic stories have been fascinating to both kids and adults. These stories are mostly seen through comic books, animations, and movies on TVs.

The two most known comics are from D.C. Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two companies share many interests, and it is a common phenomenon to see them create characters that resemble each other.

Marvel created a security-based and espionage organization whose primary function is to protect and defend the planet and people from all forms of threats. Nick Fury was promoted to a leading agent in the organization.

Is Nick Fury black or white?

Yes, Nick Fury is an African American born in Huntsville, Alabama. The original Nick Fury was a Caucasian for decades. Mark Millar, the comic book writer, was responsible for changing Nick Fury’s character to black to look like Samuel L. Jackson

A Caucasian man first portrayed the role of Nick Fury by the name David Hasselhoff. Nick Fury has grown to become a famous character and is considered an anti-hero.

Nick Fury’s Life In The MCU History

Nicholas Joseph, alias Nick Fury is a founder of the Avengers, spy, and a former S.H.I.E.L.D director. 

In 1960, Nick Fury joined the United States Army and rose to become a Colonel before being honorably discharged.

During the Cold War, he became a CIA operative in the Soviet territory. Fury later joined S.H.I.E.L.D to fight against enemies on earth or across the universe.

Fury’s injury was caused by a Goose which scratched him after breaching her space. The scratch blinded Nick’s left eye permanently. 

He kept the reason for the injury private, and he was later promoted to Director in the same organization.

Following his encounters with Skrulls and Kree, Nick Fury focused his efforts for the next 15 years to build a team that would help S.H.I.E.L.D. The team would be called Avengers and would be made of powerful individuals.

The World Security Council was reluctant to the idea of forming a team of superheroes. Eventually, the Council allowed Nick to carry out his initiative. He managed to recruit Captain America and Iron Man.

Loki invaded the earth, and Fury was forced to call the Avengers into action. The hunt for Loki, who brainwashed the army and stole the Tesseract, began when the Avengers gathered with Fury leading them. 

The Avengers finally won and retrieved the Tesseract. Captain America, after the victory, was recruited as a field agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick, at this point, was working on a new project called Project Insight. 

The new project was a means of accurately predicting the threats. Fury, after a while, noticed that there was a problem with Project Insight. The discovery by Fury made him a target for the Winter Soldier, who was a lethal assassin at this point. 

Nick was forced to fake his death and go into hiding with only a few people knowing of his existence. He continued protecting the earth while hiding.

In 2018, Fury was a victim of Snap and died, but before his death, he managed to send a distress signal to Captain Marvel. 5 years later, Hulk, with the help of Captain Marvel, resurrected Nick Fury.

Why The Character “Nick Fury” Was Changed From White To Black

In 2002, Bryan Hitch and Mark Millar created Marvel’s reimagined version of Avengers and called it Ultimates. Mark and Bryan decided to base their new version of Nick Fury on Samuel L. Jackson. 

Initially, Nick Fury from the main Marvel Comics Universe was Caucasian. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Nick Fury is an African American born in Huntsville, Alabama. 

The original Nick Fury was remitted to forever watch the events on earth unfold as a punishment. 

He was to do this from his new home on the moon for killing Uatu, Earth’s assigned Watcher. The original Nick Fury is the father of Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury.

Abilities Of Nick Fury

Nick Fury is a fan favorite just like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Batman, and the Joker for the same reasons they are popular. 

They are humans with no abilities, but they can thrive and dominate people with supernatural powers. Let’s look at what Nick Fury has up his sleeve;

1. Active and physical

In the main Marvel Comics Universe, Nick Fury did not use the Infinity Formula for enhancements. 

Later, it was revealed that Fury was part of an experiment of the Super Soldier Program during World War II.

The Super-Soldier serum gave Nick Fury agility, reduced his aging and low-level superhuman strength. The serum makes Nick go on being energetic despite his age.

2. Cybernetic arms

Nick Fury replaced his original biological hand with this arm. The artificial arm gives him more power than the original arms. 

The maximum potential of this arm has not yet been disclosed, but it packs a punch that could stop most entities in their tracks.

3. Gifted field leader, strategist, and exceptional in combat

Nick Fury formed the Avengers and devised a plan to take down Loki, who had stolen the Tesseract. 

Despite Loki being the god of mischief, Fury still manages to lead the Avengers into a victory that saved the planet.

In his earlier appearances in the main Marvel Comics Universe, Fury operated with technologies ahead of that time. In the Ultimates, Nick prefers to use conventional firearms.

Nick Fury Most Trusted Allies

Like Batman or any other covert operations leader, Fury has a lot of trust issues. Eventually, no man is an island, and even Fury has to put his trust in some people, and here are his closest allies;

1. Captain Marvel

Nick Fury’s secret weapon was Captain Marvel. His use of this hero made it possible for earth’s heroes to win against Thanos in the Avengers End game and save the whole universe.  

She helped Fury figure out the plot against the Skrulls while also inspiring the Avengers Initiative. Nick saw her as his ultimate trump card.

2. Iron Man

Nick Fury first approached Tony, who then prevented Abomination from being part of the Avengers Initiative. 

Iron man saved the company (S.H.I.E.L.D) from invasion by diverting the nuke away from New York and onto Loki’s forces. 

The move by Iron Man put an end to Loki’s forces. Tony was the man who brought together the Avengers in the Age of Ultron. Nick Fury attended Tony’s funeral as a sign of respect.

3. Captain America

Nick Fury acknowledged Captain America’s role as an agent in Winter Soldier as loyalty. He also was the leader of the Avengers, which was in line with Fury’s vision.

Cap is one of the most honorable members of the Avenger’s team. This is seen when he can wield Thor’s hammer, which can only be wielded by worthy ones.

4. Talos

Fury used Talos to impersonate him while bringing the E.D.I.T.H. glass to Spider-Man. Talos’ ability to disguise himself as anyone can be Fury’s most valuable ally in the future.

5. Phil Coulson

Nick Fury named Phil, head of the organization (S.H.I.E.L.D), when he had faked his death. Coulson sent the Heli-carrier that Fury used in the Age of Ultron to evacuate people from Sokovia. 

He was the bridge Nick needed to connect with three Avengers. Nick Fury brings Phil Coulson back to life when he is killed by Loki, which shows that Nick knows his worth.

6. Black-Widow

Fury sent black Widow to infiltrate Tony Stark’s company which she did successfully. She took down Alexander Pearce during the Winter Soldier making her Nick’s best all-around subordinate.

7. Hawkeye and Spiderman

Hawkeye was a valuable part of Nick’s team and had been a top-level S.H.I.E.L.D field agent. Fury handed Hawkeye some missions, which he accomplished.

Fury was made aware that Spider-Man was Peter Parker and was tasked to deliver the E.D.I.T.H. glasses to him. 

He, however, decided to go for a vacation and tasked Soren and Talos to impersonate Maria Hill and him respectively to deliver the glasses on earth to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man’s durability and agility make him one of Nick’s best options. Peter Parker is, however, reluctant to be involved in any of Nick’s plans, which makes him an unreliable ally.

8. Thor

He is the god of thunder who was the one to kill Thanos. Thor’s relationship with Nick Fury has been rough as they clashed over Asgard’s interference on earth. Fury could not use any of Asgard’s resources even though Thor was part of the Avengers.

Nick’s and Thor association ended immediately after the Age of Ultron.

9. Maria Hill

She is a competent agent, having completed S.H.I.E.L.D. Training. Maria was the one who knew that Nick Fury was still alive in Captain America. 

Hill gave her consent to be impersonated by Soren to deliver the E.D.I.T.H. glass to Spider-Man. She is Fury’s right-hand figure.


Yes, Nick Fury is black. In the Ultimate Avengers, he is made to look like Samuel L. Jackson after its creators reimagined the whole character. 

Initially, he was Caucasian, but the writer changed him to be black. Nick Fury faked his demise after discovering some problems with Project Insight making him a target of Winter Soldier. 

Maria Hill was the only person who knew that he was still alive. Fury was one of the victims of Snap and was brought to life by Hulk. S.H.I.E.L.D assists various groups like the Avengers to perform their missions around the globe.

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