An argumentative essay is one of the most interesting yet challenging types of essays out there. If you are a student, you will inevitably be required to write this kind of essay at some point. Is writing not your cup of tea? Read the tips below to master writing argumentative essays.

Research for Background and Context

Jumping directly into the writing process is a hard no! Many writers make this mistake and end up back at the drawing board after putting in a great amount of effort and time. One of the ways to ace an argumentative essay is by doing your homework first.

Take out time for a thorough research session where you can learn the background and context of the essay. Oftentimes, you will not get the freedom to choose your own topic for this argumentative essay. It enhances the chances of you not being fairly familiar with it. On top of that, an argumentative essay requires you to incorporate both sides of the argument, which needs a clear understanding and adequate material to work with. 

Hop on the internet and find different websites containing valuable information for your essay. Make sure these sources are credible and authentic. You can also bookmark these sites so that after you are done writing, you can easily go back and add in-text citations as well as bibliographical references.

Finding essays on the particular topic you are assigned is a good way to get an idea of how to write your version. However, if you already have a lot on your plate or feel overwhelmed with this kind of high-involvement assignment, feel free to delegate. Find a professional writing service who can write my essay and consider your work handled. 

Make A Structure and Outline

How to start an argumentative essay? Outline. Consider this outline the backbone of your essay. A well-designed outline will help you in deciding suitable headings that you need to incorporate in your essay. This way, you will have a clear direction to work in.

While writing, you will utilize this outline to ensure every point that you establish is aligned with the original plan and doesn’t lose cohesiveness. You can also use this outline to help you with the research. After deciding on the tentative headings, categorize the newfound information and jot down which main ideas that you intend to cover under each of them. It will prevent you from missing out on any significant details.

This is where you should think about different strategies to utilize and to set the mood of your essay. Make your essay interesting by:

  • Using a hint of humor
  • Present surprising facts
  • Making your essay interactive

Your argumentative essay structure should include a concise yet informative and gripping introduction. This should be followed by body paragraphs. Now, in an argumentative essay, you can choose either of the two approaches. In the first one, you explain one side of the stance, finish it and then move to the other stance. The second approach can be where you can go over each point for both stances simultaneously. Finally, end your masterpiece with an impactful conclusion. 

Give an Example of Your Evidence & Explanation

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This step is the most important one while writing your argumentative essays. The arguments that you are going to make in the body paragraphs need to be supported by pieces of strong evidence. It means you should be able to clearly show the audience that what you have written is not made up.

Rather, it is proven by previous research. With any quotation used, a statistic mentioned, or claim made, always include an in-text citation. It should be matched with a corresponding entry in the references. It will enable your audience to locate the information you have used and make your work more credible.

While writing an argumentative essay and using different websites and journals to find relevant supporting information, ensure that they are authentic and extracted from credible sources. Show how the claims have been proven in real life and their significance in your essay. 

Summarize Your Essay in A Convincing Conclusion

The last step in an argumentative essay format is to conclude it. While doing so, your aim should be to reinforce the main idea of your work. Avoid introducing any new pieces of evidence in this section. It will also be helpful if you do not prolong this part so that the impact it is intended to leave on the readers does not get lost. Touch on all the main points introduced in the essay, and you can wind the essay up by including recommendations or call-to-action for the readers. Write this paragraph in such a way that it is remembered long after being read. 

Ask Someone to Review Your Essay

It should not be embarrassing to accept that you will always have a bias when evaluating yourself. It is normal to oversee your own mistakes, but here it can become a problem. You do not want to compromise on the quality of your essay in any way.

Hence using a fresh pair of eyes is always a great idea for reviewing your argumentative essay. It will enable you to identify potential problems that you missed the first time around and even receive new ideas to improve your draft. Whom can you ask, you might be wondering?

A trustworthy friend can be a good idea. However, ensure that the friend you plan on asking is qualified or skilled in this department himself. There is no point in asking somebody else to go over your work if they lack the art of writing or have poor grammar.

A teacher can be a great helper here. If your teacher is cooperative, asking them about your final draft can prove to be very beneficial. You will be getting direct feedback from the party that is going to be checking your work. You will get a clear idea of what is required from you.

If you do not have this option, turning towards an online trustworthy writing service can be just as effective. Pick a reliable service and submit your essay to a professional. They have the expertise and tools to evaluate the correctness and quality of your essay.

If you incorporate all of the tips explained above in your preparation and writing process, you have already learned how to write an argument essay. Remember, there is no shortcut to perfection. Keep practicing to polish your writing skills so that you can tackle any kind of essay that gets assigned to you in the future. 

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