How to Increase Your Sales and Lead Generation Through Flyer Distribution in Chicago?

How to Increase Your Sales and Lead Generation Through Flyer Distribution in Chicago?

The use of the internet is on the rise, and every business in Chicago relies on it. However, offline marketing strategies like flyer distribution service Chicago can also effectively boost sales. 

Here is a scenario: Suppose you own a grocery store in Buffalo Grove and offer massive discounts in a week. You have put it up on the website, but you also print out flyers since it is short notice. 

You arrange the flyers to be placed at the local library, park entrance, and salon. So, customers who walk into those stores can now learn about your offers. Ultimately, you can boost sales as you reach the people that haven’t visited your website. 

Reasons to Use Flyers

Even in this digital age, flyers are effective because they are:

Inexpensive: They don’t need a huge budget.

Creative: There aren’t many limitations to the designs. 

Instant: Flyers generate leads as soon as they go out.

Accurate: With prior analysis, it is possible to target the right audience.

Intangible: Flyers are physical, meaning recipients don’t immediately send them to trash like they do with emails.

Nostalgic: Foodies love Chicago’s iconic cuisine, like the deep-dish pizza that takes you back to your childhood. Likewise, flyers remind you of the good old days when times were much simpler. It is also why people fondly remember the smell of books, even if they own e-readers.

Ways to Create an Effective Flyer Design

While the potential for flyers as an efficient marketing tool is high, improper designs can ruin the purpose. Also, developing one that fits your needs is not the goal. Instead, the flyer distribution service in Chicago is an exciting beginning that leads to more conversions. 

So, to do a remarkable job on the flyer, here are the things to consider.

Clear and Legible Templates

The primary reason you print flyers is to get people to know about your business. So, it is understandable that you want to add important information. However, making them cluttered defeats your efforts to achieve the desired outcome.

If flyers overflow with content, it confuses the reader and may even discourage them from looking. If there is no clarity of the content and what you wish to convey, your creations may end up in the garbage soon.

Avoid the following in flyers.

  • Large images
  • Illegible fonts
  • Too many colors
  • Lengthy captions

Multipurpose Flyers

You may have stores in several locations in Chicago, say – Andersonville, Wicker Park, and Noble Square. But the current offer is only for one branch. In a few days, the same may be available at other shops. 

So, you can repurpose the same template and content with different information. Such tactics are quite popular with fast food joints and takeaways. You can save money and time by switching the address, promotional offers, and dates. 

Simple Calls to Action

The sales pitch should definitely include one main call to action to draw the crowd. If you are a retailer having a clearance sale or limited-time discount, highlight that information. Don’t come up with a bland statement, but it should be catchy and short.

Instead of “Call now to learn our offers,” use “Call 123-xxx-4567 before September 25 to get 45% off!” The latter clears up any ambiguity and mentions the end date for the offer. Also, numbers, more than words, catch more eyeballs. 

Focus on the Benefits 

The world has become highly competitive, and chances are, there is someone else doing whatever you do. Your job in making a flyer is to show how you are different from your competitor. That doesn’t mean you should go on about your specialties or how you make things. But convey the benefits your customers have when they choose. 

Consider bigger fonts for the benefits and captions than for your brand name. For example, you own a confectioner’s shop in Gage Park. Choosing “Creamy Desserts for Dreamy Nights” can be catchier than “Marie’s Bakery, the Best in Gage Park.”

This way, your promotional content will tell them what they can have, why, and when. As you can see, a lot of thought goes into making and distributing flyers. Hiring a professional service can help create a suitable flyer and increase sales for your business.

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