Check Out These Tips On How To Make A Flagpole Christmas Tree

Check Out These Tips On How To Make A Flagpole Christmas Tree

Are you tired of seeing the evergreen conifer Christmas tree, and thinking of transforming your outdoor space into a magical Christmas wonderland? Perhaps you want to set up a unique Christmas tree decor—beautiful yet far from the norm.

If this fits the profile of what you want, then the Flagpole Christmas tree is worth considering. And what’s more, you don’t have to break the bank to create one. 

With your PVC pipe, mini Christmas light strands, scrap iron, and electrical tape, you can create the most attractive flagpole Christmas tree in your neighborhood. And remember, this tree can be as high as 20 feet or more. 

Now, let’s discuss how you can create your flagpole Christmas tree out of nothing. 

How To Make A Flagpole Christmas Tree

Follow the first five steps below to create a frame.

Step #1:

Make a 3-inch-diameter loop out of a metal coat hanger.  Each of your light strings will pass through this loop. Wound the loop to the top of the pole to make it stand erect.

Step #2:

Drill a deep hole into the ground, the spot where you want to install the Christmas tree pole. This hole should be about one foot wide and 18 inches deep. 

Step #3:

Fix a wood, metal, or a galvanized pole inside the drilled hole. Pour mixed cement into the hole and around it to ensure the bar is firmly erect. Allow the cement to dry completely before proceeding with the setup.

Step #4:

Place the flexible PVC pipe close to the pole on the ground. Curve the pipe into a loop around the pole and use the PVC pipe connector to connect it to itself. 

Step #5:

You can fasten your PVC pipe ring to the ground by hammering U-shaped metal anchors over the PVC pipe ring, securing it to the floor.

Now, it’s time to fix your dazzling string lights. The length of each string you have will determine the number of light strings you’ll use. Sometimes, the string length also depends on the type of brand you bought. Next, you can follow steps 6 to 10 to fix your mini-lights. 

Step #6:

Apply a cable tie to the plug tip of the first string of mini-lights and secure it to the PVC pipe ring.

Step #7:

Now, use a ladder to insert the opposite end of the light string. Fix this tip through the loop at the top of your pole. Then use a cable tie to fasten this end of the light string to the PVC pipe on the other side of the pole.

Step #8:

Tie the connection with electrical tape and attach the second string of lights into the first. Extend the string lights for almost six inches along the base of the PVC pipe. Then, fasten the light with another cable tie.

Step #9:

Repeat the procedure of threading your mini-lights through the topmost loop. Keep attaching them to the opposite side. Cover the end of your third string of mini-lights with electrical tape, and don’t plug any extra strings into it. You can start attaching other lights from the base. 

Step #10:

Wrap the connections with electrical tape after plugging the lights into extension cords. Plug the extension cords into your socket to switch the lights on.

How To Determine The Perfect Flagpole Christmas Tree Height 

You’ll need to measure the area to determine what Christmas tree height is best for your home. This measurement involves getting the height of the flagpole and the amount of space available on the floor.

Below are the steps to take for accurate measurement. 

Step #1:

Gather your measuring tools.

Tools such as measuring tape, a step ladder, a pen, and a sheet of paper are needed.  

Step #2:

Measure the height of your flagpole.

It would be best if you used the step ladder to get the flagpole measurement then, minus 6 inches to get the maximum Christmas tree height.

Step #3:

Determine the overall width and length of the flagpole’s exhibition area.

Measure the width of the space surrounding the flagpole, where you want to erect the tree. Then, subtract approximately a foot from this figure. Likewise, measure the length of this area and subtract a foot from this value.

Step #4:

Determine the total square footage of the available space.

You can calculate the total square footage available for your tree by multiplying the width by the length of the floor space. The value you get will be your tree’s maximum diameter. 

Finally, it would be best to consider the height of your tree toppers when calculating the height of your flagpole Christmas tree. 

Types Of Toppers For Flagpole Christmas Tree

A lovely tree topper will complete your flagpole Christmas tree decor. You can select from so many options that match your favorite theme or style. 

Tree toppers come in various shapes, but the most popular are stars, figurines, and bouquets.

Christmas tree toppers are available in other shapes like finials, starbursts, and snowflakes. You can also use your homemade ribbons or bows as light decor on your flagpole tree.

Star tree toppers are available in various styles, ranging from simple five-point designs to sophisticated three-dimensional Moravian types. 

If you want additional sparkle, go for a design with bling, pearls, or sequined tree topper to match your Christmas tree lights.

Figurines toppers:

These toppers are also known as angel tree toppers. The angel tree topper is an all-time choice for the traditional Christmas outlook. 

To give your flagpole Christmas tree a fanciful look, you can use seasonal figurines like Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman.

Bouquet Tree toppers:

These toppers come with a variety of flower petals, twigs, and berries. These one-of-a-kind Christmas tree toppers are perfect for both classic and new decorations.

Tips to Make The Right Topper Choice For You Flagpole Christmas Tree

You can consider the detailed tips below to choose the best Christmas tree topper for your flagpole. 

The shape of the tree:

Check that your Christmas tree topper matches the style and symmetry of your tree when making your selection. 

A full-shaped Christmas tree looks fantastic with a star or angel tree topper, while a narrow or slim tree looks excellent with an elongated tree topper.

The weight of the topper:

Lightweight Christmas tree toppers made of paper, fabric, plastic, or fiber composite are perfect for most trees.

You can use fastening tools such as zip ties to secure your tree topper. If not adequately supported, heavier toppers, such as ones made of glass, can drop. 

Your choice theme for decor:

The Christmas tree topper is the highlight of your flagpole tree and it should fit your entire decorating theme. You can use a star or angel tree topper in red, green, or gold for a timeless look.

If you’ve got a casual taste, you can use bouquets or bow toppers for a calm yet stunning outlook. 

Safety Rules To Making A Flagpole Christmas Tree

You should be concerned about potential safety hazards before you set up your flagpole Christmas tree, you can take precaution to avoid mishaps.

Rule 1:

Prioritize your safety. 

You should pin down the electricity lines with a stake. Then, use electric tape to tie the electrical connections together. Remember to place the lighting lines out of the way of regular traffic.

Rule 2:

Use a solid stepladder to get to the top of the flagpole Christmas tree.

Rule 3:

Seek the assistance of a friend or family member to keep the tree’s body steady while you fasten the tree topper into place.

Rule 4:

Consider the weight of the toppers before fastening them to the tree, including the tools you need to fix them.

Rule 5:

Keep delicate items out of reach of children. Decors such as glass or crystal toppers can cause injury when they fall and shatter.

Rule 6: 

Make sure the cables and plugs on pre-lit tree toppers are working perfectly. Finally, always inspect the connections for loose wires and broken bulbs before plugging them into a socket.

When Should You Put Up Your Flagpole Christmas Tree?

The day after Thanksgiving is the best day to put up your flagpole Christmas tree. For Americans, this date may fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving, at the end of November.

For many individuals, December 1 is the date when it is socially acceptable to put up your Christmas tree; any date before that is considered too early. 

When Should You Take Down Your Flagpole Christmas Tree?

Some individuals will take down the toppers and put them back in the box on Boxing Day, while others may wait until January 1 to do so. 

In all, the most common tradition surrounding the removal of the Christmas tree is to wait 12 days after Christmas, which falls on January 5. 


It’s time to start planning your holiday decor for this year’s festivities, which includes, of course, your flagpole Christmas tree. Creating a flagpole Christmas tree is an opportunity to infuse your unique style into every detail. 

In addition, using dazzling toppers will give you one of the most stunning outlooks ever. This yuletide is a perfect time to dazzle your neighbors with your flagpole lights. 

With your beautiful flagpole Christmas tree, you’re sure to have a stunning Christmas and definitely, a holiday to remember.

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