Are Skechers Good Shoes For Running? Find Out Now!

Are Skechers Good Shoes For Running? Find Out Now!

For people who enjoy going out for a run, it is vital to make an informed decision when choosing the shoe. The technology and innovation in modern running shoes can significantly enhance your experience.

As of today, the shoe manufacturer Skechers has stirred up quite the commotion in the market. Combining sporty styles and colorways and paying close attention to comfort have made them one of the top favorites. 

So, are skechers good shoes for running?” This article will give you the answer. Below, we have highlighted a few reasons why you should choose Skechers as your running companion.


Since its inception in 1992, Skechers has been making great strides in the footwear industry. What makes them so desirable is their ability to cater to a wide range of demographics. Whether you’re tight on your budget or want something luxurious, they have it all.

Focused solely on enhancing people’s fitting and running experience, they have put all their efforts into innovation. One of their most successful formulas was their soft memory foams. 

They hit the ball out of the park with this. Not only does the foam reduce pressure on your footbed, but it also takes the shape of your foot to provide a customized fit.

Based in California, they have multiple factories across the globe with a higher concentration near Vietnam and China. The brand is very watchful of the raw material quality going into the shoes. Investing in multiple layers of quality control, they make sure that you receive the best quality shoes.

Why Should You Choose Skechers For Running?

Let’s get to know its main features to find out if you should spend money on it.

Memory Foam Technology

One of their top innovations was introducing memory foams instead of the usual running shoe sole. That was a game-changer when people realized the added benefits of having an ultra-soft sole.

In essence, memory foam technology is a formula to produce a soft foam that takes the object’s shape when it applies pressure on the foam downwards. In simple words, once your legs press down on the foam, it takes the shape of the base of your foot. Upon lifting, the sole retains this shape to provide a more customized fit.

In addition, the more you wear the shoe, the better it remembers your foot shape. This provides excellent advantages over years of use as it can reduce the pressure your legs put on your ankles. While the molding properties of the foam are amazing on their own, the foam is also much softer than your average running shoe.

Wide Range of Customized Fittings

A common problem most people face with buying shoes is the fitting all around the foot. It is a recurring issue that occurs quite often where a shoe your size might feel tight or loose. At Skechers, they have further broken down their sizing options to give you another layer of fittings.

Let’s say you have wide feet and are looking for shoes that have a snug fit. In that case, the classic fit should be just right for you. The classic fit comes in two width options, ‘B’ and ‘D,’ to cater to both the foot shapes of men and women. 

While the rule of thumb in sizing is that feet tend to be wider as they grow in length, Skechers offers a custom width sizing to accommodate all foot shapes. That is just one of many options they have ready for you.

Another top seller they have in terms of fits and sizings are their relaxed fit running shoes.  It is slightly different from the classic fit as it gives your toes a little more space to breathe. 

While the fit remains the same near the heel, the width is larger than the classic fit, labeled ‘E’ and ‘C’ for men and women, respectively. If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry because they have extra-wide fit options too!

All this talk about fit might have you confused, but don’t be too worried. Go into your nearest Skechers outlet and pick out your usual size. 

The way the shoes are designed, you might find yourself having some extra room around the sides; in that case, try on one size smaller than what you usually buy. If that doesn’t cut it, ask for other fits that they might have available.

Best Options To Check Out

The whole process of trying on and finding a pair of Skechers that suits you is fun and all. However, if you’re short on time, this list of best sellers might give you an idea of what to look for.

Skechers GoRun Ride 8 Flow

If Skechers had a flagship, then this would be it; the GoRun is a fan favorite globally. Not only is it affordable for a wide range of people, but it also has been one of the most recurring models.

This shoe features a carbonated EVA foam known as the Hyperburst, which is very lightweight. The reduction in weight takes off a considerable amount of weight from the entire shoe. That makes it easy to run in as your steps are lighter, and you can cover more miles without being fatigued easily.

People who run daily need a shoe that is long-lasting and can hold its integrity over the years. The GoRun Ride is an excellent choice for daily running as it provides an enhanced running experience without tiring you out easily.

Skechers Horizon Vanish 2

While the GoRun line is suitable for daily running and exercise, the Vanish 2 caters to people who take part in 10k races. This one features a well-cushioned midsole which offers enhanced grip and control. Known as the Ultraflight, it is catered towards those who need a pair of daily workout trainers.

The shoe’s sole has a good amount of height, measuring at 19mm on the rear and 15mm on the front. Other shoes might have higher lengths, but that can deteriorate performance when you’re trying to gain speed. It is well-balanced as it provides enough cushioning to offer both control and comfort.

Final Words

There are tons of brands out there that provide running shoes at enticing prices, but if you’re really looking to get the best experience, then Skechers is the way to go. 

If the question, are skecher good shoes for running, still haunts your mind, then all we’ll say is try it out for once. The relaxed-fitting and comfort are bound to rid you of all doubts.

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