How to Find a Great Freelance Writer for Your Business

How to Find a Great Freelance Writer for Your Business

High-quality content is one of the critical conditions for successful website promotion. Of course, you can try to write texts on your own using writing tips. But it is better to outsource this task to a more experienced freelance writer.

There are often cases when you have to search for a copywriter for months whose texts would fully meet the project’s objectives. Therefore, the question of how to find a freelance writer is always relevant.

Looking for a Copywriter: Sources and Methods

There are hundreds of resources on the web where both experienced and novice copywriters offer their services. Let’s consider a few options that will show you where to find a good copywriter.

1. Freelance exchanges

Freelance exchanges are a convenient and quite budget-friendly way to fill your website with different kinds of content. You can both order articles for the site and get services for design, graphics, photos, etc.

Internal escrow accounts are used for calculations. That is, the author will not receive money until you confirm the completion of the order.

The most famous exchangers:

It is one of the most crowded international exchanges. The number of freelancers is more than 20 million. Here you can get good quality texts, ads from ordinary authors and big agencies. The prices are above average, but they are worth it. is an American freelance portal founded more than 20 years ago. Now it publishes more than 3 million jobs every year. One can find middle and high-level copywriters; respectively, the cost is one of the highest in the industry.

Fiverr became very famous because of its low prices—authors from all over the world post ads there. So if you need a lot of articles at once, this service is for you. However, the quality is not very high since not all freelancers are native speakers.

It is also one of the largest freelance exchangers, a complete analog of the above sites.

2. Content exchanges

These are resources that specialize exclusively in the creation and sale of texts. On them, you can find an author for a one-time order or write a series of articles. In addition, there are services for cheap paper writing. Among the copywriters of these exchanges, there are a lot of beginners. However, you can also find experienced authors. You can evaluate the performer by his portfolio, rating proportional to the number of completed orders, the number of additions to the blocklists or allowlists, and customer reviews. Exchange editors check all content for uniqueness.

Advantages of content exchangers:

  • a large selection of performers;
  • loyal prices;
  • work quality control.


  • high commission (up to 20% of the cost of the text);
  • lack of opportunity to communicate with the author outside the resource.

To date, there are more than a dozen large content exchangers. Here are the most famous and popular of them:

A resource on which there is its sophisticated system of authors’ registration, thanks to which the customer can be sure of a good quality of texts.

A content exchange contains several thousands of free authors, native speakers of English, German, French, Spanish, and all European languages. This service cares about the quality of the texts. The Copyscape service analyzes each order. There is no arbitrage. If you do not like an article, you can refuse it and not pay anything or send it to the author for revision.

It is a rather famous exchange from French developers. It offers copywriting, translation, and proofreading services in all European languages.

HireWriters is a site for searching freelance copywriters. Besides copywriters, you can find authors for freelance copywriting, proofreading ready-made texts, creating a series of automatic emails and product descriptions.


At the base of Verblio, there are several thousand authors from the U.S. They write texts taking into account information about the target audience, SEO requirements, and keywords. In addition, there is integration with WordPress and Hubspot.

3. Personal sites

Copywriters with a name usually have their websites, agencies, and studios. In addition, many copywriting gurus offer article writing and content auditing, website marketing analysis, etc.

The advantage of cooperation with famous authors is the guaranteed quality and “working” texts. But you have to be prepared to pay for the content itself and the brand.

4. Social networks

You can also look for performers for businesses on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In each case, the search for a copywriter will follow the same principle: enter the query copywriter (or copywriting) into the search bar and look at the output.

Choosing the right copywriter

A good copywriter is primarily a marketer. Therefore, he should study your business, understand the main advantages of your products, what they are needed for, and what problems they solve.

Prices for the services of copywriters, especially native speakers, sometimes exceed all imaginable limits. Of course, they depend on the industry, the copywriter’s experience, the size of the text, and several other factors. But the main thing is the quality of the text, and it will be a measure of the usefulness for your business.

  1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the profile of the performer on all platforms. It is crucial that the author was a native speaker and lived in the desired country for quality text. It is best to use copywriters from the UK, Canada, or the United States for English.
  2. Next, study the author’s education. It would help if you found out the industries in which he specializes, viewed reviews on all sites, checked comments on social networks. You can request additional examples of finished works or ask to perform a test assignment.
  3. Next, view the portfolio, read a few texts yourself, and check the uniqueness and grammar of unique resources on the Internet. An experienced author should know how to avoid plagiarizing. So for the plagiarism test, the following portals are suitable: Copyscape, Duplichecker, Edubirdie, Quetext. With the Grammarly service, you can check grammar.

If you can’t evaluate the quality of the text yourself, then order a check from a qualified editor.

A universal way to select the authors

Criteria for the overall assessment of the author’ content are:

  • personal communication – literacy, careful attention to punctuation marks in the correspondence are unconditional pluses of the copywriter;
  • professional skills – you should choose the author taking into account the topics and styles in which he is more qualified;
  • responsibility – the ability to write well should be combined with the ability to meet the deadlines;
  • portfolio – a list of works in your subject area.

Bottom line

Finding a great freelance writer is difficult. There are tens of thousands of authors on the websites, so you should choose the best one according to your niche and budget. The most important thing is that the copywriter should know the language from his childhood and live in the country your product is aimed at. Otherwise, don’t fool yourself, do the checks yourself or order from a professional editor.

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