Is Instafeet Safe? What You Should Consider Before Investing In Instafeet

Is Instafeet Safe? What You Should Consider Before Investing In Instafeet

Instafeet claims to be 100% safe for everyone, but there have been some complaints in some quarters about stolen IDs on the platform. Instafeet is one of the platforms where you can make money online. In this case, buyers of these pictures have to subscribe to your profile and buy your feet or pictures, which you get a percentage from. You can also purchase feet here, which means you can be a buyer or seller with one account. Instafeet is a private platform, which means your pictures are visible only to people who subscribe to your profile.

So, Is Instafeet Safe?

Yes, Instafeet is 100% safe, and your profile is visible only to your subscribers, who only pay to view your pictures.

What You Should Know About Instafeet

The following are vital information you should know about Instafeet;

1. How Instafeet Works

The first step to join Instafeet is to create your profile. Keep in mind that not everyone gets admitted to the website; hence you need to apply first. You need to provide a valid photo ID to verify your membership.

Once your profile has been registered, you can start posting content. Experts recommend that you post five good-quality photos for a start. You can add more frequently to keep your subscriber base expanding constantly.

The next step you must take after posting your pictures is to set your price. Most users often set their monthly subscription price at less than $10 because it is better to have more people pay a little. If you can get the best quality pictures for a start, nothing should stop you from setting your monthly subscription price at more than $10.

The next step is to get a unique Instafeet link which often looks like this; The next step is to start promoting your account, especially on your social media profile. Tell your friends, family, and stalkers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms you use. It would be best if you also encouraged them to invite their friends too.

To become a seller, you must be at least 18 years of age. Opening an account is for free as long as the account is verifiable through a photo ID. It may take between few moments to few days before your profile is accepted, and you can start using the site.

Keep in mind that the website keeps a 10% commission on sales you generate; they claim it is the credit card processing and maintenance fee.

2. Instafeet Payment Options

You get paid twice a month on Instafeet, that is the first and fifteenth of every month. Any money made outside of these payment days is automatically rolled over to the next payment day.

Creating your account is free, and you wouldn’t be charged for uploading pictures. The registration and subscription on Instafeet don’t attract any fees.

To receive payments, you must have a PayPal address, the standard payment processor for many online transactions.

Is Instafeet Safe?

Instafeet is 100% safe except for a few complaints on members who believed their ID cards had been compromised. Complainants believed stalkers had misused their IDs after being uploaded unto Instafeet. Though the conclusion on investigations into such matters has not been made public, very few reported cases have been reported after.

Most social media platforms are public, but Instafeet is a private platform where your uploaded pictures will be visible only to your subscribers. This means your photo ID will be visible to fewer people, and there will be fewer risks of ID hacking. There is zero chance of having a stalker on your account though it is mandated that you show your photo on your profile on the site.

Instafeet has also been found to use various levels of website encryption and firewalls to protect members’ information. The website also claimed they deployed cloud storage for the permanent storage of information.

Is Instafeet Legit?

Instafeet is 100% legit, and there is no question about that. Since buying and selling 100% unique pictures in most countries are legit, it is completely safe to get paid for the original pictures you put on this site. Keep in mind that Instafeet may remove any stolen picture from your page at any time, especially when there are legal issues around them.

It would be best if you were at least 18 years old to open an account and start operating as a seller on this site. It would be best if you also kept in mind that any picture above the knee is not allowed; that is to say, any form of nudity is strictly prohibited on this site.

How Much Can I Make On Instafeet?

The amount of money you will make on Instafeet will depend on the number of subscribers you have. This means the higher the number of subscribers you have, the more likely your pictures is purchased, which also translates to higher pay.

Generally, members charge between $5 and $100 per picture on Instafeet. If, for instance, you charge $5 per picture and sell 10 before the 15th of the month, then you will get paid $45 – remember the 10% commission the site deducts.

You need to make sure you are prepared for this adventure by getting a high-resolution camera or smartphone with a good and sophisticated photo editor that can make your pictures attractive. There are some top earners who make in excess of $500 a day.

Types Of Pictures You Can Post

You can post any pictures, but the contents must be pasted, inscribed, or designed on your feet. You may show your face, but that is discouraged to prevent stalkers. In addition to using a valid ID, you need to take care of your feet before putting anything on them for pictures. You must moisturize your feet. You may want to get a pedicure and the color enhancer on. Make sure all hair is removed primarily through plucking.

Avoid registering more than once; if you do, you may be banned permanently. Avoid uploading blurry or stock pictures; doing this repeatedly may lead to a permanent ban. You may also want to avoid toe rings and bracelets on your photos.

Other Things You May Want To Know About Instafeet

The following are some other information you should have as regards the use of Instafeet;

1. Do I need to Show my Face on Instafeet?

No, Instafeet does not mandate its members to show their faces on the website but showing the feet is a must. They will ask for a piece of valid ID information that shows your face, but this will not be uploaded to your account.

Though it is not mandatory, people may judge the feet by the face; hence you may occasionally upload your pictures showing your face.

2. Can I sell Hands-pictures on Instafeet?

No. as the name suggests, you can only sell pictures on your feet. You can’t sell or buy hand pictures on this website. You may upload pictures of either one or both of your feet. Keep in mind that you cannot upload pictures of feet wearing socks.

3. Who Buys Pictures on Instafeet

Diverse individuals, groups, and companies are interested in buying creative pieces of art online. There are different regions or people associated with or attracted to certain types of pictures. You will find stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Fotolia by Adobe, do purchase pictures on Instafeet.

Artists, including painters, are looking for creative pictures to boost their work. Individuals who like to make art pieces will look for reference pictures that they may not find elsewhere. These people will likely subscribe to your account on Instafeet.

Foot modeling agencies also purchase pictures on websites like Instafeet. Modeling agencies are looking for pictures to feature on their products and adverts. Foot modeling agencies recruit new representatives constantly and get ideas from them on creative body artistry. Media companies can purchase feet pictures and publish them in their magazines.

Genuine feet lovers may also love to buy feet pictures for different purposes. Similarly, content publishers also purchase pictures on foot. Independent publishers do require stock photos from time to time that they use in their print and digital platform.

Product manufacturers also purchase feet pictures on Instafeet. They may end up imprinting these pictures on their products because they have the right to do so. Movie production houses may also purchase pictures on feet to promote certain movies.

Conclusion On Instafeet

Instafeet has been reviewed by many individuals, groups of people, and organizations, and it has an average review. Aside from the few complaints on ID impersonation issues, Instafeet enjoys great reviews for its operation, safety, and payment. Regarding the legitimacy and ID safety on Instafeet, you should rather report any ID theft to the website’s admin and security agencies if yours has been compromised. ID theft issues can be resolved as soon as they are reported and the culprit brought to justice.

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