Is Ambit Energy Legit? What You Should Know About Ambit Energy

Is Ambit Energy Legit? What You Should Know About Ambit Energy

It is pretty common to see lots of average reviews for Ambit Energy online. Still, if you don’t understand what the business is all about, it can be challenging to provide an honest review on it. Ambit allows its representatives who sign up for membership to work from home and enjoy free energy as incentives. The company was founded in 2006 by Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless. It is a multi-level marketing company that trades gas and electricity. It costs $75 to join this company, and you have to pay $24.95 monthly as a member.

So, Is Ambit Energy Legit?

Yes, Ambit Energy is legit, and it is a multi-level marketing business where members can make money selling the company’s products.

What Does Ambit Energy Do?

Ambit Energy operates in a similar way to Stream Energy. People can use this company to supply energy to their homes or business. The main issue here is that the costs of running energy through the company may go up after your initial 1–2-year contract.

Aside from selling energy from Ambit to homes and businesses, you will have to recruit new people under you to make even more money. It has been discovered that, on average, roughly one out of every two hundred make up to $36,000 a year before expenses, selling energy alone. Recruiting new people under you can help you make a six-figure income.

The company is known to supply deregulated energy, huge companies thus monopolizing the business with no main competitor to challenge the pricing.

The company provides competitive energy costs for 1-2 years depending on your contract, which is the primary sales point. Once a customer’s contract expires with no renewal, they will be placed on variable energy rates. Variable rates are higher, especially when compared to competitor rates; hence, you may be forced to renew your energy contract with the company.

You can sign up and become an independent consultant with Ambit Energy once you pay the signup and monthly fees.

What You Should Know About Ambit Energy

There is some information that provides a summary of what Ambit Energy is all about, and these include the following;

1. The Ambit Energy Products

Ambit Energy currently provides natural gas and electricity in 17 states of the United States of America. Each state has a slightly different rate; hence there is no fixed rate for all of them. The primary services provided by the company are;

2. Commercial services- for small and large businesses

Personal home services-including gift cards and free energy giveaways

3. Green energy- from renewable sources like Wind

Solar energy- from solar options and available in 11 states.

4. Making Money Can be Slow

More than 90% of consultants who sign up to do business with Ambit money generated less than $100 a year, which is not even up to their expenses, especially the monthly fee of being active members.

If you are good at sales and marketing, you can generate substantial income with the business. This means you have to treat the business like a full-time job and not a part-time option.

Despite not being a pyramid scheme, you can’t just make money by recruiting people; the people under you must also be active.

5. It can be Expensive to Run

If you add up the initial $75 fee with the monthly $24.95, you will end up spending almost $400 in a year to run this program. Keep in mind that you have to get your energy from the company too, though you will qualify for some discounts and free energy, which could augment the yearly cost of being a member.      

The Ambit Energy Compensation Plan`

Like other MLMs, Ambit energy also offers a wide range of compensation plans depending on your level. There are three primary ways to earn on Ambit Energy, these are;

  • The Immediate Income (Including jumpstart and team builder bonuses)
  • Leadership Income (When you or any team member gets promoted)
  • Residual Income (commission you earn from your customers’ subscribed plans)

1. The Immediate Income (Including jumpstart and team builder bonuses)

The jumpstart bonus has six levels. Jumpstart One happens within a 4-week frame, and you need up to 5 customer points to receive a $100 bonus. For the Jumpstart two-level, you need to acquire 10 customer points within 8 weeks to earn a $100 bonus. Jumpstart three attracts a $50 bonus when you acquire 15 customer points within 8 weeks. Jumpstart four also attracts a $50 bonus when you earn up to 20 customer points within 12 weeks.

The Jumpstart five attracts a $50 bonus when you earn up to 25 customer points within 12 weeks. Jumpstart six attracts a bonus of $50 when you accumulate up to 30 customer points within 12 weeks. With this breakdown, you can achieve up to $400 in bonuses within the first 12 weeks of becoming a member.

2. The Leadership Levels

There are five leadership levels on Ambit energy, and each attracts bonuses and other compensations. The five leadership levels are;

  • Marketing consultant
  • Regional consultant
  • Senior consultant
  • Executive consultant
  • National consultant

You will likely start as a marketing consultant who is the base of the structure. At this level, you don’t earn bonuses except for the $100 MC bonus. Once you achieve 5 customer points, you will be promoted to the regional consultant level, where you will earn a $55 bonus per level, plus a $155 personal MCs bonus.

If you gain up to 10 customer points, you will qualify to become a senior consultant, where your bonus per level will rise to $80. You will also get a total of $135 and personal MCs of up to $235. To get a promotion to the executive consultant level, you will need to earn up to 15 customer points. This will qualify you for an $80 bonus per level, and you will get a total bonus pay of $215 and up to $315 in personal MCs. To become a national consultant, you must have earned up to 20 customer points, and you will get up to a $25 bonus per level, plus up to $240 total bonus paid. You will earn up to $340 in personal MCs.

3. Residual Income (commission you earn from your customers’ subscribed plans)

Residual incomes are very low and are worked out according to the type of band of power supply your invited customers are on. You can earn between $0.05 from band one to $6 on band 5, depending on the level you are between levels 1 to 7. The total number of customers is also considered when working out this type of bonus.

When you watch the video of your first training, you will notice that recruiting people can help you make money in the three major ways highlighted above.

What Are The Pros Of Making Money From Ambit Energy?

There are three main reasons why you should embrace Ambit energy multi-level marketing

1. It is a Proven Company

Ambit Energy has maintained its A+ BBB rating over the years; hence it is a trustworthy company you can rely on. The company is one of the best energy-providing options in the country; hence they are trusted to a very large extent.

2. Everyone Needs Energy

There is no home anywhere in the world where energy is not needed, and this is why this commodity is probably one of the easiest to market. Energy sells itself, and people will be eager to buy when they can save money, especially on a one- or two-year contract.

3. Green Energy

You can be part of the community of people trying to save the world from global warming and other environmental catastrophes by selling green and renewable energy. People are fast embracing green energy like never before, and you can cash in on this to earn sustainable Income.

4. You Earn Bonuses at Every Stage of Your Membership

Each stage of membership on this platform has its bonuses and points system that you can redeem for cash at any time.

What Are The Cons That You May Dislike About Ambit Energy?

The following could be reasons why you may not want to sign up with Ambit Energy;

1. Energy Price Increase After Contract

Many customers do think twice before signing a long-term contract with Ambit Energy for the supply of their gas and electricity. The astronomical increase in prices, especially after your contract expires in one or two years, can make you spend more in the long run. You may want to compare the costs of using the company with other competitors.

2. Monthly Expenses

Monthly expenses for representatives can be a burden, especially when they have not started generating Income. It would be best if you were prepared for this sales and marketing job before you signed up for it.

3. Inviting People Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme

Many people see this venture as a pyramid scheme in disguise since they have to invite people to sign up under them to make significant money.

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