Is Fila A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

Is Fila A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

After its early popularity, Fila encountered pushback. However, the brand has made a strong comeback and appears to be retaining its status.

It’s natural to wonder, is Fila a good brand? We’ve all been in that situation. However, as you will see further in the article, the company has regained its prominence.

This footwear brand will provide the right amount of support whether you’re a fashion influencer or a nursing student who has to be on their feet all day. It’s the perfect streetwear for unrivaled comfort. There’s no turning back once you start wearing Fila!

About The Brand

Fila Holdings Corp., or just Fila, is a sporting company that creates footwear and clothing. Ettore and Giansevero Fila established the corporation in the early 1900s in Italy, and it soon became a recognized brand. Later in the early 2000s, Fila Korea and Cerberus Capital Management of the United States purchased the brand.

Initially known for its easily identifiable tennis attire in the 1970s, the corporation has extended its product portfolio to feature sporting apparel and accessories for many sports, such as jogging, training, golf, and many more. 

Despite their technological operations being at the cutting edge of athletic design, the company stays faithful to its time-honored European style and dresses highly accredited artists and professionals from across the globe.

Origin Of The Brand

As mentioned earlier, this sportswear company was established by two Italian brothers, Ettore and Giansevero, in Biella, Piedmont, Italy. It was introduced in 1911 and quickly rose to prominence as a global leader in athletic and leisure footwear and clothing. However, in 2003, two American corporations purchased the brand. 

Even though the company manufactures international standard footwear and clothes for sports and professional artists, Fila is proud of its Italian legacy and has incorporated its heritage in all its designs.

The Rise, The Fall, And The Major Comeback Of The Brand

Fila has gone through every stage of development since its inception. The company developed traction and was able to gain an international reputation as a result of its slow progress. They did, however, fail in the 1970s but were fortunate in that they were able to make a tremendous comeback.

The brand’s history has been briefly explored here.

The Rise

The Italian brothers who started the company were meticulous in their attention to detail, ensuring that each piece was flawless. So, the brand began to grow soon after its introduction. And, before long, the family business’s sales numbers had taken it beyond the confines of its country.

Italy and high fashion had a seamless affiliation back then, just as they do now. However, there was a massive disparity in the athletic sector in the 1940s and limited choices for athletes. 

Recognizing the potential, the brand merged with Fratelli Fila within a matter of two years. This agreement joined both companies together and aided at the beginning of a direct invasion of the industry.

The athletic market became considerably more competitive in the years before the 1970s. And soon, the brand was in a position where they had to make a key decision to ensure their success.

That is why, in 1968, the corporation decided to hire Enrico Frachey. Consequently, Fila made their foray into big sports sponsorships by conquering the world of tennis. Although they acquired some popularity as a result of this, it was short-lived. The brand didn’t seem to be moving forward.

The Fall

Since the brand was not getting traction, they opted to use affiliate marketing, as Nike did with Michael Jordan. They wanted to develop something similar to Nike as Tupac appreciated the Grant Hill shoe. That, however, did not work out.

Nike and Adidas, two of its competitors at the time, continued to flourish. Fila, on the other hand, was unable to achieve the same level of success as them.

People did buy from them, but they weren’t considered to be a good brand.

The Comeback 

Something interesting happened after a long time, something tremendously fortunate for the brand. Gosha Rubchinskiy decided to make a move in the middle of 2016. By embracing Italian footwear companies such as Fila, this Russian artist decided to stake a claim to reunite Europe. 

Fila was one of three Italian sports labels that appeared on his Pitti runway. Fila’s iconic emblem surfaced on hoodies with Rubchinskiy’s name in Cyrillic. And, the designer was personally taking a bow in a green collaboration jumper. With that, Fila was once again fashionable.

This, however, is only half of the story. Fila’s quality is a fundamental reason it has maintained its position even after 5 years. Customers have been won over by both their internal and external designs. They’re a fan favorite, thanks to their high-quality construction and clean layout.

What Makes Fila A Good Brand

As you can see, Fila has gone through every stage of its development as a business. Initially, Fila encountered a pushback after its first breakthrough, and it remained a low-key brand for a while. 

Despite being an underrated brand for the majority of its existence, Fila has made a comeback in the last decade and has been running strong for more than 5 years. Although it wasn’t able to create a place for itself in the market until recently, they have always provided quality footwear and apparel to athletes and fashion icons. 

The ability to seize an opportunity and turn things around is one of the primary reasons why the company is regarded as a good brand. But, most notably, the company also can provide high-quality shoes with exactly the right level of comfort.

Strong Comeback

Gosha Rubchinskiy, a Russian designer, chose to stake a claim for a united Europe by putting Italian labels Kappa and Fila together in the middle of 2016. That was when people started looking out for Fila. 

Recognizing the potential of the situation, the brand decided to resurrect itself. They were able to maintain their newfound fame and earn even more with effective marketing and production tools. 

From a business standpoint, this brand is great because of its capacity to make the best of a bad situation.

Quality Shoes

From the customer’s perspective, this brand is great because of its distinctive shoes. These shoes, to begin with, have sleek and stylish designs, and they appear compelling but not flashy.

Most importantly, these shoes are designed to deliver the ideal combination of comfort and style. This ergonomic design makes it exceedingly comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Because of the brand’s high quality, it has been able to sustain its current popularity. For the everyday consumer, comfort takes precedence over popularity or fashion. And that’s why this is regarded as a great choice of brand. 

Taking everything into account, this brand is undeniably one of the greatest on the market. Despite the fact that it took them a while to get there, they have established their ground on the market, and they are here to stay.

Final Words

Now, if you’re still wondering, is Fila a good brand? Let us assure you that the brand is indeed well worth the hype. 

Considering how the brand made a sudden comeback and how they have been consistently producing high-quality shoes, we have to admit that Fila is a fantastic brand with an excellent reputation for producing quality footwear.

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