Is Redken Good For Your Hair? Everything You Need To Know

Is Redken Good For Your Hair? Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to hair care, women tend to be extra careful in picking out their shampoo and conditioner. It is vital as the type of shampoo will determine whether your hair stays healthy and fresh throughout the day. 

Amongst the best-known brands, Redken has been a favorite among women all across the globe. Not only that, even hairstylists have taken a liking to Redken.

Today, we will shed some light on what makes Redken a top choice for hairstylists and home use. So, the next time someone asks you is redken good for your hair; you’ll know what to say.


Since its inception in the 1960s, Redken has been making great strides in the haircare industry. 

As the brand falls under L’Oréal Group, mainly focused on personal care and cosmetics, they have had previous experience working with women. That gave them an advantage and, in turn, gave Redken the insight it needed to reach the top.

From the start, Redken’s main focus was to create a sense of freshness that rejuvenates all the nutrients in your hair to give a natural shine. 

With years of experience and innovation, their formula is guaranteed to make your hair voluminous, soft, and glossy.

They started grabbing a good hold of the market once they began to cater to hairstylists instead of just women. Their line of professional styling products is used in high-quality salons by stylists all over the world. 

Hair salons pay very close attention to quality and results; with Redken, it was like a match made in heaven.

The professional products cater to all sorts of problems the average woman faces when caring for their hair. For instance, they have basic shampoo and conditioners with various options depending on the season and hair type. 

They also have multiple lines of styling products such as hair sprays and detangling sprays too! Redken has made sure to cover everything you need to keep your hair healthy from the very start to the finish.

Why Should You Choose Redken For Your Hair?

So, what is truly the magic behind Redken’s success? The answer is simple, they have focused on keeping only the nutrients that your hair truly needs. 

By removing all other extra chemicals that might cause harm to your scalp, Redken was able to create a safe formula that delivers the best results. 

Two other components within their formula have contributed significantly to their success: Argan Oil and Protein and Ceramide.

Argan Oil

After a long day of going out in the sun and sweating, your scalp loses a lot of nutrients through your hair follicles. That, in turn, causes your hair to become shiny and slightly oily. Your best bet is to use a combination of the Redken shampoo and conditioner to restore all the lost lipids. 

But wait! That’s not all; spending a few extra bucks on getting the leave-in Argan oil will do you plenty of good in the long run. It is solely responsible for replacing all those lost nutrients in your hair follicles to help your hair regain its natural shine and soft texture. 

This is particularly useful for people who have dry hair as the oil rejuvenates the hair and gives it a glossy effect.

Protein and Ceramide

The strength of your hair is as important as its looks. If you have naturally thinner hair, it is likely to have split ends or break off easily. With Redken’s wide range of shampoos, you can pick out one that suits you best. Whether you have a dry scalp or oily, straight hair or wavy, Redken has a match for you. 

Protein and ceramide concentrations in the shampoo are responsible for giving back your hair the strength it has lost. Their superior formulation has just the right balance of protein to ensure that your hair gets just the right amount of nutrients it needs to retain its strength.

Redken’s Line Of Products

Here, we’ll introduce you to their products.

Redken All Soft Shampoo

It is probably one of the most reviewed products they have. The All soft shampoo has been in their line for the most extended period of time, and rightfully so. The formulation is just right to suit people of all different hair types. 

It is truly a versatile shampoo that aims to replenish all of the basic nutrients your hair needs daily.

What’s more, this is perfect for people who are out and about every day. Since your hair tends to be greasy once you get home after a long day out, Redken has made this an everyday shampoo. 

That’s right! You can literally use this shampoo 7 days a week without worrying about hair damage. It flushes out all the dirt and bacteria from your scalp and hair strands to leave your hair soft and healthy.

Redken All Soft Conditioner

The Redken All Soft Conditioner is more of a complementary product to the shampoo mentioned above. By now, you should know that a shampoo is responsible for cleaning your hair, while the conditioner is what moisturizes it and puts in all the lost nutrients. 

Don’t you just love when you’re out of the shower, and your hair feels clean and bouncy? The All soft conditioner is designed to maximize this effect as it contains humectants to strengthen and soften your hair. Not only does this prevent tangling, but it also keeps you away from split ends.

Once you’ve washed off the shampoo, you need to put on the conditioner and massage your scalp so that it penetrates deep into your follicles. The contents of the formula keep your hair fresh for long periods of time as it creates a protective layer against dirt and bacterial damage.

Redken Extreme Shampoo

This is more customized towards people whose scalp and hair need immediate attention. The extreme shampoo is what you might call a last resort to fix all your aggravating hair problems. 

If your hair has lost its shine or can’t hold its volume for long, then this is what you need to spring it back to life. Not only does it smell great, but it will get rid of all the frizziness to keep your hair straight and silky.

Redken Extreme Conditioner

Once you’ve used the Extreme Shampoo, be sure to put on this conditioner in order to get long-lasting and instant results. The conditioner has a deep-cleaning formula that replenishes while simultaneously repairing all the damage your scalp has faced. 

After you wash it off, your hair will feel silky and voluminous because of all the oils and nutrients the conditioner has put back in.

Final Words

Whether you’re a stylist or someone who is concerned about hair care, Redken is a companion you most definitely need. With their wide range of products for various hair types, they can cater to all sorts of audiences.

Are you still wondering, is redken good? Then we suggest you go ahead and try out one of their shampoos. We already know once you join the Redken family, you won’t want to go back.

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