Is Royal Langnickel A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

Is Royal Langnickel A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

Royal Langnickel is a top-tier brand in the beauty and creative industry that sell high-quality, affordable art supplies to the general public.

They have been in existence since the 1950s and since their inception till this present moment, they have built a massive creative outlet that provides all types of art supplies to schools, student artists, and professionals alike.

The Royal Langnickel brand is renowned globally for its outstanding catalog of art products, and it’s uncommon to find a company so loved, trusted, and valued for all the products they offer in the marketplace.

Their product catalog includes the following;

  • Art materials
  • Brushes
  • Art activities
  • Cool art
  • Art sets
  • etc

Is Royal Langnickel A Good Brand?

Are you an artist looking for art supplies? Or perhaps, you have an artist in your family and feel like getting them the perfect gift item; Royal Langnickel has got you covered.

Royal Langnickel Paint Brushes

Your Royal Langnickel paintbrush will assist in bringing out the best in you. You’ll be able to make your imaginations come alive as you weave colors on your canvas.

As you get familiar with your brush, you’ll be able to handle paint perfectly, and sooner than expected, the paintbrush will be a massive part of your life and become your magic wand.

Are you just beginning with acrylics? If yes, the process of choosing the perfect Royal Langnickel paintbrush can be overwhelming due to the number of available options.

I’ve been there, so I understand how it feels.

However, there is nothing to fear as I have put together seven things you (an artist) should know before choosing your Royal Langnickel painting brush, and we’ll soon get to that in a second.

Acrylic paintbrushes come in different sizes and shapes.

Although the size and shape of your soon-to-be personal brush will depend on the level of detail you want to achieve and how extensive your work will be.

Seven Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Royal Langnickel Paintbrush

In an artist’s hand, a brush is similar to a magic wand because it can bring one’s imagination alive through works of art.

You could say that’s an exaggeration. However, it is safe to say that an artist’s paintbrush is one of his power tools.

When you choose the right brush, painting will no longer be stressful. You’ll begin to enjoy your passion and create incredible masterpieces.

Now, the question on everyone’s lip is; how can I choose the perfect brush to bring my dreams and thoughts alive?

Royal Langnickel has a massive collection of paintbrushes and art supplies. Therefore, you need to consider the guide below to ensure you choose the artistic paintbrush that fits you perfectly.

The Shape Of Your Brush

Paintbrushes come in various sizes and shapes. You have the square (bright), round, script (line), filbert, and many more.

Royal Langnickel Square brushes

Square brushes usually have a one-sided square shape, and when you twist them, they’ll appear to have a skinny line. Furthermore, it is very flexible and can hold lots of paint.

When used in a flat position, you can use the brush to paint long strokes. Also, you can use it for painting and blending large areas.

The sides and tip of the brush are also resourceful because you can use them to paint delicate canvass areas and apply small touches.

Royal Langnickel Round brushes

Round brushes have a circular base. It is also flexible and allows the artist to apply fills, lines and washes of all sizes. You can use a large round brush to paint over more expansive surfaces with fewer strokes easily.

Traditionally, many artists have been using round brushes for decades because it helps you paint fine lines and add details.

The Royal Langnickel Round brush is a fantastic tool for filling and drawing in large areas.

Royal Langnickel Filbert brushes

Filbert brushes are used just like the square brushes. The only difference is that; the top of the filbert is round like a dome while the square brush has a flat line.

Many artists use the Filbert paintbrush in their artworks. It has hairs (medium to long) shaped like an oval and a thick ferrule.

Furthermore, the filbert brush is majorly used to perfect blending works of symbolic nature.

Royal Langnickel script/liner brushes

The script or liner brush, also called the rigger brush, is thin and long and comes in various sizes. Many artists love it because it can hold more water and paint at once.

It is commonly used to apply paint on long lines that may be straight, curved, or jagged. With the script or liner brush, you’ll be more versatile with your work.

Bear in mind that, as a professional artist, you need to have a variety of brushes in your arsenal to help you add flavor to your artistic works.

What Are The Best Brushes For Detailing?

Round and script paintbrushes are the best when you want to apply little details. There are many sizes of the round brush. However, when it comes to the script brush, they are usually small.

I prefer the round brushes because of the way they are designed. You can use them to fine-tune a specific area.

However, because the base of the round brush is thicker, it can help you paint many different shapes with just one stroke. With the round brush, you can easily bring your tiger stripes to life.

Meanwhile, the script brushes are another fantastic choice because they are great for painting delicate, thin, abstract lines, not excluding eyelashes or the many tiny details in the eye region.

What Are The Best Brushes For Edging?

My favorite is the square brush, and I’ll recommend it if you want to paint a crispy straight line. Use the square brush to scoop enough paint to paint the perfect straight line, and you’ll be glad you did.

Another factor to consider when choosing the best brush for edging is the size of the brush and the stroke you intend to create.

For example, you can’t use a size 12 square brush to paint a smaller shape when you could easily use a size 4 to get the job done. This analogy applies to all brushes when you want to make a choice.

What Are The Best Brushes For Blending?

If you seem confused about the type of brush you should use to blend soft edges, I’ll happily recommend the chip and filbert brushes.

With the chip brush, you’re able to remove traces of brushstroke and achieve a smooth and perfectly blended surface.

Furthermore, you can also leverage the filbert blending brush because of its versatility.

The filbert brush is crucial because you can use it to paint soft blended edges and create painterly brushstrokes and brushed textures.

Choice Of Paint Vs. Bristle Type

For every brush shape or size that you pick, there’s a synthetic bristle and natural bristle option that goes with it.

If you’re looking for a brush to work well with your oil paint, the natural bristle brush is your best bet. It is very soft and will react well in oil paint.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a brush to compliment acrylic paint, you’ll need the synthetic bristle brush.

The primary reason for pairing acrylic paint with synthetic bristle is because you can easily scoop acrylic paint with it and paint your canvass.

Furthermore, you can also use a synthetic brush with oil paint. However, bear in mind that the paint thinners you’ll likely use might affect your brush which is why I recommended the natural bristle brush for oil paint.

Another significant point is that the natural bristle brush has higher quality, costs more, and can last longer. In comparison, synthetic brushes are cheaper but are not durable.

Does The Size Of A Brush Matter?

As a creative artist, the size of the brushes in your arsenal matter. I’ve seen this misunderstanding happen in cases where an artist will be painting a large canvass with a tiny filbert.

Why would anyone do that, you might ask?

Instead of stressing yourself, let the brush do the work for you. There’s a brush for every situation, which is why there’s a massive collection of brush sizes at Royal Langnickel to choose from.

A good school of thought says that, in your brush collection, you should have a minimum of three various sizes of a particular shape. They can even differ in bristle type but ensure you have a variety of sizes.

How To Take Care Of Your Brushes?

These are different ways of cleaning brushes after use and the essential factor to consider is the type of brush used.

For a synthetic brush, water and soap will get the fresh paint off the bristles. Then for the natural bristle brush, the process is different.

Step one – clean the brush with a clean cotton rag.

Step two – dip the brush in a clean conditioner and allow it to stay until the next time you paint again.

The Bottom Line

The Royal Langnickel brand is definitely a good brand that ensures that creative students, schools, and professional artists have all the art supplies they will ever need to be excellent in their chosen field.

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