25 Top Nursing Essay Topics for Argumentative Writing

25 Top Nursing Essay Topics for Argumentative Writing

Nursing is a complex and broad discipline that plays a significant role in modern society, including the UK and USA. However, studying nursing can be quite challenging even for the most dedicated people, as they have to learn a plethora of theoretical and practical information and develop various skills to become professionals in this field. One of the essential aspects of learning is writing argumentative essays, which helps acquire knowledge and cultivates essential abilities.

Still, nursing students often start working while they are still in college, which leaves them with little time for writing an assignment properly. To avoid overworking, they often have to pay less attention to their education, which reflects poorly on their academic performance. We decided to make their burden a little easier by providing several interesting and helpful nursing essay topics for argumentative writing.

The Main Features of Argumentative Writing

Any student needs to write an argumentative essay at least a few times throughout their college or university education. To write such a paper, you have to research your chosen topic thoroughly, collect the most relevant information and develop your position on a topic. Such an approach allows you to present the argument of a paper logically and convincingly.

Hence, the first aspect of developing an argumentative essay is choosing the topic and developing a thesis statement. The latter shouldn’t be too obvious or common lest the arguments may seem too weak or shallow.

A proper argumentative essay also doesn’t ignore the opposing views—when you review and disprove them, you can easily demonstrate the correctness of your perspective. The final goal of argumentative writing is to convince the reader, and that’s why proper evidential support is vital for success.

How to Write Argumentative Essays Effectively

Argumentative essays on different topics play a great role in developing students’ ability to form their own arguments and present them in interesting and convincing ways. Still, even though argumentative essays are undeniably vital for learning, many students still struggle with such assignments.

A vital aspect of quality argumentative writing is presenting your opinions calmly and thoughtfully to convince your audience. Such a paper shouldn’t be pushing or combative—rather, you have to use the evidence and logic to prove to the readers why your point of view is correct. Hence, to create a top-quality argumentative essay, you will have to develop a strong thesis statement, accumulate evidence from reliable sources, and present your ideas convincingly.

If you worry about your writing abilities, the most practical approach would be using a custom example of an argumentative essay created by a professional writer. The easiest way to do so would be to order from a professional essay writing service or other paper writing companies that offer similar services to their customers online.

Such an approach would ensure that you always have a well-written example before your eyes while developing your own writing. Furthermore, you can improve your English skills and find mistakes in your works quicker by reading essays from expert writers. However, choose carefully and take into account reviews of other customers of the particular service on any other website.

The Best Topics for Argumentative Essays in Nursing

Often students in different fields, including nursing, receive an opportunity to choose their own free topic for an argumentative essay. Such an approach is very convenient as it allows you to exercise your creative abilities and choose the most suitable, interesting, and approachable idea.

While choosing an argumentative essay topic, try to avoid excessively broad ones and try to concentrate on one idea. We considered a few interesting topics that you can use for your works and chose the best of them:

  1. Can increased salaries for nurses ensure better care for patients?
  2. How does the number of nurses in a hospital reflect on its performance?
  3. Should the nurses study one year more to receive a higher qualification and become more proficient?
  4. Should nurses take more responsibilities usually fulfilled by doctors?
  5. Is a nursing job as prestigious as a doctor’s?
  6. Should nurses be paid as much as doctors are?
  7. How much is racial discrimination widespread in the nursing field?
  8. Is nursing staff more vulnerable to infectious diseases than doctors?
  9. What limitations should exist in a relationship between a nurse and a patient?
  10. Does overworking impact the quality of care that nurses provide?
  11. Should a nurse have a legal right to prescribe medication?
  12. Should nurses receive bonuses depending on treatment outcomes?
  13. Is a nursing job more important than functions fulfilled by doctors?
  14. What are the features of an ideal professional relationship between nursing staff and doctors?
  15. Should males be encouraged to join the nursing profession?
  16.  What measures can ensure a higher level of equality in the nursing field?
  17. How is critical leadership important in nursing?
  18. How should nurses reveal the truth to terminally ill patients?
  19. What is a nurse’s role in treating dementia patients?
  20. Should friendly behavior be a requirement in a nursing policy?
  21. How to ensure the highest level of cooperation between nurses and doctors?
  22. How does gender inequality affect the nursing field?
  23. How does telehealth nursing impact healthcare quality?
  24. Should new policies be implemented to prevent elder abuse by nursing staff?
  25. How does cultural competence impact nursing practice?

Of course, the possibilities of developing a nursing essay topic for argumentative writing are limitless—you can use offered topics as assistance to develop your own original idea from scratch.


Nursing is a critically important but immensely complex discipline, and often students simply have no time for writing essays. However, argumentative papers are a vital part of education in any field as they provide an opportunity to develop your writing and communication skills and improve your knowledge base.

One of the main conditions for writing a quality argumentative essay is choosing the right topic, which is interesting and familiar to you. We presented a number of themes that are relevant for the nursing field and allow finding a lot of information.

Argumentative essays are based on convincing the reader of your point of view, so finding proper evidence, analyzing opposing perspectives, and presenting your ideas will help you earn a high grade. To ensure that your essay is properly structured and has appropriate content, you can buy a cheap and personalized example from a specialized company.

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