Tips On How To Remove SharkBite Fittings With Ease

Tips On How To Remove SharkBite Fittings With Ease

SharkBite fittings are one of the push-to-connect fittings that give a strong connection with easy installation. They grip pipes and tubing with teeth present in the collet and prevent leaks by sealing connections.

Disconnecting SharkBite fittings is as easy as installing them. In this article, we’ll look at how to remove SharkBite fittings. We’ll also see how their design gives them an advantage over other fittings and where they’re best applicable.

How To Remove SharkBite Fittings

Removing or disconnecting SharkBite fittings is as essential as connecting them. Follow the steps below to remove SharkBite fittings.

Removing a 10mm to 28mm SharkBite fitting:

  1. Snap the clip over the pipe, ensuring that the SharkBite logo stays away from the fittings.
  2. Simultaneously press the clip against the disconnecting ring and pull.
  3. If step two seems too tricky, use the disconnecting tong around the fitting and press together, simultaneously pulling the pipe away using your thumb as assistance against the tongs.

Removing a 35mm to 54mm SharkBite fitting:

  1. Slide into the tune the shark shifter disconnecting clip to engage the disconnecting logs onto the fitting.
  2. Give a clockwise rotation to the shark shifter until it stops.
  3. Pull out to remove.

What Is A SharkBite Fitting?

SharkBite fittings are plumbing fittings that you can connect easily by pushing. Plumbing has evolved from pulling out solder torches and welding copper pipes to simply making a SharkBite fitting into a tube.

These fittings do plumbing projects faster and easier while delivering efficient results. SharkBite fittings are time efficient, reliable, and easy to mount.

You now know how to remove SharkBite fittings. But do you know how to connect them? Continue reading to learn more.

How To Connect SharkBite Fittings

Follow these three easy steps to connect SharkBite fittings:


  • Check pipes for damages and remove adhesive labels or residues present in them.
  • Cut the pipe squarely using a rotary tube cutter.
  • Remove all debris and sharp edges using a deburring tool.
  • For PEX or polybutylene, use a pipe cutter to cut the pipes and put them in the manufacturer’s liner.
  • Make the depth on the pipe using the correct color code disconnecting cup with integral depth marker.


Seven color bags accompany all SharkBite fittings and valves for easy identification of size.

  • Ensure the fittings remain in the bag until you need them for installation.
  • Ensure fittings remain clean.
  • Connect the end of the pipe with the mouth of the fitting and push the pipe into the fitting while slightly twisting it until the pipe reaches the tube stop.


  • Ensure the depth insertion mark and the disconnecting ring on the SharkBite fitting are in sync.
  • Pull out the tube to secure the joint.

SharkBite Fitting Design

SharkBite uses high-quality materials for its fittings to ensure reliability and efficiency. 

Brass body:

SharkBite fittings contain lead-free brass, which confers on them higher temperature and pressure tolerance. This brass enables SharkBite fittings not to crack from low temperatures and makes them perfect for copper pipes.

Push to connect design:

The teeth of a SharkBite fitting clenches down when pushed into a piece of tubing. To disconnect them, use a disconnect tool to get them out of the way.

Ring teeth:

Many little teeth are present around the collet of a SharkBite fitting. These teeth are present for effective gripping of the pipe or tubing and help to hold them in place.

Plastic spacer:

Plastic spacer helps for easy removal of the fitting. It moves the collet to ensure a lockdown in the tubing and prevent backing out of the tube.

Where To Use SharkBite Fittings

A SharkBite fitting remains an excellent choice for repairing and replacing copper plumbing in homes. In addition, due to the strong resistance of SharkBite fittings to high temperatures, they are suitable for installing a water heater. 

They also perform better than other fittings on copper pipes due to their lead-free brass body. Their lead-free brass body is as rigid as the pipe and can withstand high pressure.

It is, however, unsafe to install SharkBite fittings underground. The reason is that the fitting would be out of sight, so there would be no way of knowing if there is a leakage.

SharkBite fittings come with an O-ring which makes them unsuitable for permanent connection. For this reason, do not use SharkBite fittings outside as sunlight could cause the rubber O-ring to dry out and begin to crack.

SharkBite Fittings Vs. Other Connect Brands

Here, we highlight why SharkBite fittings have consistently remained a preferred choice to other brands.

Extensive product range:

When repairing a plumbing system, SharkBite fittings possess everything required, from elbows to hose Bibbs. 

As a result, there’s less liability because you’re using only a single product line instead of placing together various products of varying quality.

While some push-to-connect products manufacturers make only elbows or tees, SharkBite manufactures all products relevant to the tasks.

They’re made of suitable materials:

SharkBite fittings contain corrosion-resistant, lead-free, brass in their makeup. This composition makes SharkBite fitting ideal for potable water distribution and hydronic heating.

Trustworthy brand:

Manufacturing products for well over 20 years is by no means an easy fit, and SharkBite fitting has lived up to this standard.

SharkBite fittings are easily and readily available at wholesale and retail stores. Many people, for this reason, often pick SharkBite fittings as their plumbing product brand.

Continuous modifications through rigorous research:

SharkBite fittings have over time undergone several improvements. They are now compatible with every other plumbing solution.

Advantages Of SharkBite Fittings

Some of the advantages of using SharkBite fittings include:

  • SharkBite fittings work immediately after installation, and there would be no need to wait for all the water in a pipe to drain out first.
  • SharkBite fittings are easy to fix and require little time to install. First, replace worn outfitting or buy a new one. Then, remove the previous one with a disconnect tool and press a new one into place.
  • With SharkBite fittings, the risk of a fire accident is minimal as opposed to soldering.
  • SharkBite fittings possess a stable structure.
  • Due to its lead-free brass design, you can use them for copper pipes.
  • SharkBite fittings have a high tolerance for pressure and temperature.

Disadvantages Of SharkBite Fitting

With all the pros associated with SharkBite fittings, they have some disadvantages.

  • Once destroyed or spoiled, that is the end of the fitting, as you cannot repair them.
  • Compared to other quick-to-connect fittings, SharkBite fittings are expensive.

How Does A SharkBite Fitting Work?

SharkBite fittings work by grabbing the pipe with its teeth to keep them in place. The rubber O-ring in them creates a water-tight seal. Adequately installed SharkBite fittings can last up to 25 years when used alongside SharkBite pipe.

A feature peculiar to SharkBite fittings is that they are reusable. However, we advise that you exercise caution when reusing them. The metal teeth in the collet create holes in the pipes of previous installations. Therefore, you must cut off the pipe edges before reuse.

Also, you can rotate SharkBite fittings after installation. This flexibility is a significant advantage when you fix them in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. It should be noted, though, that the soldered copper does not rotate, so you should fit them properly during installation.

Using A SharkBite Fitting

If you want to install SharkBite fittings yourself without the help of a professional, consider the following tips.

  • Always use a pipe cutter to cut the pipes or tubes. Please don’t use a knife or saw or any other tool to do the cutting as they’ll leave scratches on the O-ring. Scratches on the O-ring will prevent them from sealing properly. 
  • Never use filthy or scratched pipes.
  • Before installing the O-ring, clean the pipe with the Deburring Pipe Tool.

Things To Consider When Choosing SharkBite Fittings

There are setting factors to consider before choosing a SharkBite fitting. These factors include:

Experience levels:

Experience level should be a significant determinant before choosing a SharkBite fitting. In cases where you decide to fix your leaking pipes yourself or contact the services of a novice plumber, it is advisable to use SharkBite fittings.

This reason is that SharkBite fittings are beginner-friendly and do not have a steep learning curve.

Location of the repair:

Another determining factor is the location of the repair. Although you can use SharkBite fittings in inaccessible places, most plumbers recommend you use them where you can easily access them. The reason is due to the high rate of failure of most push-to-connect fittings. 


Budget remains the most important determinant when choosing fittings. It is a no-brainer that SharkBite fittings are expensive. After all, that is the cost to pay for their convenience.

Therefore, choosing SharkBite fitting should depend on how much you are willing to spend on your broken pipe.


SharkBite fittings are plumbing fittings that you connect easily by pushing. A SharkBite fitting remains an excellent choice for repairing and replacing copper plumbing in homes. Although installing SharkBite fittings underground and behind walls may be unsafe, it is still possible.

Some of the advantages of using SharkBite fittings are increased efficiency and speed, emergency fixing, and reduced fire hazards. However, some of the disadvantages of using SharkBite fittings include its high cost and inability to be repaired.

For you to ensure reliability and efficiency, high-quality materials like lead-free brass are used in the production of SharkBite fittings.

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