Are Fila Shoes Good For Walking? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Are Fila Shoes Good For Walking? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Are Fila shoes good for walking? If you’re one of those asking that question, your search for an answer ends here.

You’ll agree that shoes are an essential element that can help you maintain good walking techniques to prevent injuries.

Shoes are excellent tools and without them, you have a higher chance of hurting yourself.

However, if you cover long distances, you need a perfect walking shoe that won’t make you feel pain.

There are so many shoe brands out there, and this article will focus on Fila walking shoes and why they are suitable for walking.

With that said, let’s begin the business of the day.

Are Fila Shoes Good For Walking?

Yes, Fila shoes are incredible walking shoes. They are light, comfortable, and easy to wear.

Fila shoes are for everyday people, and their unique selling proposition is comfort. Fila concentrates on features that will protect your feet and offer more cushion.

If you want to walk a long or short distance and you’re looking for a shoe brand to associate with, you can’t go wrong with Fila.

Fila is an Italian household name in the sportswear industry.

They became very popular in the 70s after they partnered with Bjorn Borg, a famous tennis player.

Meanwhile, Fila doesn’t just make walking shoes; they make other products like the following;

  • Women’s shoes (slides, sneakers), sportswear, streetwear, clothing and accessories
  • Men’s sneakers, sportswear, streetwear, clothing and accessories
  • Children’s sneakers, shoes and tennis

Here Are Some Advanced Features That You’ll Find In Most Fila Shoes

The Fila brand has incorporated advanced technological features into how they design footwear to provide support and comfort to users.

Find some examples below.


The Coolmax technology helps to cushion your foot and keep it dry for as long as you wear your shoes.

For this reason, Fila has ensured that almost all their walking shoes have the Coolmax component integrated into their designs.

Therefore, if you want good walking shoes, ensure it has the Coolmax advance feature.

Dynamic landing system (DLS) foam Outsole

Fila’s DLS uses foam and rubber to create outsoles that protect and comfort your feet.

Furthermore, Fila adds rubber in high-friction areas within their shoes to stop you (the wearer) from dealing with degradation.

Memory foam insole

The memory foam insole is one feature you should look out for whenever you want to buy walking shoes because it adapts to the shape of your underfoot.

Just like the name suggests, the memory foam insole commits the shape of your feet to memory to offer you more comfort when you walk.

Fila installs this type of insole in their walking shoes to ensure they are comfortable for you when you walk or run.

Things To Consider When Buying Fila Walking Shoes

Fila walking shoes have exceptional qualities that have made many people fall in love with them.

However, to get the best walking shoe model, here are some things you need to consider below.


Durability is one of the things people check for when they want to get a new walking shoe, and with Fila, you’re on the right track.

You don’t want to buy a pair of shoes today and find out that they’ve become badly damaged in 2 weeks.

No one wants that.

Therefore, durability should be one of the first things on your mind. Pay attention to the type of material used in making the shoe.

Leather Uppers

These are the upper part of a shoe, and Fila has a reputation for making durable uppers that will guarantee wear protection.

Rubber Outsole

You need to ensure that the rubber outsole is thick and wear-resistant. The quality of the leather uppers and rubber outsole will determine how long your shoes will last.


Fila has a variety of shoes for different occasions. Therefore, if you want a walking shoe, ensure the design has all the qualities you’ll need.

Furthermore, Fila shoes provide optimum functionality for whatever you want to use them for.

You can wear Fila walking shoes anywhere because of their unique design. Also, fila walking shoes have lightweight frames and can be flexible depending on the usage.


If you want to buy a pair of shoes, you need to go for something that offers comfort. Therefore, the best way to know if a shoe will be comfortable is to check out its components.

Furthermore, you need to assess each component to see their role and how they all fit in.

The type of materials used

Before buying a pair of shoes, you need to evaluate the material used in making the shoe. Fila uses different materials like mesh, canvas, and leather to make uppers.

Furthermore, each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, mesh and canvas are good for flexibility and breathability but aren’t water-resistant or durable like leather.

Leather is a water-resistant material that offers durability, so shoe manufacturers use it in the upper parts of several shoes.

However, leather materials have limited breathability. Overall, you need to figure out the type of shoe that will fit your needs so you can choose relevant materials.

How To Choose Fila Walking Shoes That Offer Maximum Comfort?

When buying Fila shoes, you should always have comfortability at the back of your mind, especially if you’ll be walking with the shoe.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to choose the best Fila walking shoes

Picking the right size

Most people make the mistake of staring at their legs to determine if a shoe will fit, and this tactic can be costly.

If you’re switching from another brand to Fila, consider that the way both brands measure size might be different.

Therefore, as a first-time buyer, ensure to put on the shoe to confirm if it fits before you make payment.

Don’t forget that your comfort should be your utmost priority. Therefore, you can’t afford to make mistakes like choosing the wrong size or something too tight or loose.

If your shoes are too tight, it could result in injuries, so ensure that you pick the correct size.

The wiggle test

To conduct the wiggle test, you need to put on the shoes, move your toes and observe if there’s enough space to wiggle your toes.

If you can walk without sliding your feet forward, that’s a good sign.

Another thing you need to check is if your toes are in pain when you wiggle them or if they are touching the toe box while you continue wiggling.

Come with your socks

When going to buy your Fila walking shoes, ensure to always go along with your socks. Please put on your socks before testing any shoe.

Furthermore, if you consistently wear socks with your shoes, it’s ideal that you should wear socks before testing your new shoe.

This will help you pick the perfect size.

Get your walking shoes later in the day

As someone who walks a lot, your feet will likely swell at the end of the day.

So, if you want to buy a walking shoe, go there with your swollen feet to enable you get your actual size.

If you get the shoe in the morning when your feet aren’t under pressure and swollen, there’s a considerable possibility that once your feet get swollen, you’ll be in a lot of pain.

Stop expecting your shoes to expand

If you purposely buy a tight shoe and expect it to expand in the future, that may never happen because not all shoes stretch out.

Some shoes won’t expand regardless of how many times you used them. Therefore, you need to buy the perfect size for you.

Why Are Walking Shoes Important?

You need good walking shoes for the following reasons;

To prevent calluses and blisters

It would help if you had good walking shoes to keep your feet safe, prevent calluses and blisters. Walking is a continuous activity, so you need to protect your feet.

Let’s you walk easily

When you wear walking shoes, you’ll be able to walk smoothly. However, if you put on some running shoes, they’ll be bigger than your feet and feel awkward.

Fila walking shoes are lighter, less bulky, and should support your feet when you walk.

Walking shoes can do more than running shoes

Walking and running are two different activities. Therefore, you must have a different set of shoes that works for them.

Using a walking shoe to run while you’re working out will easily damage the shoe because the shoe manufacturers didn’t build it for that.

Running shoes are for activities that produce more sweat as you burn calories. At the same time, walking shoes are very flexible and can offer you more than running shoes.

The Bottom Line

Overall, are Fila shoes good for walking? Yes, they are the best when you consider comfortability, durability, and style.

You can rely on Fila to produce top quality footwear that you’ll be proud to wear. You can never go wrong with Fila walking shoes. 

With the Fila brand, you’ll get amazing shoes that will help you walk long or short distances with no complaints or injuries. Buy your Fila walking shoe today.

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