Does it Snow in Florida? 

Does it Snow in Florida? 

Are you planning a vacation to Florida? Or do you wish to settle down there? Whatever your reason for visiting Florida, we are sure you are not expecting to experience any snowfall while visiting this dreamy state. 

When it comes to snow in Florida, the snowstorm of 1977 is most memorable. In the year 1977, there was a cold front the swept the country.

But does it really snow in Florida? 

The answer is yes. There are a few parts of Florida that experience snow while others only get flurries. 

Let’s dig deeper into this topic and learn everything about snowfall in Florida.

Snowfall in Florida is Not Regular

Movies and TV shows often confuse people. They create a certain image of a destination. So, you might have the assumption that it snows all the time in Florida. However, that’s not true. As said above, there are a few places in Florida where it snows. 

Moreover, even in those areas, the snowfall is not extreme and regular. It only snows when the temperature drops below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not often. The winter season in Florida covers the months of December to March. These are the only months in which the state could experience snowfall. 

Here’s something that might surprise you – Snowfall in Florida was widespread, just like London, before the 1900s. But due to climate change and industrialization, the snowfall in Florida started decreasing as the years passed. 

It might be a piece of good news for those who aren’t fond of the snow or the cold weather. But people who wish to experience snowfall in Florida will genuinely be disappointed. Fortunately, we have something good for all the snow lovers. 

Do you remember we said that there are some areas in Florida that experience snowfall? Well, the snowfall at these places might be mild, but something can be really better than nothing. So, let’s discuss the list of these areas in detail! 

Where to Find Snowfall in Florida?

It’s probably the most exciting part of this article. Florida is not a small state, and without any expert’s help, it would be really tough to find the cities that experience snowfall.

Thankfully, we are here for you and have curated a list of places in Florida where one can experience snowfall.

Spoiler Alert: The following list contains a few areas with artificial snowfall. However, despite being unnatural, the snowfall doesn’t look any less realistic.


Jacksonville experiences around 1.9 inches of snowfall every year. Thus, if you wish to see rare flurries, Jacksonville is a great place to visit.

However, in Jacksonville, you are more likely to find sleet than snow. But in case you get lucky, you might witness snowfall during January and February.

However, there are several other ways to make your experience in Jacksonville fun and memorable. Here are a few of them!

  • You can check out the local attractions like The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, the gardens of Jacksonville, and the Jacksonville Zoo
  • If you are a football fan, make sure to catch the Jaguar’s game in the city
  • One can also enjoy peaceful evening walks, as the atmosphere becomes spectacular with the sunset

Snowcat Ridge

Snowcat Ridge is another amazing place in Florida where you get to see snowfall. It’s a beautiful spot that allows visitors to enjoy ice skating, tubing, and playing with snowballs.

Additionally, it is also one of the most popular alpine snow parks. In Florida, it’s considered the perfect family picnic spot.

If you are on a family trip, you should definitely check out this place. Unfortunately, this place does not have real snow. However, we are sure you will not be disappointed by the overall experience. 

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is one of the places to visit if you want to experience astonishing real-like snowfall. We are pretty sure that Universal has already been on your list of places to visit in Florida. But if it’s not, then adding it to the list would be worth it – we bet! 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter offers tourists a constant stream of snowfall coming from Hogsmeade. In addition, you can also see alluring artificial snowfall during the festive season of Universal.

While artificial snowfall might not be as amazing as the real one, it adds excitement and thrill to the holiday atmosphere at Universal.

Other than the above, here are a few other fun things to do at Universal Orlando:

  • Enjoy fun rides like Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Skull Island, and Fast and Furious Supercharged. These rides become more fun and exciting when you are accompanied by your friends
  • For dining, you can visit the VIVO Italian Kitchen, The Oasis Beach Bar, Bice Ristorante, or The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen
  • Also, check out popular shows like – Harbor Nights, Universal’s Superstar Parade, Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration, and Wantilan Luau

Jolly Creek

Jolly Creek is undoubtedly a fantastic place to visit in Florida. It’s packed with attractive Christmas lights, festive Souvenirs, and of course, snowfall. The snowfall at Jolly Creek is coordinated with the marvelous festive show. 

So, when you visit this place and hear LET IT SNOW blaring out, that’s when you will see snowflakes falling from the sky. Believe us; you don’t want to miss that amazing snowfall experience. 

Then again, the snowfall at Jolly Creek might not be as incredible as the real snow show, but it is one of the best snowfall alternatives in Florida; at least, that’s what people say. 

So if you ask us about the places to see snowfall in Florida, we would say that there are many, but Jacksonville, Snowcat Ridge, Universal Orlando, and Jolly Creek are the best ones. 

Does it Snow in Florida? Here’s the Verdict!

The answer is no, it does not regularly snow in Florida. If you are in north Florida there is a slight chance for sleet or flurries if the temperature gets cold enough, but this is rare.

There are a few exciting and beautiful places in Florida to enjoy fake snowfall. Besides, you can have a fun day with your friends and loved ones at these spots. 

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