Does Target Drug Test?

Does Target Drug Test?

Yes, Target has a drug-free policy and will require drug testing for certain roles before being hired.

As the largest retailer company, Target strives to have a drug-free workspace to keep both its employees and customers safe. This means usage of alcohol, tobacco, or any sort of drug is strictly prohibited.

If you are planning to apply for a job at Target then you must be wondering does target drug tests? To make it easy for you to understand, we will discuss the Target Drug-free workplace policy here.

Does Target Drug Test in 2021?

America’s leading retailer target has a strict drug policy which means if you are applying for certain roles you will have to take a mandatory drug test.

The drug test has to be passed within 24 hours and it will be managed by the company called Accurate Background.

Target Drug-Free Policy 2021

Target’s drug-free policy informs its employees that Target intends to create a safe and drug-free environment both for its employees and customers. Target wants its employees to be highly-motivated, productive, and focussed.

This means to use, distribution, possession, or sale of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, or any sort of medication without a prescription is banned. If any employee is found to be guilty, it could result in immediate termination.

You cannot consume drugs or alcohol during work hours at the workplace. You also cannot consume drugs in:

  • Parking lots
  • Off-house worksites
  • Community property nearby
  • While driving the company’s vehicle

When Does Target Drug Tests?

Target reserves a right to conduct drug tests on its employees. The company can ask an employee to report to a Target-designated health care center for a drug test.

An employee cannot start working until their drug test results come back. There are three main situations under which Target can ask for a drug test from its potential and current employees. These are:


Typically, the pre-employment drug test is not for all employees. The drug test is required solely for those employees who operate machinery and are applying for the role of Team leaders or managers. An applicant just has 24 hours to take a drug test or else they will not be hired.

In the Case of Accidents

The second situation is when an employee has been in an accident at Target that has caused significant damage. They may be asked to undertake a drug test.

This is necessary because Target wants to assure that the accident was not caused by an employee when he was under the influence of some drug and to ensure that such accidents will not happen in the future.

Reasonable Cause

If any of the employees have been suspected of using or distributing prohibited drugs, Target may ask for a drug test.

Target does NOT select employees randomly for a drug test. Instead, there must be a valid reason to suspect an employee such as erratic behavior, strange incidents, or accidents.

Target Drug Testing

If you are planning to apply for a job at Target, you must know that certain roles may require a mandatory drug test as a part of the selection process. If a role you’re applying for requires a drug test, you will be notified in advance.

An applicant will be required to complete the drug test at the center that is located close to the Target you applied for the job or where you work.

If an applicant fails to complete the drug test in the required time, Target withdraws the employment offer.

What Type of Drugs Does Target Test For?

Urine, blood, and saliva tests are performed at Target to screen for the following drugs:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methadone
  • Ecstasy
  • Barbiturates
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Synthetic drugs

The main reason behind Target drug testing is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment. Employees working under the influence of drugs can be a threat to other employees and customers.

What Happens After a Drug Test?

If a drug test report is positive, Target withdraws its employment offer. For existing Target employees, failure in drug tests results in termination of the job. Denying a drug test also results in termination.

Target Drug Test Deadline

When it comes to pre-employment drug tests at Target, there’s a timeline. An agent from the Target HR department will notify you of the time frame under which the drug test must be completed.

Usually, the time limit is 24 hours. Targets have drug test deadlines to reduce the chances of illicit drugs being eliminated from the body.

If an applicant fails to perform a drug test under a given time frame, he’s considered positive. This may result in job loss or suspension.

What Target Jobs Require a Drug Test?

Target does not drug test for all jobs. Cashiers, seasonal workers, and retail staff are rarely asked for a drug test unless there’s a reasonable reason to suspect them.

However, if you are applying for more intense positions such as managers, team leaders, or jobs that require the usage of heavy machinery or equipment, it requires a mandatory drug test.

Once the drug test is negative, an applicant will be hired. If an applicant tests positive, his employment offer is withdrawn.

A drug test is confidential just like any other medical health record.

How Often Does Target Drug Test?

Usually, Target drug tests before hiring an employee. However, if there has been an accident or an employee is suspected of drugs, Target may ask for a drug test. Besides that, there are hardly any chances of drug testing.

Who Conducts Target Drug Tests?

Target conducts drug tests through a third-party company called Accurate background. You will be asked to visit Accurate Background for your drug test that is nearest to the Target store, in which you’ve applied for the job or where you currently work.

Final Note: Does Target Drug Test in 2021?

Usage, sale, possession, and distribution of drugs are strictly prohibited at Target. If you are caught with drugs, it could result in serious consequences in terms of your job.

Along with that, Target has a right to implement random testing if there’s any suspicion of misconduct.

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