Details Explaining How To Get To Prifddinas 

Details Explaining How To Get To Prifddinas 

Prifddinas has been the country of elves for many years. It’s the capital of Tirannwn, formed in the First Age, and remains the oldest surviving settlement of Gielinor. The city is made of crystal and is home to eight elven clans. 

During the Elven Civil War, it shrunk to a crystal seed. Fortunately, the clan leaders restored Prifddinas to its former glory by bringing back the Seal of Seren.  However, before you can get into Prifddinas, you’ll pass some processes. Read on to find out.

Getting Into Prifddinas: The Requirements

For you to gain access through the gates of Prifddinas, you must finish Plagues. So, getting to Plagues End involves the following requirements: 

The Making History:

You have to save the outpost, north of the West-Ardougne from being destroyed by King Lathas in his alchemist lab. Your task is to gather enough information about the outpost from Erin, the silver merchant, Droalak, the ghost, and Dron, the warrior.

The Restless Ghost:

Here, you’ll learn that a ghost has been disturbing the graveyard at Lumbridge. Your quest is to find out why it’s still troubled and how to appease it so it can go to the world beyond.

Priest in Peril:

King Roald has lost communication with the monk in the Temple of Paterdomus. Your task is to go to the temple, consult the monk, and return to the king with the report.

Catapult Construction:

The Catapult Guard at Tyras Camp is facing a severe challenge. As a result of neglect, the Catapult is undergoing rot, and it needs repair. General Hining is furious about the level of decay. 

He needs an adventurer like you with construction abilities to repair the Catapult. But, first, you must find the missing Catapult engineer for the Catapult Schematics book to enable you to build the Catapult.

Within the Light:

There has been a disturbance in the Temple of Light. Thorgel the Dwarf sends a messenger for help from Arianwyn in investigating the cause of this disturbance. 

You are to get a report of the happenings there. However, Arianwyn will be going with you; and you must protect and guide him to the temple.

Mourning’s Ends Part 2:

This is a sequel to Mourning’s Ends part 1. When you’ve infiltrated the mourners, you’ll learn of a secret temple, which happens to be the Temple of Light, and which is their destination. Return to Arianwyn and report this to him. Your task is to stop them by all means.

Mourning’s Ends Part 1:

Arianwyn has noticed the fishy movements of some mourners crossing the Arandar Pass. He tells you that they’re not mourners but disguised Elves of Prifddinas who couldn’t get into West Ardougne. Your quest is to get a mourner’s disguise, infiltrate the group and find out their destination.  

Big Chompy Bird Hunting:

Rantz the Ogre’s children Fycie and Bugs are voracious eaters. However, Rantz can’t make an ogre arrow because he is all fingers and thumbs. So he needs your help to make arrows to go Big Chompy Bird Hunting to feed his kids. 

Sheep Herder:

Some plague-infected sheep from West Ardougne have strayed to East Ardougne, posing a health threat to the people. 

Your task, therefore, is to find these sheep, kill them, and incinerate them in a different place already provided, in time to stop them from infecting other animals or even humans.

Roving Elves:

This quest involves two nomadic elves – Islwyn and Eluned who live deep in the forest. Islwyn, the male elf, is grumpy and hates humans and gnomes because they stole his grandmother’s ash. On the other hand, Eluned, a female, is beautiful, kind, and loving.

You’re to meet with Islwyn and inform him you were the one who stole the ash, and you have now placed it in Baxtorian’s home. 

This gesture will appease him and change his views about humans. However, other sacrifices are essential before his grandmother’s soul can rest in peace. Offer to help him.

Waterfall Quest:

You’re to investigate the death of ancient elven leaders. This fact-finding will lead you to the story of Baxtorian’s and the hidden treasure in Baxtorian Falls, which you must acquire.


King Lathas has finally found his brother King 1Tyras, and wants to kill him. You’ll have to go to Tirannwn to kill King Tyras. This quest will lead you beyond the ‘Well of Voyage.’ Across this place is a new world filled with strange plants and creatures.

Underground Pass:

This underground pathway which was closed for years, has just been reopened. It’s a dangerous path but remains the only way to get one step closer to killing King Tyras. For you to carry out the king’s wish, you must go through this dreadful underground pass.


This is the second quest in an ongoing adventure. Here, Elena needs your help in getting back her stolen equipment and samples to investigate the so-called Ardougne Plague. Unfortunately, the mourners had stolen her equipment and pieces. You are to retrieve them and send them to her old mentor.

Plague City:

This is the first quest in the Elf Quest series. A plague just broke out in West Ardougne. Elena, Edmond’s daughter, who went there to help the diseased people, has gone missing. Edmond contracts you to get more information on the plague and find his daughter.

Plague Ends Requirements

  • 75 Construction
  • 75 Dungeoneering
  • 75 Agility
  • 75 Crafting
  • 75 Herblore
  • 75 Mining
  • 75 Prayer
  • 75 Summoning

When you’ve fulfilled these requirements, you can then walk majestically into the gates of Prifddinas in Tirannwn.

Plague’s End

Plague’s End is the last quest that will usher you into the gates of Prifddinas. Lord Lorwerth, the rebel lord of the Lorwerth elf clan, wants to regrow Prifddinas to a Lorwerth-only-city. But he needs the help of the Dark Lord. So he summons the Dark Lord to accomplish his evil plan.

Your quest is to join forces with Arianwyn to stop this from happening. If you can accomplish this task, you’ll have access to the great Prifddinas and other rewards.

A Brief History Of Prifddinas

The Elven city Prifddinas, located north of Isafadar, is the oldest in Gielinor. The city’s guardian goddess Seren gave each clan head a piece of her crystal to build their city, with the Tower of Voices at the center of them all. A high mountain that surrounds the city protected it from invaders. 

In the First and Second Ages, there was peace in Prifddinas. However, a crisis broke out in the Third and Fourth Ages. Lord Lorwerth of the Lorwerth clan allied with King Luthas to help him become Lord over all of Prifddinas and make it a Lorwerth-elves-only city.

This quest led to the elven civil war, and during this time, Prifddinas turned to its original crystal seed form. However, this event did not stop Lord Lorwerth, who tried to awaken the Dark Lord to help him restore the seed to a city.

However, the other clan elders resisted this move. Led by Arianwyn and an adventurer, they were able to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the city of Prifddinas to its lost glory.

Clans In Prifddinas

Prifddinas comprises eight clans, with the Tower of Voices residing at the center of Prifddinas.

Crwys Clan:

Led by Lord Crwys, this Clan is famous for its woodcutting and farming skills. This Clan lies northeast of the Tower of Voices, off the eastern path. 

Can Clan:

This Clan is known for its Magic and Ranged skills. Led by lord Arianwyn, it lies on the southeastern part of the Tower of Voices, off the eastern path.

Trahaearn Clan:

They are known for their Mining and Smithing skills. The Clan lies southeast of the Tower of Voices, off the southern path, close to the south entrance of Prifddinas. Lady Trahaearn rules this Clan.

Lorwerth Clan:

Lord Lorwerth was initially ruler of this Clan. However, following his destruction in the elven civil war, Listen Edern assumed leadership of the Clan.

The Lorwerth clan lies southwest of the Tower of Voices, off the southern path, just before the entrance of Prifddinas on the south. They are famous for their Malee and Slayer skills.

Ithell Clan:

The people of this Clan have Crafting and Construction skills. It lies on the southwest of the Tower of Voices, off the western path. Lady Ithell leads the Clan.

Melody Clan:

Lord Amlodd rules this Clan which lies northwest of the Tower of Voices, off the western path. They are famous for their Summoning and Divination skills.

Hefin Clan:

Led by Lady Hefin, this Clan lies northwest of the Tower of Voices, off the northern path. They have Agility and Payer skills.

Meilyr Clan:

This Clan, led by Lady Meilyr, is known for its Dungeoneering and Herblore skills. Meilyr lies northeast of the Tower of Voices, off the northern path.


Accessing Prifddinas, the oldest elven city in Gielinor involves finishing a series of challenging tasks at Plague’s End. These quests include preventing a catastrophe from biohazards, finding missing persons, and undertaking fact-finding missions. 

Prifddinas has eight clans led by clan leaders.  The city enjoyed peace until the Third Age when the Lorwerth clan leader began a quest to rule the entire kingdom.

He died in the ensuing civil war, which also saw the city return to crystal seed. Finally, however, clan elders restored the city by bringing back the Seal of Seren, the guardian goddess of Prifddinas.

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