Important Tips On How To Unlock The D6

Important Tips On How To Unlock The D6

The D6 is an unlockable item in the role-playing shooter game, The Binding of Isaac.  This game follows the story of Isaac, who escapes into his basement after his mother receives an instruction to offer him as a sacrifice.  

In his basement, he encounters bizarre creatures while unlocking and picking up items and treasures along the way. These items give him superhuman abilities and help him overcome the numerous challenges in his journey. 

The D6 is an essential item in The Binding of Isaac. You’ll learn how to unlock it in this article. 

How Can You Unlock The D6?

You can unlock D6 by beating the Cathedral or Blue Baby. To win Blue Baby, you must kill Mom’s Heart ten times. It Lives will then replace Mom’s Heart. 

When you beat It Lives, you’ll see the beam of light and a stairway that leads to The Cathedral. Once unlocked, Isaac can now carry the D6 as a starter item. 

Since the Cathedral, It Lives, and Mom’s Heart is crucial to unlocking the D6 in The Binding of Isaac, a little exposition would give you more insight.

What Is The Cathedral That Unlocks The D6?

The Cathedral is the next stage after It Lives. It will become accessible when you beat It Lives. You can then access it via a beam of light at the top of the screen. Inside The Cathedral, a player will encounter several sub-boss rooms, eventually engaging in a boss fight with a teary Isaac.

Bosses are mighty monsters found at the end of each floor in the Boss Rooms. You’ll have to kill the boss at the end of each floor to advance to the next one. Many of these non-final bosses can reappear in later chapters as degraded bosses or regular opponents.

There are no Devil Room items in The Cathedral. So your other options will be using The Joker card, entering The Curse Room, or even teleporting to a Devil Room. 

Defeating Isaac in The Cathedral will unveil a new ending. However, before you beat It Lives, you’ll first kill Mom’s Heart.

How Can You Kill Mom’s Heart To Unlock The Cathedral?

Mom’s Heart is a boss in The Binding of Isaac. Although it’s the final boss in chapters 1-11, it can also appear in Chapter 4. It also precedes It Lives, which only emerges after you kill Mom’s Heart ten times.

The quickest approach to beat Mom’s Heart is to kill the eyes in the beginning. Then, from one side of the room, shoot constantly at the Heart. It’ll be a lengthy journey, but if you deal a lot of damage early on, defeating Mom’s Heart will be much easier.

Bible and Azazel + Tammy’s Head are two items in the game that will enable you to easily defeat Mom. The Bible will kill Mom’s Heart in a single hit. Don’t throw it away if you have one. It’ll come in handy during this battle. 

Tammy’s Head is also very lethal. However, for it to be effective, you’ll need a lot of tear effects. Azazel has a powerful impact. Tammy’s Head combined with Azazel will quickly destroy Mom’s Heart.

A few tips would help you as you battle Mom’s Heart. First, if you must beat Mom’s Heart, then you must be a good dodger. Fighting Mom’s Heart could be a long-drawn battle. So, your chances of winning depend on how long you can last, which also depends on how much damage you take. 

You must also learn to position yourself properly so you can hit the Heart where you’ll inflict the most damage. You’ll also need a vantage position where you can move quickly when the next wave of mobs comes at you. Again, the side of the room is the best-recommended area.

How Can You Kill It Lives To Unlock Mom’s Heart?

It Lives is a more robust version of Mom’s Heart that permanently replaces It after the 9th kill. The technique for defeating It Lives is similar to that for battling Mom’s Heart. However, whenever possible, focus on dealing harm to It Lives.

When you kill It Lives for the first time, you’ll gain access to the Sheol floor, which is usually only accessible via the Devil Room. You’ll be able to choose between The Cathedral and Sheol after you kill It Lives for a second time.

Like Mom’s Heart, you can instantly kill It Lives using The Bible item. However, defeating this boss will no longer result in the golden treasure required to complete the game in subsequent runs. Instead, you’ll need to travel to Sheol or Cathedral to win.

But why is the D6 so crucial in the Binding of Isaac, and what’s its role in the game? How does it help Isaac’s advance to safety? We’ll provide answers in the next section. So, continue reading.

What’s The Role Of The D6 In The Binding of Isaac?

The D6 is an essential item in The Binding of Isaac for two reasons: 

  • First, the D6 keeps Isaac well-equipped as he escapes to safety. By unlocking the D6, Isaac can re-roll collectible items in a particular room into other forms, although this depends on the room’s Item Pool. 
  • The D6 offers Isaac more opportunities to collect more rewards as the game progresses. For example, he can restart a particular room and complete all challenges, acquiring more prizes in the process.

About The Binding Of Isaac Game

The Binding of Isaac follows the story of young Isaac, who’s fleeing from his mother. Along the way, players will discover artifacts that transform Isaac’s shape, granting him superhuman skills as he battles hordes of unknown creatures.

When Isaac’s mother hears God’s voice demanding a sacrifice to prove her faith, he flees to the basement, where he confronts numerous adversaries.

Game Features

The game generates random dungeons, items, enemies, and bosses. In addition, it contains over 100 different items that improve your abilities and alter your appearance. 

There are about 50 different enemy types that can potentially become more aggressive. 

In The Binding of Isaac, which spans four chapters and eight levels with various endings, you’ll almost certainly face around 20 bosses. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from over three different classes, each with its collection of unlockable enemies, items, bosses, and other features.

System Requirements 

The game works on Windows and macOS. Windows XP and later will suffice. To play The Binding of Isaac smoothly, you’ll need at least 1GB of RAM, a 2.5GHz processor, 50MB of hard disk space, and a Direct X9.0c-compatible video card.

The Binding of Isaac Plot

Isaac begins his journey in a basement. This floor and succeeding floors separate into single interconnected rooms with monsters or goods. Isaac must defeat a horrific demon before descending to the next floor occupies the boss chamber at the end of the maze.

Isaac’s attack strategy is weaponized crying. He can harm opponents from afar by blinking crocodile-sized tears in four directions. As you progress, you unlock more keys, bombs, and other items.

Because each floor has a randomized structure, no two play sessions are the same. However, there are a few familiar stops along the way, although the path is different. You can access the item shops and special item rooms on each floor if you have a few keys with you. 

Isaac’s power grows by collecting items that increase his stats or grant him special abilities rather than by gaining levels. The majority of the items give mundane objects supernatural abilities. Items can also alter the appearance of your character, usually for the worse. As a result, Isaac may not be recognizable by the end of the game.

Because The Binding of Isaac is such a difficult game, you’ll have lots of opportunities to return and revisit the dungeons. Unfortunately, every encounter becomes more intense by your character’s limited health and lack of supplies.

There’s more content to unlock once you’ve completed the game for the first time, such as floors, characters, and items. The new floors add to the difficulty by lengthening the game, while the new characters have less health than Isaac but more fascinating special skills.

The Binding of Isaac Reviews and Reception

The Binding of Isaac garnered mostly positive feedback from critics. The game has an 84% Metacritic score, based on 30 reviews.

Reviewers have praised the game for its high replayability, citing the diverse range and 3power -up combinations a player can encounter during the game.

The Binding of Isaac has the credit for popularizing the rogue-like genre, with its success paving the way for games like FTL and Don’t Starve.

The Binding of Isaac was nominated for the 2011 Spike Awards in the category of Best Independent Game but lost to Minecraft.

By November of that year, the game had sold more than a million copies. By July 2015, following the release of Rebirth, the combined titles had sold over 5 million units.


The D6 is an unlockable item in The Binding of Isaac, a role-playing shooter game. By defeating the Cathedral, you’ll be able to unlock D6. 

To defeat The Cathedral, you must kill Mom’s Heart 10 times to unveil It Lives. A beam of light and a stairway leading to The Cathedral will appear when you defeat It Lives.

The D6 is crucial because it keeps Isaac well-equipped throughout the game. By obtaining the D6, Isaac can re-roll collectible items in his current room into other forms. He can also restart challenges and earn more rewards in the process.

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