Is Missguided legit? What You Need To Know

Is Missguided legit? What You Need To Know

The increase in online shopping activities has given fashion a whole new face. Individuals can now conveniently shop for fashion items and get them delivered to them without hassles. 

However, this rise in the demand for online fashion products also comes with some downsides. Several fraudulent online stores are popping out on the internet every other day, making a lot of people wary about buying items online. 

So, as irresistible as many of the products displayed on some online stores are, people now resist the urge to order them immediately, at least, without double-checking the store’s credibility. 

Missguided is one of those online stores with irresistible eye-catching products. Nevertheless, everyone needs to be extra careful to avoid getting scammed, thus the question:

 Is Missguided legit?

Yes, Missguided is legit. Unfortunately, many online scam stores have taken their fraudulent activities up a notch. So, it may be hard to tell from their websites if they are fake or not. However, some telltale signs point to the genuineness of an online store.

The first is how long they have been operating. With how fast information spreads on the internet, it is hard for an online scam store to continue in business for a long time. Missguided passes this test because they have been operating for over a decade (since 2009). 

Furthermore, Missguided has several physical stores, warehouses, and offices that people can visit. Scam stores don’t have this. They only operate online.

So, Missguided is legit. They wouldn’t take your money without delivering the products you purchased. However, there have been occasions when people take legitimacy to mean that they would get quality products, which isn’t true.

There is so much more to know about Missguided and its products. Keep reading for more information.

What Is Missguided?

Missguided is a UK-based fast-fashion retail store founded by Nitin Passi. He founded the company over a decade ago. It has been steadily growing and meeting the fashion needs of women (the Missguided “babes”).

They take great pride in doing more than the regular fast-fashion retailers, releasing about 1000 new fashion products weekly for their Missguided babes. 

Missguided products are fashionable. They cater to the fashion needs of 16-35-year-old women “babes.” You would notice that they follow trends, are highly influenced by social media, street fashion, and celebrity looks.

The company has partnered with other international companies and has grown speedily since its inception. However, they have also been associated with some controversies and have dealt with their fair share of lawsuits. 

Missguided has continued to expand over the years. It doesn’t seem like the company is slowing its roll anytime soon. 

What Products Can You Find On Missguided 

Missguided has been in the online fashion business for years now. Therefore, they understand the need to give their customers a wide range of options. So, it is difficult to visit Missguided’s website and not have choices that’ll intrigue you.

They have a wide range of clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and other fashion items. 


On the Missguided website and in their physical stores, you would find different clothing items. Like jeans, dresses, shirts, shorts, lingerie, nightwear, jumpsuits, bodysuits, sweatshirts, hoodies, trousers, swimwear, shapewear, loungewear, blazers, coats, underwear, wedding dresses, etc. These different items of clothing are available for different body types. 


Flip flops, heels, trainers, slippers, platform sandals, ankle boots, suede boots, school shoes, leather and post heel sandals, flats, etc., are available in the shoe category of Missguided. 


Missguided babes have a broad range of accessories options. On the website, you would find different jewelry, bags, hair clips, wristwatches, belts, phone cases, fragrances, gloves, hats, sunglasses, headbands, bum bags, socks, scarves, gifts items, etc. 

Beauty products:

Missguided takes the online fashion shopping experience a notch higher by adding beauty products to the items they sell. At Missguided, you can purchase any of the following beauty and hair products, face gloss, mascara, lip gloss, translucent powder, eye shadow, lip scrubs, eyebrow gel, nail polish, eyelashes, hair conditioners, body conditioners, face mask, lip treatment, shower sponge, body oil, and makeup bags.

Is Missguided Selling Quality Products?

Missguided is a fast-fashion store, which means that they mass produce clothing in the shortest possible time. Generally, people opine that fast fashion products are of low quality because the companies ensure that they are out of fashion before the coming season. 

However, there are positive reviews about Missguided products. A handful of people seem to be content with the quality of the product they receive. On the other hand, others have complained bitterly about the quality of the materials used and the products in general.  

Is Missguided Affordable?

Missguided promises their customers good and affordable prices. Many customer reviews show that they have kept that promise over the years. As a result, Missguided prices are lower in comparison to many other online stores. 

However, it may be a tad difficult to track the prices of Missguided products because they upload a large number of products on their site every day. So, you might have to check the site as regularly as possible to keep track of their fluctuating product prices. 

Missguided Payment Methods 

Missguided is a global retail store and has customers from different parts of the world. For this reason, they accept a wide range of payment methods to make it easy for customers from other countries. 

They accept MasterCard, visa, delta, electron, maestro, solo, debit cards. They also accept PayPal and American Express cards. 

On the Missguided website, you would find it easy to check prices in a currency that is familiar to you. They have different currency options like US Dollars, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Australian, Canadian, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand dollars.

Is Misguided Safe?

Many people are careful about making purchases online, and that is necessary. Therefore, questions like is Missguided legit?  Or is Missguided safe? Come up often. The answer is yes on both counts. So, Missguided is both legit and safe. 

Your mailing address, name, and card details are secure when you pay for items on Missguided. However, because of how sensitive these details are, you need to be certain of the company’s credibility before purchasing. 

You can trust that your data are safe and secure because Missguided has security to protect every customer’s information they receive.

Is The Missguided Website Mobile Phone Friendly?

Yes, the Missguided website works on both mobile devices and desktops. Every good online shopping website must be compatible with mobile devices for ease of use. Missguided is compatible with android and iOS. 

On your phone, you can visit the site, scan through the different products available, select products to buy, and make payments without hassles. 

Missguided Return And Refund Policy 

The online market isn’t the same as walking into a store. You don’t have physical contact with the purchased products until it arrives at your doorstep. So, you must know a company’s return and refund policy before you patronize them. 

Chances are you might not like what you get, or there might be a mistake with sizes, colors, or even a misdelivery. A lot of things may go wrong. So, you need to know what the company’s policy is for when you’re not satisfied with the product delivered.

Missguided offers a full refund. The company’s policy allows them to accept returns and pay back the cash. However, terms and conditions apply. 

The refund doesn’t include taxes, duties, or additional charges that the customer may have paid with the original cost of the returned product. 

To get a refund, customers must ensure that the product is in the same condition as when they received it. For example, all tags must be intact. In addition, the product must be unused, unstained, and undamaged.

Furthermore, the customer must return the product within 14 days of receiving it. After sending it back, you may have to wait for about 13-15 working days for the products to arrive at the Missguided warehouse and get processed. After this, your money gets paid into your account. 

You should note that there are products that you can’t return after they get to your delivery address. These products include cosmetics, grooming products, swimwear, and pierced jewelry, etc.

Like many other online stores, Missguided doesn’t bear the expenses of returns. This responsibility lies solely on the customer. 

However, paying the return costs isn’t the only downside. The 14 days return limit is also a problem. Customers often complain that it takes longer than 14 days to send the products back to Missguided. Unfortunately, this delay automatically means that they can’t get a refund. 

What Are Missguided’s Customer Support Channels?

Customer support is a necessary part of both online and physical businesses. Missguided has provided three different customer support channels. However, these channels don’t include their social media pages where they respond to dms. 

Customers can reach them via their 24 hours live chat. Customers have attested to using this when they need an instant response. Also, you can contact them via mail, or you can send them a letter. 

Different customers’ reviews show that these other channels work. However, customers have complained about the absence of a telephone support service. 


Missguided is a legit and secure online fashion store that has met the needs of fashion-conscious babes for years. They have stayed relevant for over a decade and have now become a famous name in the industry. 

There might be a divide on the subject of the quality of their products. Still, many people agree that they cater to the fashion trend needs of many women. So, you can rest assured that when you buy products from Missguided, you’re purchasing trendy products from a legit and secure company.

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