Is OGX Good Brand For Shower Products?

Is OGX Good Brand For Shower Products?

Suffering from hair damage? Do not fret anymore, as OGX has your back. Whether you go out on a sunny day, run errands, or work out, OGX ensures that your hair remains protected. 

We know how crucial hair care is. Thus, OGX is created to make the users fall in love with their hair every day. No matter what your hair type is, OGX has a vast array of hair care products that suit your needs. 

Coming to the real question – Is OGX good brand for shower products? Let’s check it out! 

Why Is OGX Popular?

Unlike most hair care brands, OGX conditions and hydrates your hair well. OGX products easily help to nourish your hair based on the outcome you are looking for. From its anti-aging biotin shampoo to its curl impact gel, this brand makes every day a good hair day. 

The founder shared that OGX is inclined towards natural hair care as she had to bear unruly hair during her childhood. Thus, she came up with OGX, a brand that strengthens hair roots.

Behind the product launch, there was also the love for organic ingredients, both oils, and natural ingredients. 

OGX Products You Should Look into

We shall be looking at some of the OGX products that customers love and the reason behind their likings. 

1. Body Scrub

OGX Coconut Coffee Scrub and Wash exfoliates and dissolves any dead cells, leaving your skin refreshed and clean. The scrub, paired with a tropical coconut smell, rejuvenates your senses. 

Natural caffeine reinvigorates your skin hair while Shea Butter gives your hair a nourished, soft, and supple touch. For this blend, the natural caffeine is extracted from Arabica coffee beans. 

The scrub works best when applied to the knees, heels, and elbows. 

Why People Love This?


The coffee smell gives off a refreshing vibe, which the customers love. It smells much better than other costlier body scrubs. 


The OGX scrub adds moisture to your skin. Customers love scrubs that do not completely wipe off moisture from skins. 


All the scrub features that come with the OGX scrub are usually expected in the expensive mall body scrubs. Customers feel they pay a much reasonable price for a lot more than the cost. Thus, they come over and over again to buy the best stuff from OGX. 

2. Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil has not become popular only for the raised temperature of Moroccan deserts. Behind its fuelling popularity, OGX has a hand. 

OGX found out that blending powerful ingredients with the argan oil freshly pressed from the Argan tree nut found a solution to retain moisture in thirsty and dry hair. Lastly, they packed sweet almond and moisture-rich coconut oil to make their finding even more excellent. 

Why People Love This?


Out of any argan products, customers adore the OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil for its fragrant smell. It makes hair smell wonderful. For colored hair, the argan oil brings out vivid colors. 


The argan oil keeps the hair moisturized, cutting down on any frizz. It also has a thick consistency that other brands do not offer. 

Curl Maintenance

For the ones with curly hair, it keeps curls in really good condition. 


Other brands that do the same work put on higher price tags. However, OGX Argan Oil products are way cheaper and give the same performance. 

3. Body Wash

OGX Extra-Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash has been made using coconut oil, cocoa extract, Shea butter, and aloe vera gel. 

When you have just worked out or gone out in the sun, this body wash will replenish the energy stored inside you. It keeps dry skin away, giving you soft and detangled skin. Straight at home, experience a spa-like session. It not only makes you feel clean, but it also makes you feel amazing. 

Why People Love This?


Just dap a small amount of body wash on your skin, and you will regret not using it earlier. Only a tiny amount works wonder on your skin, leaving it so smooth and creamy. 


It gives off a light scent. The most important reason customers love this is that it does not interfere with any perfume or deodorant you might be wearing. Overall, the coconut is a luxurious, non-overwhelming scent. 

4. Scalp Treatment

Using the OGX scalp treatment, you can re-energize and refresh your scalp. For those of you having itchy and dry scalps, this is a must-have. 

When infusing moisture in your dry hair, the treatment, fortified with ginger root, rosemary extract, thyme extract, and tea tree, cleanses any dirt from your air. The sulfate concentration gives better protection as it’s not as harsh as other chemicals. 

Why People Love This?

Stops Itching

Only a little amount is enough to moisturize your scalp and prevent any itching. If you are prone to frequent scalp treatments, use it once a week. 


The shampoo smells great! It gives your scalp a soothing feel. It does not weigh down your hair, so there is no risk of any damp smell. 

These are some of the reasons why OGX is a good brand for hair care. However, it contains some ingredients that need avoiding. 

Weigh the pros and cons before buying. So, is OGX good? Well, maybe or maybe not. It depends on you. Let’s dig deeper, shall we? 

Ingredients To Avoid When Buying OGX

Loving your hair is not enough. You need to keep chemicals that harm your hair at bay. When it comes to buying OGX products, there are particular ingredients you should steer clear of. These are: 


Consider your hair a movie. Sulfates would surely be the villain. 

However, not all sulfates are that bad. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are the real culprits. They are known as surfactants and are integrated to cleanse the hair of oil and dirt. 

Here comes the catch. These villains are too harsh on your scalp; sometimes, they remove your natural hair oils alongside any hair debris. If your hair is dyed, sulfates may strip the color off with overuse. 


Loving your shampoo for the luxuriant smell? Yeah, that’s terrible for the hair. It also does not mean you need to use a bad-smelling shampoo. 

You just need to ensure that any fragrance results from natural sources. Extracting the scent from flowers, essential oils, or fruit extracts is absolutely okay. The problem is when the fragrance is from artificial scents. 

They have alcohols that can dry out your scalp. Thus, it’s best if you avoid them. 


Usually, parabens are added to increase the longevity of your shampoo. As paraben structure is quite similar to the natural body hormones’, a problem exists. 

Shampoo Buying Guide For Different Scalp Types

Hair-related terminology is easy enough to confuse anyone. You sometimes go like, what does that word indicate? 

Just shove off the jargon, and focus on two things – your hair needs and scalp type. Below are the scalp types. 

For Oily Scalp

Ignore anything that has labels like moisturizing, rich, or nourishing. These moisturize scalps, which would be of no help if the scalp is already greasy. 

Instead, go for OGX shampoos with labels like cleansing, balancing, clarifying, or volumizing, as they help prevent excess oil. 

For Dry Scalp

Here, you can choose nourishing and moisturizing OGX shampoos. Avoid using the balancing ones for flaky, dry, and itchy scalps. 

For Sensitive Scalp

You should go for OGX shampoos having tea tree oil, aloe vera, and menthol in them. 

Another recommendation is to figure out what exactly your hair needs the shampoo for – To lessen hair loss? To control frizz? To clear dandruff? 

Then, based on the hair needs, find out a compatible shampoo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is OGX a good brand? 

As OGX produces shampoo made of no harsh chemicals, it is considered a good brand. For every hair issue, OGX has formulated an OGX shampoo. The same goes for every hair type. 

So, OGX can be called a good brand for its reputation and quality. 

2. Is OGX actually sulfate-free?

Well, it seems impossible, right? For your shampoos to be sulfate-free? Well, OGX shampoos are mostly sulfate-free. Just check the ingredient list on the bottle. It will inform you if any harsh surfactants are present in your shampoo or not. 

Final Words

Well, this calls for a wrap-up. Go through some of the best OGX shampoo lists. Make sure to choose one that meets your budget, hair concern, and your scalp type.

OGX comes with a conditioner for each of its shampoo. If you want to get the complete result, use its matching conditioner

You now realize how important it is to love your hair. Make this a ritual of your beauty regime, and do not take this lightly. 

Now you have the answer to your question, whether is OGX good brand for shower products or not. So, start taking care of your hair using OGX. After all, your hair matters!

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