Is Tacklife A Good Brand? Know The Truth!

Is Tacklife A Good Brand? Know The Truth!

Tacklife is a growing brand that provides a variety of products, including home, offices, and automotive products. It is only fair about being skeptical about a brand that makes widespread appliances and tools. So, is Tacklife a good brand?

To find the answer, we have to look at the positives and drawbacks of the brand. We also need to take a look at their products to see what they offer. We’ll do all that in the article. 

Keep reading to find out if tacklife is a good brand. 

A Little About Tacklife

Tacklife makes offices, home, and garden products along with automotive and power tools. The availability of their products is not just limited to the United States of America but instead can be found in over fifty countries around the world. 

Around 700 000 customers across the globe enjoy their products. Tacklife has an impressive range of products, and precisely they have twenty-five million products available as of recent and are continuing to grow. 

A team of ten in 2015 pioneered Tacklife, and they have grown exponentially since with a group now consisting of 200 designers and many more members. 

Their current trademark owner is a renowned owner called AUKEY Technology Co., Ltd. AUKEY was founded in 2005 and has produced electronic products well-received by product reviewers and customers. 

However, AUKEY trademarked it in 2015, but before that, it was owned by a German company and later owned by a Chinese company. Although AUKEY is an American brand, the manufacturing and other operations of Tacklife are believed to have wholly originated and handled by a Chinese company. 

Since Chinese companies are notorious for making cheap products with not much state-of-the-art quality, people are often skeptical about buying products from such a brand. 

What Are The Positives Of Tacklife?

To have a holistic view of the brand, we need to understand the good and the bad. Let’s look at the positives of the Tacklife products first.

They Make a Variety of Products 

Tacklife makes various products and has around twenty-five million available. For any buyer, it is always preferable to find all their desired and related products in one place at one go. 

Moreover, if we want to buy products from specialized brands, the overall cost increases exponentially. So, finding all the products in the same place is a great advantage. 

Increase in Accessibility with Similar Products in One Place

As Tacklife provides a wide array of tools and appliances, you can find all the related products in one place. Additionally, products from the same brand are bound to be more compatible with each other. 

As a result, customers can be at ease when pairing one product with the other. For instance, bolts, nails, and cables come in different shapes and sizes. If you buy unique-sized bolts and nails, you can rest assured the consecutive drills or other compatible power tools are available within the Tacklife family. 

Availability of Tacklife Products Globally 

Tacklife is available in more than fifty countries with an impressive user base as well. Why is that? Tacklife not only provides a wide range of products but produces them at a reasonable price. 

More often than not, we buy products from Amazon by choosing the category prices lower to higher. Hence, it is only understandable why this product dominates the Amazon market. As a result, it has gained significant traction from Amazon.

Meanwhile, they also have a well-maintained website that neatly categorizes its products and lists their prices. Coupons and discounts are almost always offered on their website, so a person aiming to get all their necessities for their DIYs can get great deals. 

What Are The Cons Of Tacklife?

Let’s look at some of the shortcomings of the Tacklife products. 

Concerns Regarding the Quality of the Products 

Granted, the price and availability of products provided by Tacklife are impressive and remarkable. However, contrary to their claims of delivering good-quality products, the customers have concerns against such claims. 

After purchasing a Tacklife product, customers shared their reviews on Amazon, and many strongly advised against buying products from this brand. There were many negative reviews, but some good reviews were available too. 

Lack of Transparency 

Customers seem to be oblivious and skeptical about buying products from this brand as this brand grew exponentially over the years, and they were unsure who owned and operated it. 

Their website does not list any partners or show any executives involved in running such a big, well-known company. 

You can only find that AUKEY trademarks the company if you conduct in-depth research about the company. You cannot see this information anywhere on their website! 

Moreover, power tools, automotive products, and such need your solid investment. If the customers are unclear about the origins and operation of the brand, they will be hesitant to invest in their products. 

Additionally, people are more inclined towards buying products that are ethnically sourced and follow proper labor laws. Hence, the lack of transparency has become a topic of concern for the buyers. 

Poor Customer Service 

Customers have often complained about poor customer service from Tacklife as they failed to connect with them via email or phone. As a result, many of their problems, observations, or concerns remained unanswered. Hence, a communication gap was observed between the brand managers and the users. 

Best Selling Products Of Tacklife

Tacklife offers some great products. Below, we’ll take a look at them to know if they are worth the money.

Tacklife 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander 

This product has been a favorite among many recent buyers. The orbital sander is a good size making it easy to operate and handle. Users can choose among different speed settings, which is ideal for any user as they can gauge the roughness of the surface and select the appropriate settings. 

Extra sanding pads are added to the tools, ensuring that sanding paper does not run out in the middle of your work and cause any hindrance. These are the innovative ideas that Tacklife is not afraid to explore! 

Hammer Drill of Tacklife Corded Drill ½ Inch 

Drills are a must-have for any household and are the life support for anyone willing to take on a home project without assistance from professionals. The strong power cord is durable as the power cord is thick.  It is a good product and is offered at a more reasonable price. 

Moreover, it has excellent penetrable power as it can easily intrude the cement barrier, but you have to endure and use a significant amount of force to get the job done. 

Tacklife Advanced Tiller, 18 Inch Electric Tiller 

Advanced Tiller is a great product to attend to small gardens and is easy to operate. As a result, this is good for preparing your ground for cultivating vegetables and other produce. It is versatile as you can adjust the height of the tiller to your comfort. Thus, making this product unique and preferable. 

Tacklife 5/8” Hose Reel

The hose reel is flexible to operate, use and maneuver. You can twist and turn the hose and rewind it as well. The most significant part of the product is the long pipe of the hose and the flexibility of the angle rotation. 

Furthermore, the reel is portable, making it a good fit for any occasion. However, it is not wireless, so you have to find a port to connect the plug to use it. 

Final Verdict

A brand has many dimensions, and whether it is good or bad is a subjective observation as it depends on product shortcomings and user experience. 

By now, you should have the answer to this question; is Tacklife a good brand

As you have seen the good, bad and the history of Tacklife, it is up to you to decide if you want to purchase from them. 

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