Who Does Tenten Marry: The Naruto Anime Story

Who Does Tenten Marry: The Naruto Anime Story

If you’re a fan of the anime series Naruto, then you may already know a thing or two about the character called Tenten. 

Though Naruto has ended, most fans are still confused about Tenten’s marital status. You might be wondering why this was so important. 

Well, if you’re a true fan, you’ll understand that all the ninjas in Konoha got married and had children, as Naruto concluded. Unfortunately, information about Tenten’s marital status is sketchy. 

So, if you’re a fan, chances are you have a ton of questions about Tenten running through your head. Questions such as, did Tenten ever get married? Did Tenten marry Rock Lee? Is Tenten Metal Lee’s mother? The list of questions goes on and on.   

In this post, you’ll find answers to some unanswered questions regarding Tenten. Keep reading! 

Who Does Tenten Marry? 

Unfortunately, Tenten never got married throughout the Naruto anime series. Finding a boyfriend or getting romantic with a boy looked impossible. And the reasons are apparent. 

Tenten is always in the mood thinking about kunai, shuriken, or flying guillotines. So, how could she have created time for a boyfriend or husband? You can see it was not going to be easy. 

But there is one thing fans believed destroyed Tenten’s chance of having a boyfriend or getting married. It was the sudden death of Neji, someone Tenten had a massive crush on. 

The NejiTen, which implies a proposed relationship between Neji and Tenten, was popular in the Naruto series.  

Everyone that watched or read the Naruto anime could tell that Neji had a crush on Tenten and Tenten felt the same way. They also trusted each other, as demonstrated in the Naruto series. 

When Neji died, Tenten was never the same. She even questioned why he left and promised not to forgive him for leaving her high and dry. 

So, Tenten never got married, and it’s sad. The only boy she had eyes for was Neji. But it was so unfortunate that Neji’s life was cut short. And it seems when he died, he literally took Tenten’s heart away. 

Keep reading to get shocking information about Tenten. 

What Does Tenten Mean?

Every name has a meaning, and Tenten’s is no different. Names of each character featured in the Naruto series also have meanings. 

Unfortunately, Masashi Kishimoto’s intended meaning of the name, Tenten, is yet unknown. But that doesn’t mean Tenten doesn’t have a meaning. 

In Japanese, the name, Tenten, boasts several meanings. One of the translations of Tenten is “heaven heaven.” Another is “little by little.” 

However, since Kishimoto invented the name and character, Tenten might have a special meaning different from the Japanese translations.

Most Naruto enthusiasts believe the name has a close relationship with getting a “ten out of ten” score in a task. And they have logical proof to this. 

Tenten has an extraordinary ability with weapons. And her marksmanship is excellent. So, Kishimoto’s intention for naming her “Tenten” could have been because of these outstanding qualities.  

Is Tenten A Boy Or Girl?

Well, Tenten is a girl, and the only female Team Guy had. Her abilities include manipulating weapons. She can use tons of ninja weapons to attack and defend effectively. 

Tenten had immense knowledge of various ninja weapons and had a thing for collecting multiple weapons. Her idol is the Legendary Sannin Tsunade. 

Tenten enjoys emulating the Legend, Sannin, and hopes to become a famous Kunoichi, using her extraordinary abilities. 

Now, does she have the capacity to become the powerful Kunoichi she dreamed of becoming? Yes, she does. Her abilities with weapons and marksmanship are out of this world. 

A Handy Tip: Tenten only became known in the Naruto: Shippuden anime and on episode 184. 

What Career Path Did Tenten Choose?

No one familiar with the character, Tenten will argue that she would have a blistering career. And as Boruto revealed, she’s still focusing on shinobi missions a couple of decades after the original series’ events.

Boruto also revealed that Tenten had gotten another career path. She isn’t only helping to train new shinobi or gathering intelligence. She runs a personal business, which anyone who understands Tenten can guess correctly.    

Tenten’s ability to master and use any weapon is no secret, even though she’s only seeing it for the first time. But how she transferred it into a more lucrative career makes everything about her new business unique.  

So, Tenten is a proud owner of a weapons shop. But you can guess that her sales would mostly be for ceremonial weapons, given the peace the shinobi world enjoyed.   

Who Did Tenten Have A Crush On?

Tenten’s crush for Neji is a poorly kept secret. It was written all over her. She supported Neji with every opportunity she had. Both were also together most of the time in the anime series.  

Tenten displayed her love and trust for Neji in several ways. She showed it in the proposed fight between Naruto and Neji. Tenten was so sure that Naruto would not defeat Neji, her crush, given the techniques he possessed. 

Here are some shreds of evidence to prove Neji and Tenten’s romantic relationship was a possibility, but death cut short Neji’s life, limiting the chance of the relationship maturing. 

  • Neji and Tenten had great confidence in each other. It was some confidence people share when they’re in love. 
  • Tenten and Neji were consistently together in the Naruto series. It is rare for people in platonic relationships to share such a bond. 
  • Tenten has the utmost respect and admiration for Neji. She even cried and questioned why he died and left her alone. 
  • It was apparent Tenten couldn’t live a day without seeing Neji, and he wanted to share good moments in her life with him. She always invites him to attend special events with her.   
  • Neji also enjoyed seeing Tenten in a good state. She hates it whenever she gets too worried and comes to her aid whenever that is necessary. 
  • Neji’s death deeply hurt Tenten. She felt his death was more of a betrayal because she wished he would remain by her side much longer. Tenten questioned Neji’s death and told him how bitter she was. Only lovers or close relations can show such emotion when a loved one dies. 

Tenten and Neji were a couple that fans would have loved to see more of in the Naruto anime series. But that didn’t happen because Neji’s life was cut short. She ended up being single as there was no account that she got married or had a boyfriend.  

A Handy Tip: Many believe that since Tenten couldn’t enter a relationship or marry Neji, she could have easily ended up with Rock Lee, her other teammate. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 

It was apparent she only had eyes for Neji and couldn’t replace him with Rock Lee. Rock Lee later had a child called Metal Lee, whose mother isn’t a popular name in the Naruto anime series.  

Did Tenten Finally Die?

Tenten’s abilities are exceptional. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have achieved such a remarkable feat in the Naruto anime series. She was unfortunate to face a couple of enemies who she defeated and saved Hinata. 

In the anime series, Tenten was seen with other villagers at the Third Hokage’s funeral. She joined other villagers to mourn his passing. 

Was There A Chance Tenten Could Marry Lee?

Well, not a chance! Tenten hadn’t gotten over Neji. Her heart remained sealed after his death. 

Rock Lee had a child, Metal Lee. And Kishimoto, Naruto’s creator, stated that Tenten wasn’t Metal Lee’s mother. Additionally, she only liked Rock Lee as a friend. There was nothing between them. 


Who does Tenten marry? In the Naruto series, Tenten didn’t marry anyone. It was apparent that she closed and threw away the keys to her heart following Neji’s death. 

Neji died protecting Hinata. He sacrificed himself because he knew allowing Naruto to die would have been a total disaster. 

Tenten’s love for Neji was so apparent throughout the Naruto anime series. He also didn’t marry Rock Lee and wasn’t the mother of Metal Lee, Rock Lee’s son.  


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