Is Jimmy Jazz Legit? Know Your Online Fashion Store

Is Jimmy Jazz Legit? Know Your Online Fashion Store

With social distancing paving the way for the new normal, online shopping has become the suitable way to go. You can shop whatever style of fashion you desire from the comfort of your home. The good part is that so many brands have stepped up their online stores. And that makes it a lot easier.

Despite the trend, you have to be careful where you buy your apparel. You don’t want to get scammed. But then, should you be bothered when shopping on Jimmy Jazz? Is this online store legit? 

More and more questions might be running through your head right now. But the good thing is that you’re here. And you’ll learn more about this online store. 

This post will offer you more details about Jimmy Jazz. You’ll also know if it’s legit or not. 

So, Is Jimmy Jazz Legit?

Well, yes, Jimmy Jazz is legit. It’s a retail fashion store with a solid online presence. They have approximately 170 physical stores within the United States. And the platform features notable brands like Jordan, Puma, Nike, Levi’s, Polo, etc.

Furthermore, this online store has an extensive collection of clothing, footwear, and other accessories. And you can get a range of products for men, women, and kids there.

However, the platform has a strict return policy for its products. And that can be frustrating when you have to go through it. You also can’t exchange an item. 

They have a couple of bad reviews on trust sites from unsatisfied customers. Most of them are mainly on poor customer service. But there are still good reviews too.

How Jimmy Jazz Works

Like other legit online stores, Jimmy Jazz gives you access to a range of products. You can add your items to the cart and checkout whenever you’re ready. The platform also gives you access to lots of discounts almost year-round. 

You can make payments through PayPal or using a debit or credit card. The good part is that the items are at affordable prices.

Jimmy Jazz Shipping Options And Policy

Jimmy Jazz ships all orders from their fulfillment center in Secaucus, New Jersey. You can’t input another shipping address after you place an order. And you can’t make any changes to the order. So, make sure you double-check before you place an order. 

The platform ships your order within 1 to 2 business days. But if you place an Express order over the weekend, they’ll send it before Tuesday under normal conditions.

Note that Jimmy Jazz doesn’t ship to non-contiguous territories or military addresses yet. They also don’t deliver internationally. They only send orders within the United States. Would you please check their website to be sure before placing an order?

Jimmy Jazz offers several shipping options. They include Standard Shipping, FedEx Express Saver, FedEx Ground, and FedEx 2 Day. You can choose anyone convenient for you before you checkout.

However, each shipping option has a different expected delivery time. So, the time you’ll receive your package depends on the method you choose.

You’ll have to wait for about 5 to 7 business days to get your package when you use Standard Shipping. For FedEx Express Saver, it takes about three business days. It takes about 1-5 business days for FedEx Ground and two business days for FedEx 2 Day.

Please note that Jimmy Jazz doesn’t offer FedEx Standard Overnight yet.

It’s important to note that the shipping time doesn’t include the warehouse processing time. It starts to count when FedEx picks up the package. So, it’s best to add 1 to 2 business days for order processing. 

Jimmy Jazz also carries out quality control procedures during the additional time. However, if you use Express Shipping, they’ll treat it as priority processing.

The Express Shipping option can get to you at the delivery time under normal shipping conditions. However, some packages can get delayed as a result of local conditions which disrupt their services.

Jimmy Jazz Standard Shipping uses the FedEx Smartpost. Then USPS handles the package at the final stage. 

Sometimes, Jimmy Jazz may require you to sign for your package at the point of delivery. However, it depends on their discretion. But the option is not available for standard shipping.

Sometimes, you may not receive your package after the expected delivery period. If that happens, wait for about ten business days. And if the item doesn’t get to you after that period, report the missing package to the carrier service.

If you used any of the methods except Standard Shipping, contact Jimmy Jazz customer service. They’ll initiate a “carrier trace.” If it doesn’t process successfully, they’ll do a “carrier claim.” That usually takes 3 to 5 days after they initiate the trace.

However, for Standard Shipping, you may have to wait for USPS to do claim investigations. And that usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

It’s essential to note that Jimmy Jazz doesn’t take responsibility for packages that are delivered. That means once your order appears as “delivered” on the tracking page, they assume you’ve received it. So they may not take responsibility if you claim not to receive it.

Tracking Your Package On Jimmy Jazz

You can track your package once it gets shipped. You’ll receive an order confirmation email when Jimmy Jazz sends your item.

You have to open the confirmation email you received. Then, click on the tracking number. It’ll take you to your Carrier’s tracking page. You’ll see the tracking info there. So, you can always check from time to time to monitor your package.

If the tracking number doesn’t take you to the page when you click on it, copy it. Then, go to your Carrier’s tracking page and paste it there. You’ll see the necessary information. 

You can contact Jimmy Jazz customer support if you don’t receive an order confirmation email. And if the tracking number isn’t working, you can still reach them.

Jimmy Jazz Return Policy

If your purchase is not satisfactory, you can return it. However, ensure you do that within 30 days after the delivery date to get your total refund. That doesn’t include handling or shipping fees, as they’re non-refundable.

Ensure that the item is in good condition (new and unused). You have to place the product in its original packaging, and the store tag must remain intact. Then package it in another outer box before returning.

You can’t return “final sale” products. Additionally, personal or intimate items are non-returnable. They include undergarments, swimwear, underwear, body jewelry, watches, and headphones. 

You can process your return through their official website. On the page, enter your order or tracking number and email address. Then choose the products you want to return. Ensure you add the quantity and return reason.

After that, select the original payment method you used. Then, review the return summary and tap “confirm.” Jimmy Jazz will email your Return label to you once you complete that. 

If you want to return items in more than one box, choose only the products in the first box. Then continue the process. Once you tap “confirm,” go back to the Order History page and repeat the process. That’ll enable you to print return labels for all the boxes.

When you get your return label, please attach it to the box. Ensure you use the original Jimmy Jazz box or a plain unmarked one. Remove any previous shipping labels or stickers before you use the packaging. Then add a copy of the original packing slip before sealing the package.

Next, ship your return package through any FedEx Ground facility near you. Once Jimmy Jazz receives it, they’ll send you an email. They’ll also send you another email when they process your refund. However, you may have to wait for between a few days to 3 weeks for that.

You can also check your return status on their official website. Just enter your order number and email address on the page. Then you’ll see the situation. 

Your return package undergoes a quality assurance when it gets to Jimmy Jazz. If it has a false claim or is used or worn, the platform will return the item. They’ll also return it to you if it doesn’t satisfy their return policy. 

Jimmy Jazz will state the reason for your denied return. But it’ll be at your expense (shipping fee).

You’ll receive your refund through your original payment means, when you placed the order. So, it’ll only apply to the same credit card you used. 

Please note that they will deduct a return label fee from your refund. The amount is currently $7.95.

If you don’t accept “signature required” when ordering the item, the Company won’t accept claims for stolen or lost items. They won’t take responsibility if such items don’t have order numbers. The same thing applies if it’s still in process with the Carrier.

It’s important to note that Jimmy Jazz doesn’t process exchanges. You can only return items that are not satisfactory.

Furthermore, you can’t return or exchange items you ordered online at any Jimmy Jazz store. You have to mail them back so you can get your refund. 

The same thing applies if you buy a product from a physical store. You can only return it to the store. However, the return policy for Jimmy Jazz physical stores differs from the online platform.

You can refuse your package for reasons that are not part of the ones allowed by Jimmy Jazz. But they’ll charge you a restocking fee, which is 15% of the item value. They’ll deduct it along with the shipping and delivery charge from the credit.

You can return items with a discount or “buy more, save more” promotion. However, Jimmy Jazz will deduct the value from your refund amount.


Jimmy Jazz is legit. It’s an online retail store that sells fashion apparel. It also has about 170 physical locations. But they run separately from their online store.

The platform has an excellent shipping policy, but its return policy is relatively strict. You’ll get an order confirmation email containing your tracking number once it gets shipped. However, if you want to return an order, a return label fee will get deducted from your refund.

Despite these, the store has a range of products. And some of them have great discounts.

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