Best Calcium Supplements for Kids

Best Calcium Supplements for Kids

Calcium is essential for bone health, so we all need to get a daily allowance of this mineral. Some people do not follow a balanced diet or have difficulty absorbing calcium, so supplementation may be recommended by a health care professional.

Calcium and vitamin D are necessary for the growth and development of a strong skeleton. Because calcium requirements are high during childhood and adolescence due to rapid bone and muscle development, optimal calcium intake during growth is critical for reaching maximal bone mass, which is necessary for minimizing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis in adults.

Furthermore, hormonal changes connected with puberty throughout adolescence encourage increased calcium consumption. Most children above the age of four and adolescents, on the other hand, do not consume the necessary quantity of this nutrient.

Milk and dairy products, dark green vegetables (broccoli, kale, spinach), canned whole fish with bones, such as sardines, and fortified foods are the main sources of calcium in the diet. Some of the best calcium supplements for children include Nature Made Calcium, Kirkland Chewable Calcium, Childlife Liquid Calcium, and more.

It’s important to keep in mind that fiber, phytate, and oxalate in vegetables can all inhibit intestinal calcium absorption.

Does your kid need calcium supplements?

Children should consume 2-3 servings of dairy products and/or fortified foods (such as fortified morning cereal and fortified orange juice) per day to meet their calcium and vitamin D requirements. However, many children do not meet these requirements.

Dairy is generally avoided by adolescent girls, who have few other calcium sources. A calcium supplement may not be a bad idea for these kids. Calcium should ideally be paired with vitamin D, and it’s preferable if it also contains other minerals like magnesium and zinc.

Bone density is a crucial influence on how quickly children’s bones fracture. But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the long-term implications of inadequate bone density. People build up virtually all of the bone they will ever have from the time they reach puberty until they are young adults.

Osteoporosis is predicted by low bone density in late childhood.

Calcium supplements in large amounts are not normally necessary or even a good idea for children. Depending on the child’s age and dietary calcium consumption, a daily calcium supplement of 200-500 mg should suffice.

It is not necessary to utilize expensive supplements for children. Calcium carbonate-based supplements are good enough to meet your child’s daily requirements.

Let us take a look at some of the best calcium supplements available in the market today.

Nature Made Calcium

Nature Made Calcium 750 mg with Vitamins D and K supports strong bones by providing 750 mg of calcium, 12.5 mcg (500 IU) of vitamin D3, and 40 mcg of vitamin K in each meal.

Calcium aids in the formation of strong bones. Calcium absorption is aided by vitamin D. When combined with calcium, vitamin K aids in the maintenance of healthy bones.

Nature Made Calcium 750 mg with Vitamin D and K Tablets, 100 tablets each bottle, provides a 100 day supply.

It aids in the development of strong bones. Osteoporosis risk may be reduced due to the regular use of this supplement. Calcium and vitamin D supplementation as part of a well-balanced diet may minimize the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Nature Made Calcium is produced with carefully chosen ingredients and follows precise manufacturing procedures. No artificial flavors or colors have been used, and the product is gluten-free.

Life Extension Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D

This supplement is made by Life Extension, a company famous for manufacturing high-quality supplements.

This supplement includes 200 mg of calcium in the form of calcium citrate, which is easily absorbed.

It also has 2.5 micrograms of vitamin D, which can aid calcium absorption and enhance bone health. Even if you’re older and have difficulties with other kinds of calcium, calcium citrate dissolves quickly.

Vitamin D3 is also included because it enhances calcium absorption and bone density.

Now Foods Calcium

Now foods is a 50-year-old family-run nutrition company based in the USA. Vitamin D-3 and Zinc are included in Now Foods Calcium & Magnesium Soft gels, providing a well-balanced blend of important minerals.

This combination promotes healthy enzymatic activity as well as strong bones and teeth. This composition is easier to absorb and assimilate when taken as a soft gel rather than a capsule or tablet.

Other ingredients include Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Rice bran oil, beeswax, and soy lecithin.

Kirkland Chewable Calcium

Kirkland Signature Chewable Calcium is a combination of Calcium and Vitamin D3. Each tablet contains 500 mg of Calcium with Vitamin D3.

This is a great option for people who prefer gummies over capsules. Other ingredients include corn syrup, sugar, Gelatin, Citric acid, Natural Favors, and Cholecalciferol.

Coral Calcium Vitamin D3

Coral Calcium Vitamin D3 chewable tablets contain 300 mg of Calcium and 500 IU of Vitamin D3. It is very effective for maintaining healthy bone development and teeth in kids.

Gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, gelatin-free, and non-GMO, these delectable gummies will delight both kids and parents. Coral calcium is unique because it contains 73 other natural minerals that are beneficial for children.

Calcium gummies are appropriate for children aged 3 and older, ensuring that your child gets enough calcium and vitamin D3 during the critical phases of development. These gummy vitamins will appeal to even the pickiest eater.

Childlife Liquid Calcium

Calcium and Magnesium are two very important nutrients for healthy growth in children. Childlife liquid calcium contains this effective combination of Calcium and Magnesium.

Apart from these two ingredients, it also contains Vitamin D and Zinc for optimum absorption.

When your baby first starts eating solid meals, you may start giving him or her ChildLife Calcium with Magnesium and keep giving it to him or her until he or she reaches the age of adolescence.

Since Calcium is such an important nutrient required for the healthy development of a child, it is always a good idea to supplement with a good calcium supplement.

Dosing is something you should keep in mind when giving supplements to kids. Calcium can be given safely to kids within the recommended limits. You may also consult your doctor before proceeding with calcium supplementation.

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