Mini Brands – Where to Buy Them?

Mini Brands – Where to Buy Them?

You may have heard a lot about Mini Brands recently. Maybe your kids won’t stop talking about them, or won’t stop begging you to by them?

Mini Brands are a surprise mystery capsule that holds an assortment of collectable shopping brands. It comes in the shape of a round ball. You unwrap, peel, and reveal your favorite miniature brands.

There are over 70 mini toys modeled after your favorite brands to collect. Create your own convenience store by collecting them all. It’s always a surprise, as you never know what’s going to be inside!

Airhead, Spam, Mentos, and Warheads are all among the popular brands you can collect from Mini Brands.

Where to Buy Mini Brands?

You can purchase Mini Brands from your most popular retail stores. This includes: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby.

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