What is a Sea Monkey – How long do they live?

What is a Sea Monkey – How long do they live?

Most sea monkeys live for 1-2 years. Some have been seen to live up to 5 years.

Sea monkeys are a kind of brine shrimp. They have been extremely popular in the market, especially in pet stores. Ever since the late 1950s, they have attracted the attention of teens and young children.

Sea monkeys usually live for approximately two years with minimal maintenance. 

One of the main reasons why people want pet sea monkeys is that they’re very fun to watch. They grow and reproduce like other animals.

Also, you can easily take care of sea monkeys. Ever since the 1950s, there has been a craze in the market for sea monkeys. 

Initially, people used to think that sea monkeys were a kind of legend. Nonetheless, these are real. Once they enter your water tanks, these may seem unreal, but they aren’t. 

What is a Sea Monkey?

A sea monkey is known as part of the species of brine shrimp called, Artemia Nyos. They are related to the brine shrimp family, called the Artemis Salina. If you have seen sea monkeys, you should know that they don’t grow too tall. 

Sea monkeys are fun to look at. You can get a colony of sea monkeys. However, unlike your other pets, you won’t be able to hug them. The sea monkeys usually grow to be about ½ to ¾ inches big.

Many people have claimed that these can grow up to an inch as well. Nonetheless, this is very rare. You should consider getting sea monkeys for people who want a pet but do not have enough time to take walk them.

Believe it or not, but there are sea monkey vendors in the market. People sell sea monkeys all over the world. Various online marketplaces, too, have sea monkeys on them.

Sea monkeys are also considered to be hybrid brine shrimps. These hybrid ones are grown to make them larger and bigger. 

How Sea Monkeys Were Initially Marketed

One of the most important things to note is that in the 1960s the sea monkeys were not marketed as sea monkeys. Harold Von Braunhut has marketed sea monkeys with the title ‘Instant Life.’ Initially, the kits were marketed for 49 cents. 

In this packet, you would get the sea monkeys and the foods they consume. The tank was not available for that price.

Therefore, it was available at affordable prices. Individuals who purchased the sea monkeys had to get their fish bowls or tanks to put them in. 

How Sea Monkeys Got Their Name

One of the fascinating facts about sea monkeys is that they got their names because of the tail. This was mostly because the tail of sea monkeys appears the same as that of monkeys. 

Although not obtained from the ocean, these are aquatic animals.

This was not a case of marine biology but marketing. The name sea monkey was used to attract the attention of customers who wanted pets. 

How to Raise Sea Monkeys

Sea monkeys are very easy to take care of. You should be sure to take proper measures before getting pet sea monkeys.

Here are some of the key steps for raising sea monkeys:

  1. Know How to Purchase Sea Monkeys

There are several sources from where you can buy sea monkeys. These sea monkeys are available in kits. The sea monkey kit comes with a packet of food, a tank, sea monkeys, and more. Nonetheless, you can also buy extra materials to customize the environment in which the sea monkeys grow. 

  1. Clean the Tank

Once you have the tanks, you need to ensure that you clean everything. The tanks need to be cleaned using water. You may need to use chemicals to clean the water tanks. However, if you use any chemical to clean the tanks, you need to rinse them properly before the sea monkeys enter.

  1. Fill the Tank With Purified Water

Whenever you’re filling the tank, you need to use purified water. This will help to determine the proper growth of the sea monkeys. Moreover, if you’re not using purified water, it can increase the risk of death of the monkeys. 

Sea monkeys, themselves, are very short-lived creatures. Therefore, you must fill the tank with purified water. 

  1. Find the Right Place Where you Can Hatch the Sea Monkeys

You must find the right place in the tank where you can hatch the sea monkeys. It is also necessary to maintain the temperature from 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose a colder temperature, the eggs won’t hatch properly, and it will also stunt the growth of sea monkeys. Furthermore, it would help if you also placed the tank to get enough sunlight but not directly. 

  1. Add Live Eggs

After purifying the water, you need to add live eggs to it. You need to stir the water properly so that the eggs can grow. It is also necessary to stir the water so that the eggs can spread properly. 

  1. Give Them Sea Monkey Growth Food

The eggs usually take five days to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, you need to give them sea monkey growth food. The growth food is generally found in the kits. It would help if you considered giving them the mineral mix within a week so that the sea monkeys can grow properly. 

How Long Do Sea Monkeys Live?

How long a sea monkey lives depends on how you’re taking care of them. Sea monkeys are very sensitive creatures. Therefore, you must take proper care of them. 

Sea monkeys usually live for two years. Nonetheless, if you have a colony, they can even live up to five years. The sea monkeys living up to five years is just a claim. The life expectancy of sea monkeys is very less. If you’re getting sea monkeys, you need to be ready to let them go as well. 

People getting sea monkeys need to keep the tanks healthy. It is necessary to choose proper chemicals and water for cleaning the sea monkey tanks. Also, it is advisable to be mindful about the amount of food you’re giving them. If they aren’t able to clean the water, you may want to replace it completely. 

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