Monster Anime Where to Watch

Monster Anime Where to Watch

Japanese Manga is a popular anime and Monster Anime illustrated by the popular Naoki Urasawa is one such series. This series falls under the psychological thriller genre and is a mysterious animation series.

It has numerous fans hooked on and people often question where they can watch Monster Anime legally. If you are one of those people then you should know that you can legally stream Monster Anime on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You do however need to live in a country that allows you to stream this series legally. There are certain countries that are approved to stream while others are not. Currently, Monster Anime is legally streamed on Amazon Prime and Netflix only in Japan and North America.

In certain countries, people can watch it on viz media which is an online platform. There are however multiple ways to watch Monster Anime if you are a hardcore fan.

Does Netflix Stream Monster Anime?

The good news is Netflix does stream Monster Anime. It is available only for the North American market so Americans and Canadians can enjoy the series. Monster Anime is published by viz media and there are currently 74 episodes available to enjoy on Netflix.

Other countries may not be able to enjoy Monster Anime on Netflix. This is because viz media only caters to the North American market. Although Netflix only had access to the first 15 episodes of Monster Anime initially, they now have all episodes on their streaming platform.

This Manga series got a warm welcome when it was first aired on Netflix and its fanbase continues to grow, making it extremely popular. Monster Anime also bagged a nomination for the Eisner awards. The series is rated as T+ which means it is appropriate for teenagers to watch.

There are two versions of this Japanese Manga available and Netflix owns the better uncut version which is completely based on the Manga graphic novel. It has a TV-MA rating and for fans that do not understand Japanese, there are English subtitles to make it easy.

Since the quality of Netflix and the added subtitles make it easy, many people consider Netflix to be a better platform as compared to Hulu when it comes to enjoying the Monster Anime series. Monster Anime has not been released on DVD and Viz Media does not intend on doing so anytime soon.

There are also various other anime series viz media plans on offering to the public such as Naruto, Death Note, and Bleach. When it comes to Japanese anime, especially the ones that are produced by Viz Media, there is no question that Netflix is the place to go in the North American market.

Can We Stream Monster Anime on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Monster Anime is available on Amazon Prime however it is available only in the United States. The good thing about Amazon Prime is that it is available in an English audio version as well and this helps fans enjoy watching the show rather than reading subtitles.

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime also had access to the first 15 episodes initially. However, fans can now stream all five seasons on the platform.

Although Monster Anime did surprisingly well with Netflix, it took a while for things to kick off with Amazon Prime. So much so, that Amazon even considered taking off the series from their platform.

However, with time the popularity grew and people started investing in Amazon Prime so they could begin enjoying Monster Anime.

While purchasing the series on Amazon Prime could be a little more expensive as compared to Netflix, Amazon even offers a DVD version of the series and this is something that lures a lot of fans that live outside the United States.

While the format may not always work for other countries, fans are known to work their way around technology to enjoy their favorite series.

Can We Enjoy Monster Anime on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is another popular streaming website but it does not broadcast Monster Anime. However, if you are an anime lover, there are multiple anime series you can enjoy on this site apart from Monster Anime.

There is a Forum section on the website and fans who love discussing the characters and scenes of the Monster Anime series can join this forum.

Since the Monster Anime series is distributed only by Viz Media, most anime websites including Crunchyroll have not managed to get hold of the streaming rights for this popular series.

There is however hope for fans since it is believed that there is a merger happening with Sony Pictures Funimation and that will open doors for other anime streaming websites to broadcast Monster Anime.

Crunchyroll is a convenient website to use and it already has a large fan following when it comes to Monster Anime and other Japanese anime series. There are over 1000 comments with 400 fans who actively discuss the series and the book.

The website itself publishes multiple blogs related to the series for fans to enjoy. Unfortunately, they do not upload any videos since they do not have the right to do so.

Once Sony Pictures Funimation merges with Crunchyroll, it is believed that the series will be uploaded however there is also speculation that Crunchyroll will only remain a forum for fans to discuss.

It is however a very interesting forum that keeps fans posted about the series, whether or not they are able to enjoy it.

Is Monster Anime Available on Funimation?

For those who don’t know this, Funimation struck the biggest deal with anime streaming platforms where they could showcase multiple anime series, including Monster Anime. The deal hasn’t been sealed yet.

Although Monster Anime is not available on Funimation online platforms, the Funimation channel did air a number of anime movies and series by viz media.

Funimation is also limited to certain countries so even if they do start streaming if you do not belong to Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, or the United States, you will not be able to watch it.

What are the Other Platforms Where You Could Stream Monster Anime?

Monster Anime is most watched on Amazon Prime and Netflix. These are also the legal platforms to enjoy them. One can also stream it from approved platforms like viz media. Since the series is rarely uploaded on other online platforms, it’s not always easy to find it. 

The original television network Nippon Television is one such platform where fans can enjoy Monster Anime legally. There are other networks like Syfy, Chiller, and Funimation where it may be available soon.

There is also the option of getting the DVD in case other sources fail.

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