Why Are My Messages Green?

Why Are My Messages Green?

Green messages are regular SMS text messages, while blue messages use Apple’s proprietary iMessage format. 

You may have noticed that text messages in your iPhone’s Messages app may appear green or blue. SMS text messages appear in a green bubble and are sent via mobile phone service and are not using the internet or data plan.

If your text message has a blue background, it means that your message was exchanged via iMessage and that you sent or received your message to and from another iOS device.    

iMessage allows you to do things that standard SMS cannot do. Such as sharing your location, sending walkie-talkie-style voice messages, checking messaging, and even seeing if someone wants to send you a text message (represented by these three dots( Will Appears below your last message). 

First, when you see the iPhone’s message displayed in a green bubble, it means an SMS message. On the other hand, if you compare with other iPhone users but still only see green messages, ask them to turn on iMessage at the end so that you can enjoy the various benefits of the service.

SMS vs iMessage:

  • SMS and iMessage are common ways to send messages from iPhones, tablets, and other devices. Both iMessage and SMS are excellent methods of communicating swiftly and effectively. Keep in mind that SMS messaging is becoming an outdated service that could become obsolete in a few years as mobile operators focus on improving data connectivity.
  • The main difference is the blue chat bubble for iMessage and the green chat bubble for SMS. Compared to the light gray “text message” of SMS, you will also see the light gray “iMessage” status in the blank text box of iMessage chat. This is not for appearance, it looks like Apple specifies that you want to send SMS (green) or iMessage (blue) text messages.
  • All iMessages will appear in blue in the Messages app and all SMS and MMS text messages in green. If you send a message to a number other than iMessage through the Messages app on your iPhone, you’ll be using regular SMS messages, as indicated by a green chat circle instead of a blue chat circle. With iMessage, everything from messages to voice messages and pictures is encrypted.
  • In contrast, iMessage is Apple’s built-in messaging service, which uses data or Wi-Fi connections to send a variety of media files, from pictures to videos, from Memoji to recordings. However, iMessage uses data, so if you have a monthly plan but unlimited SMS text messages, you can stick to SMS. Whenever you send an iMessage to a phone that isn’t an Apple device, the message will be trimmed to 160 characters, much like a standard SMS message.
  • All mobile phones, including your iPhone, can send SMS (also known as SMS or short message service) over the cellular network, regardless of whether you have prepaid or subscribed to a data plan. But iMessage only works on iPhone, iPod, and other Apple-owned devices. In addition, iMessage runs between iOS and OS X, so you can send iMessage from iPhone to Mac users, and it also works on iPad.

How to Swap From iMessage to SMS or the Other Way Around:

There are times when you have to manually switch from your iMessage mode to SMS or vice versa. For example, if you own an iPhone and also use the same phone number with a non-Apple device, then it is necessary for you to manually turn off iMessage.

On that particular Apple device that has been exclusively using the feature. Sometimes this might be required in case of technical issues as well. Here are some steps by which you can switch between these two modes:

Steps to Turn Off/On iMessages on an iPhone Device in Detail:

* Go through the setting menu of Your iOS system and scroll down at the end 

* You will see a section named messages there with a button marked as ‘iMessage’

* Toggle the button off if you do not want to use iMessage anymore 

* Or you can also turn it on if You Want To Re-Enable iMessages Again Later.

 Does Green iMessage mean you are blocked in detail?

Apple doesn’t let you know if you’ve been blocked through iMessage.

But What About if Someone Blocks You on iMessage?

Well, there’s no real way to tell – unless they decide to tell you themselves.

In general, though, people usually block others for one of two reasons: because they don’t want to receive any more messages from that person or because they don’t want that person to see their messages anymore.

If someone has blocked you on iMessage, it means you won’t be able to send them any more messages. The other person will no longer see your texts, and they’ll show up as “hidden from the sender’s view” when read.

How to Know if Someone Blocks You on iMessage? 

Keep an eye on your iMessage delivery notification:

You’ll see a Delivered message appear below an iMessage as you send it, indicating that the recipient has received it.

A Read Receipts of your iMessages notification may appear, indicating that the other party has opened the Messages app and chosen their chat thread. However, that option is deactivated by default. The tiny grey notification will not appear until the other person has enabled it.

If you don’t get “Delivered” or “Read” alerts in your iMessage chat, they may have blocked you.

Look for updates on your iMessage status:

Make a phone call to the person who has you blocked:

Attempt to contact the person you believe has blocked you. The phone would quickly ring when dialing from the prohibited number. The automatic Voicemail software then informs you that the recipient was unavailable and directed us to voicemail.

The blocker will not be notified of any calls or voicemails received from the blocked number. They, however, keep receiving voicemail. 

Bottom Line

As a result, iPhone users who are unsure why their iPhone text is becoming green when they send it to another iPhone might employ this tutorial. We’ve provided extensive information about green messages in this article. Hope it was helpful!

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