Best Websites to Download Hollywood Movies

Best Websites to Download Hollywood Movies

In the world of binge-watching, internet is expanding its range every single second, a ticking bomb that is blowing up with more and more entertainment for people.

As people like to watch everything online today there are a vast number of websites available where you can watch or download Hollywood movies frequently.

This platform allows you to find whatever you want to watch in just a moment with zero hassle.

Here is a list of the best websites where you can find Hollywood movies you would like to watch: 


The most exclusive and popular platforms presenting modern ways to entertain yourself by downloading unlimited movies, series, and shows. Today Netflix has become the largest streaming website where you can easily download or access movies from your phones or laptops.

One can manage whatever they watch from any corner of the world as Netflix is broadcasting in more than 190 countries with a vast range of languages. Hollywood movies are the core of Netflix as it is an American media service provider. Currently, Netflix has millions of paid subscribers who love to watch movies online or offline through download mode.

During the pandemic, Netflix has broken the records of its immense popularity around the globe as people were locked inside and new movies were only launching through platforms like this. 


YouTube will forever be a place to find Hollywood movies just by tapping on the search bar or speaking through voice assistance available on the website and application on mobile phones.

Downloading movies is an effortless task on Youtube as you can just click on the download icon given below every video. Youtube is the pioneer of entertainment websites where people can save and watch videos according to their preferences.

With upcoming upgrades, YouTube now comes with subscription and ad free content. However, a large number of free videos are available for users who cannot afford the premium version. So just sign in with your Gmail and enjoy the unlimited source of entertainment on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Amazon Prime Video

A subscription video service owned by one of the world’s biggest online selling companies. Through prime video, you can watch unlimited content which can only be accessed through prime membership provided by Amazon.

There are three different streaming qualities and download options depending on whether you want to watch in full HD or normal quality. It has a large number of Hollywood movies and shows you can add to your watchlist to watch later.

Apart from presenting movies and series, Amazon itself hosts content from other providers under the name of Amazon Originals. Prime video is a full-fledged package of entertainment for all ages from kids to elders with many languages and subtitles available. 


An Indian service provider founded by Star India that allows you to stream Hollywood and Bollywood movies, series, tv shows, etc. Hotstar has also merged with Disney in 2019 to allow subscribers to watch Hollywood movies through paid monthly and yearly plans.

Although people can watch content like serials, sports, and live shows on the app for free. With free content and fewer charges, Hotstar has attracted a large number of audiences in India and overseas becoming one of the highest streaming brands.

You can watch movies and shows online or can save them by choosing downloading quality on the app. You can make your wishlist so you don’t miss out on things you love to watch in your free time. 

YIFY Movies

Also known as YTS movies is one of those websites that allows you to stream millions of Hollywood movies from classic to recent releases. YIFY is named after its founder ‘Yiftach Swery’ features HD videos for free that you may find on other websites through paid plans only.

YIFY is not a single website but a network of many websites to help you reach your favorite movie shows. It is completely easy to use as you can go on the YTS website, write the name of the movie, and get a link to download your content through torrent.

Because of the availability of a wide range of content, it attracts a large number of viewers who can enjoy watching the latest Hollywood movies for free on their desktops. YIFY is the best site to find new movies without spending a penny from your pocket.


YesMovies is also a free website that offers newly released movies with multiple language choices. There are an enormous number of suggestions on the homepage of the website.

Movies are divided into different categories like comedy, romance, thriller, and so on with a lot of recommendations about popular watches on the homepage.

You can find any movie through the name on the search bar. You can watch exclusive content which can be streamed online on any device but to download movies you need to create an account on the website.

If you wish to watch movies online without any error issues it is better to use a VPN while using the website that will safely run your favorites.


One of the top platforms of unlimited entertainment started by Sony Pictures Network. SonyLiv was launched in 2013, an abundant source of Bollywood and Hollywood content for free.

You can watch popular tv shows and movies on the website or you can download the mobile app for easier access. You can also enjoy perks with premium membership and watch add free events, movies, sports, and live shows however most of the content is available for free.

To download any content, you just have to click on the download icon or you can watch it online. 


A website built recently for people who want to watch Hollywood movies and shows for free. The homepage gives you many options where you can choose from top viewed, featured, top-rated, top IMDb, and many more.

You can select whatever you like that will take you to the movies’ page where you can watch online or if you wish to download it you will find a free download link on the bottom of the page. 


With the availability of these websites, finding Hollywood movies is no more a hassle so you can easily enjoy watching anything you love.

However, if you want to enjoy the complete services of these websites either you must use a VPN or have a subscription as many of them work only with paid plans. 

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